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Journey Safely with zooby® Baby Monitor for Cars

Journey Safely with zooby® Baby Monitor for Cars

Always in View™️

When your whole world is in your backseat, infanttech’s zooby® Baby Monitor helps you see. A zooby® is an adorable, plush animal baby monitor camera that can be used in the car and at home! Because the zooby® is used in the car, and safety is a priority for infanttech®, it was independently crash tested to the same standards set for car seats. 

For Parents, By Parents

Lizette and Giuseppe began their journey with a stressful task that many people face daily: driving with a baby. They set out to create a safe and reliable way to stay focused on the road while taking quick glances at the baby.  They recognized that it’s dangerous checking on your little one by turning around and difficult to see through a wobbly, distorted baby mirror, especially at night. 

After much research, safety, and testing, the zooby® Baby Monitor was developed by infanttech® in 2013.  As they learned more about the industry, Giuseppe even trained to become a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.


zooby® has multiple features and comes in cute designs with soft fabric: Jordan Giraffe, Cooper Canine, Bailey Bunny, Finley Fox, and Percy Panda. The zooby®️ plush camera can be secured by a Velcro and strap buckle that wraps around the head rest. The neck is bendable so the camera, centered on the plush’s nose, can be adjusted. zooby® has a rechargeable battery for on-the-go use and can be connected to an outlet when you forget to charge the battery. If you have multiple children, you can easily connect two zoobys to one monitor and view in split-screen mode. zooby® includes an HD monitor screen with night vision that is also portable. They connect via radio frequency for a secured connection.

Growing Pains

Covid Impact

While the pandemic caused more families to stay put, infanttech was fortunate to experience tremendous growth because it was already set up as an ecommerce business.  Covid also proved, that having remote employees was possible- allowing infanttech to look for talent across the country.  The baby car monitor industry has continued to grow.

Sense of Security

As the world is becoming more digital, there’s an increasing demand for centralized access to electronics (eg. Amazon Echo speaker, Google Home app). The zooby®️ is unique in the baby monitoring world because it is specifically designed for a car. Parents used to only have baby mirrors as an option.  The baby mirrors do not work at night and the driver has a minimal view of the baby from the mirror.  Using the zooby®️ Baby Monitor, it is much safer to have a close, clear image of your baby.

Technological Revolution

Early Adopters

The baby monitor industry is increasingly becoming more digital and parents are using more baby electronics than ever before. Additionally, AI is enhancing the world of monitoring, allowing for more sensors and alert systems. Moving forward, baby monitoring features are going to become more complex and provide tons of data. 

Advice for Starting a Small Business

Share Your Gift

Embrace your ideas. If you have an idea, communicate it to people that you trust. You never know how someone can help you out by connecting you with a resource you need. One idea, no matter how big or small, can touch so many lives and provide more meaning in your life.

Build Your Team

You can’t do it all on your own so don’t be afraid to ask for help. infanttech is successful today because it started with a support system and continues to be a family-owned and operated business. We’ve had tremendous, positive feedback on zooby®️ so we started a Brand Ambassador program so that our customers and fans can help parents find peace of mind by sharing the news of infanttech’s zooby®️ Baby Monitor.  Not only do they share the good news, but they also have an opportunity to earn money along the way, making it a win-win!

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