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Jose Torres of me create an online drop shipping

Jose Torres of me create an online drop shipping

Hi. My name is Jose Torres. I am the cofounder of It was founded on Penuelas, Puerto Rico. It was a dream come true with the help of my sons and spouse. Thanks to the I am still standing and making it grow day by day.

My motivation was after Huracan Marie area in Puerto Rico. So, I started to generate thoughts on how to make things work a little bit more online sale. So, I found out that by selling online will be an easier method to help people get their stuff online instead of going outside to the store. So that made me create an online drop shipping. So, my store is dedicated for Huracan Maria, and I started to sell little by little, starting from scratch, looking for merchandise, sale departments, my store sales, anything that I could actually find. At my online store I don’t have niche y sell any kind of product from clothing to auto parts.

I also thought about the future. Everything in the future is going to be almost online. And first of all, I started with a little space, doing everything by myself. At the moment, I do most of the things like posting articles, posting sales. Almost all those sales are actually automatic.

I have different suppliers, but all of them are actually how can I say that? Drop shipping. So, I don’t have physical products on my house because I’m working from my house. I registered my service online. I did everything online.

Then after that, it came the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. So that made a little bit more motivated for my store to start selling more, because here in Puerto Rico, everything was hard to get so quick because it was getting so expensive. And after that it came this pandemic. So, it was something that I thought about before this thing really happened. And it made my store a little bit worth it by making it online. All my sales are done online having in mind that the client is who is looking for something new to buy.

If the clients have any concerns or any situation that they are requiring support for refund or anything they need to reach for my service, they can contact me and I get back to them to help them solve their problem.

My spouse, she’s the secretary for my online store. So basically, my service has been done by my own family. They helped me on this. So, I don’t really have outside employees for now because I’m still growing and growing. It’s not something that you do.

It from one day to another. You start learning the basics on how to be a sales person. Start searching, learning from other purpose, from other persons. You have to be patient. Sometimes you get frustrated because there’s no sales and you want to make money.

So, you have to be sure that what you’re selling is what the client needs. And there’s no way that you actually ask them what they want. So, you have to sell something or see and reduce research to see what is being sold and where. So, my online store is actually done worldwide. I don’t really just do it on one place.

And for now, it’s been done in a good way that sometimes it goes up, sometimes it just keeps going down. So, it has that motivation of sales are now sales. Sometimes even a month. I could do maybe three or four sales, but sometimes I could do $100,000 that depends. I’m not saying money, I’m saying products.

So sometimes it makes you think that it’s not worth it. But like I said, you need to have patience. And here’s some tips that I could actually share with you. The first one is to trust yourself. Don’t let nobody else outside of you or outside of your mind or steal your ideas.

Keep in mind that if you want to build something, you need to have patience and faith. Second, do good research. Third, get a good, specific, fast remembering name that it will be something for someone to remember that. So that way if they go to your store, they going to remember that name forever. Three is the name.

Four, what’s the name? Five, get a good hosting. You need a real good, fast hosting. Six, if you don’t have no partners, no one to help you, you have to have everything written down and make sure not to repeat something that is already done. So, if you want some sales to be done, you have to look for something new.

Don’t try to imitate eBay all the kind of stores that they have so much stuff, but sometimes you want to go straight to buy something and you have to browse the whole website when you could give the client something specific. If they want some tools, they go to error and they just find whatever they need there instead of just browsing the whole website, instead of putting everything on their hands. So, by saying this, I’m saying that every person has their own mind and you have to work around it. Don’t dream and do nothing. Dream and make that dream come to life.

I notice that after Huracan Maria on 2017 till now, my service has been a great service for those that like to spend their time on line browsing, now that we are most of the time just by making a click on our mobile devices it is a hand-to-hand motivation to purchase online.

I have even helped others with their starting up online stores by, giving the right tools to make their business to grow and help the get more clients. As a developer I am always ready to try new mechanisms to explore the wonders on the online business. With my experiences I believe that I can achieve my goals ang provide some tips for others to do the same or better, every person has their own mind and ideas.

I still do my sales on my house, actually online. At my house, like everything is online. I don’t have to do no physical merchandise, I don’t have to keep no database of any products, only just sales, because the online service that I have provides all of that. So, it’s a little bit cheaper than some. Sometimes it’s not worth it. But when you don’t have the storage for your products, you win. And at the same time, you don’t.

So sometimes drop shipping is not the best way to go. But when you don’t have that and you don’t have any kind of money to spend for storage and for merchandise, this is the best way to go. Like I said, you could win a lot of money, but sometimes you won’t. So, you got to be patient and always remember that the client disperses online. So, you need to think like they will think when they’re going to go to the store or whatever they’re actually trying to buy.

So, I hope this little kind of story makes you wonder how and when to start your own business. It’s not easy, but at least step by step, you could start growing. And thank you for letting me be part of this and hope you will enjoy this little time of mind.

I also have more online business that I created from adult niche to audio equipment’s. If you wish to see more of what I have created over the time her are tow links for you to see and enjoy what I have to offer. One is the audio equipment store it is this link and on this link is and adult toys store be aware there is explicit adults’ content there no videos or direct nude but yes adult toys. 

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