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As the popularity of CBD products increases every other day, many CBD brands come into the picture, and Jupiter is one of such companies. Although much is not known about who founded it, when it was launched, and who is behind the running team, its website provides information about what products, their concentrations, and the extraction method employed to strip CBD oil from the hemp flowers. The company only offers tinctures or CBD drops, which are offered for pet and human options, in full-spectrum formulations. The drops sell for $59- $99 and have total CBD concentrations ranging from 450- 1350 mg. The brand’s average price point per mg CBD is $0.07- $0.15, which is average to slightly above average. Jupiter uses US-sourced hemp flowers to manufacture its CBD products, and it employs the clean CO2 extraction method to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. It 3rd party tests its products for THC/CBD potency and standard contaminant purity and posts the results on a centralized online hub.

About the Company

Jupiter is a CBD brand with a narrow product division with tinctures only. It offers CBD drops in full-spectrum formulations, and the tinctures are available in two classes, one for pets and the other for human beings. The pet tinctures are the Pawsome drops, while human-grade drops include the Reserve, Oasis, and Dreamland options. The company’s products sell for $59- $99 and have a $0.07- $0.5 per mg CBD price point, which is low to above average. The tinctures come in various concentrations, from 450 mg to 3000 mg, for veteran CBD enthusiasts who prefer stronger concentrations.

Jupiter CBD brand’s website is one of the simplest, with the Shop and Why It Works options as the only items under the main menu. However, it does not meet all standards that deem a website professional. For instance, the FAQ section and Lab Results are not located on the main menu, making it hard to trace them easily. However, hovering through the page, you can spot them. Moreover, the FAQ section is detailed and addresses common questions about CBD, and narrows down to concerns about the company, including its shipping and return policy. Jupiter offers free shipping for all orders to the USA, and it does not impose a minimum figure that must be met to benefit from this provision. Besides, its 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee is a great provision dissatisfied clients can take advantage of to register claims.

Jupiter does not avail much information about, including who founded it or who is behind its team. It gives a phone number ((720) 549-0814) for reaching its customer care desk, although you can also send an email through the [email protected] address for any concern. The Reserve, Oasis, Dreamland, and Pawsome CBD tinctures have information about them on their respective product pages, although not elaborate.


The following specs are true about Jupiter CBD brand based on its website;

  • The extracts are available in full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Extracts are only available in human- and pet-grade tinctures and drops
  • The clean and safe CO2 extraction method is used by the brand to separate CBD oil from the hemp flowers
  • The company does not use artificial ingredients in manufacturing its CBD products
  • All its hemp is USDA-certified
  • The company sources its hemp from farms in the USA
  • Hemp parts for manufacturing CBD products are limited to flowers
  • The CBD products cost $55- $99
  • The company’s average price point is $0.07- $0.15
  • The total CBD concentrations in the extracts are 450- 3000 mg
  • Peppermint extract is used to flavor the extracts

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical parameter in the cannabis space since it determines the quality of CBD products a brand sells. As such, reputable companies do their due diligence and liaise with reputable farms to source high-quality CBD hemp for manufacturing their products, and Jupiter is no exception. The company sources its hemp from US farms and uses the clean and safe CO2 extraction method to process the hemp flowers and separate CBD oil. The farms, hemp plants, and manufacturing standards are USDA-certified for organic standards, showing that the highest safety standards are in place.

Buying Experience

Buying CBD products using Jupiter’s website is an enjoyable process. It’s rather intuitive, and you only need to choose your product of interest as you do with any product. The company has two product lines offering tinctures for pets and human beings. As such, you will encounter only four products; Reserve, Pawsome, Oasis, and Dreamland tinctures to choose from. The website is simple and professionally designed, allowing easy navigation. Once you have picked the items of interest, you add them to the cart and check out to key in the billing and physical address details for shipping to commence once the order is processed. Jupiter ships its orders from Monday to Friday for free, and there is no minimum worth. Besides, a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee applies, during which dissatisfied clients can return the items and get refunds or exchanges without questions.


Transparency is critical in any industry dealing in consumable products, and CBD brands like Jupiter are no exception. In the cannabis arena, transparency is ensured by the presence of 3rd party test results that indicate THC/CBD variance between what’s on the labels and the actual contents. Besides, the very 3rd party tests confirm the presence or absence of standard contaminants like heavy metals, foreign matter, residues, solvents, microbials, and mycotoxins. Jupiter runs independent 3rd party tests in liaison with Botanacor Labs and posts the results online on a centralized lab results link.


CBD brands are needed not only to test their products for standard contaminant purity and potency but also to post the results online, which Jupiter does. Besides, reputable brands strive to ensure accuracy in potency and standard contaminant purity, and Jupiter does fairly well in this regard. We checked its 3000 mg Reserve tincture’s lab results, and we were impressed to realize that it passed all contaminants purity tests and was free of molds, heavy metals, bacteria, residues, solvents, etc. It had 0.28% THC, which is below the 0.3% acceptable threshold. However, the brand has some work to do since the tinctures had 87.4 mg/ml potency as opposed to 100 mg/ml indicated on the bottle. This is a 22.6 mg deviation, translating to a 22.6% variance, much higher than the 10% acceptable variance.

Manufacturing Process

Jupiter is a legal, authorized grower of US hemp sourced from various farms in the country. According to its website, the company uses non-GMO, organic hemp to manufacture all the CBD tinctures on its catalog. Besides, the plants, farms, and farming practices the farms employ are USDA-certified for organic practices, and such high standards boost client confidence in the products offered by the brand.

Jupiter uses the clean human-grade CO2 extraction method to separate CBD oil from hemp surfaces. This method is deemed safe in the hemp arena since it carefully strips off the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without unnecessarily attaching solvents to the extracts’ surfaces. The CO2 extraction method uses low-pressure and low-temperature conditions, which ensure the fine-grade tinctures the company boasts. Jupiter has two product lines with CBD tinctures for human beings and pets. You can choose from the Awesome (pet), Reserve, Oasis, and Dreamland options, all featuring full-spectrum formulations. The company boasts using peppermint and other natural ingredients for manufacturing its CBD products and no synthetic ingredients at any point.

The next stage in the manufacturing process is independent 3rd party testing, a quality and control strategy Jupiter subscribes to to ensure its products are free of standard contaminants and that their labels match the THC and CBD contents. It liaises with Botanacor, a modern lab, for these results and posts the test results on the centralized lab results hub you can access via the FAQ section, particularly the last question in the link.

Range of Products

Jupiter strictly deals in CBD tinctures in the following classes;

i.                    Jupiter CBD Tinctures

Jupiter’s CBD tinctures for human beings are available in three flavors; Dreamland, Oasis, and Reserve. Based on the website, each of these drops contains 30 servings in 30 ml bottles. The potencies also differ since the toral CBD concentrations in the drop bottles vary from 450- 3000 mg. All the drops are made from USDA-certified organic hemp, and the company incorporates all-natural ingredients, including peppermint extracts, in manufacturing the drops.

ii.                 Jupiter CBD Pet Tinctures

Jupiter’s CBD pet drops are available in 450 mg CBD concentrations that come in ml bottles. As such, the Pawsome tinctures have a 15 mg/ml concentration and 30 servings for the furry friends. Like human-grade tinctures, the pet tinctures are available in full-spectrum formulations and made with natural ingredients.

What We Like About the Company

Our review appreciated the following pros about the company;

  • The clean CO2 extraction method the brand employs to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces is efficient, stripping off all the versatile compounds without unnecessarily attaching solvents to the extracts
  • The company boasts a centralized online hub for easy one-and-all viewership of lab test results
  • Jupiter is diligent about 3rd party testing and ensures almost all products in its inventory are free of standard contaminants, including heavy metals, solvents, microbials, residues, foreign matter, etc.
  • The 30-day money-back arrangement helps dissatisfied clients register claims and request refunds and exchanges
  • The brand offers free shipping for all orders without a minimum value
  • By subscribing to auto-ships, clients can save about 20% of every sales
  • USDA certification of the company, its help, and farms ensures high standards are in place throughout the growing and manufacturing cycles, adding to product safety

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many pros, the brand its cons, including;

  • The FAQ and lab results links are not included in the main menu, making it hard to track them
  • Some products, including the Reserve tincture (3000 mg), had higher variances than the 10% acceptable limit
  • The website does not offer information about when the company was founded, who launched it, and the team behind it

Our Verdict

We were generally impressed by our review of Jupiter CBD brand since it offers free shipping for all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee, uses organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free USDA-certified hemp to manufacture CBD products, employs the clean CO2 extraction method to separate CBD oil from hemp surfaces, posts lab results online, and diligently tests its hemp and extracts for quality. Still, the company has its kinks it needs to improve to perform better. The website does not have the FAQ and lab results links located on the main menu, some products have higher variances than the 10% acceptable limit, and the company does not provide information about its founding and team.

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