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Just live CBD is a well-established brand that addresses athletes’ health and wellness concerns. According to its website, health and wellness issues interfere with normal work or prevent people from doing what they take pleasure in. As a result, the brand was established to restore their hope using CBD brands. The company manufactures its products with care and passion. It has a team of professionals to ensure quality is upheld. Its website is up-to-date and contains the latest features that make it easier to use. In addition, they have a clear product catalog with product descriptions adequately supplied. Also, they have displayed various contact details for customers to get help fast. However, its website doesn’t provide ample information about who they are and their origin, making it hard for customers and interested parties. Notably, they insist that all products have been tested for purity and potency levels for quality and safety affirmation. Keep reading our review to learn more about Just Live CBD, its manufacturing process, range of products, and prices.

About the Company

Unlike most CBD trademarks, whose focus has moved to make profits and sidelined quality, Just live CBD gives quality priority. The company was established by a team of professionals from the health, food, and manufacturing industries, passionate about CBD products. Their primary mission was to address health and wellness concerns using high-quality hemp plant and other organic elements. It also has a team of athletes such as Travis Pastrana, Klay Thompson, Jamie Anderson, Alex Morgan, Paul Rodriguez, Ishod Wair, Jonny Collinson, Cam Zink, and Sage Kotsengburg. The company uses a vertically integrated system and depends on a US-based hemp supplier. The company has every step monitored and emphasized to ensure quality is fully attended to.

Although their website has some information regarding its manufacturing process and other relevant data regarding their team members, it is inadequate. We checked its FAQ page to see how much had been covered and its significance to customers. To our realization, they had covered relevant topics such as why should people choose CBD, whether CBD is legal or not, the meaning of Cannabinoid, how long their products take to start having an impact, the best way of using their products, whether CBD products expire and description on all their products. The questions had been well-addressed, making them easy to understand and even giving more information. However, the company doesn’t provide information about their policies and various significant information about their processing activities.

If your needs have not been attended to on the FAQ page, you can reach out to its support team for more guidance or clarification. Contacting the support team is quite easy since they have offered multiple ways to reach it. They have an active email address ([email protected]), phone number (1-949-234-7870), physical address (195 Avenida La Pate San Clemente, CA 92673), a live chat, and message box. We decided to reach out to the support team using email regarding their integrated manufacturing system, which was shortly replied. One of the support team members replied within two hours with a detailed explanation of their processes from the seed level to the packaging level. The support staff showed professionalism in the kind, detailed, and helpful response. Notably, the company offers educative blogs on a different “blog” link on the main menu to help customers understand more about CBD. As we went through them, we noted they are indeed ambassadors of CBD products, and they not only care about their trademark but CBD in general.

Since the buying process is also our primary concern, we ordered a few products. Buying from the company is straightforward since we accessed its products catalog easily. Although the catalog was precise, the products available had multiple potency ranges and flavors. Adding and removing products on our shopping cart was easy. What’s more, the company enhances the buying experience by offering product descriptions, which is of importance, especially to first-timers. The company offers time to time discounts and free shipping on products exceeding $75.00. Using tracking numbers sent to our email as soon as we confirmed payments, we monitored our products until they were delivered on the third day. They were discreetly packed.

Upon receiving the products, we checked the potency levels offered on the labels and scanned QR codes provided on the 300mg Broad Spectrum Tinctures. The potency variance was accurate. We obtained less than 1% variance against the recommended 10% limit. Also, there were no detectable THC levels, microbials, heavy metals, mycotoxins, foreign matters, solvents, or pesticides.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company doesn’t grow its hemp, it uses the help of a reliable supplier who closely monitors the quality of the hemp. Also, they support the supplier to their potential to ensure he only applies organic farming techniques and discourages the use of artificial chemicals and pesticides. Each step is controlled vertically by a professional team to ensure quality has been fully attended to at each level. Although they outsource their Hemp, they have an expert on the ground who oversees the manufacturing of its growth and ensures that organic farming methods are upheld until it is ready for harvesting. The company has been certified by FDA as hemp-based products manufacturers. The company uses other significant naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil to enhance effectiveness and quality during processing.

Since they need quality products, which are void of any harmful substances, they use decarboxylation and distillation to ensure materials such as heavy metals have been excluded from the products. According to the company, there are multiple tests conducted before and after extraction since they outsource their hemp. They have a chemist expert who oversees the whole manufacturing process and ensures very few chemicals are used to avoid contaminating the environment and the products.

After manufacturing, the products are tested for potency and purity levels to ensure they are safe for consumption. The lab ensures the products have accurate potency levels to avoid overdosing. In addition, they have to ensure all products have detainable THC levels, which is 0.3% at most as set by FDA. Lastly, since the common aim of CBD products is to offer natural solutions, they have to ensure all the batches are void of contaminants that might interfere with the final product’s quality. The results are thereafter posted on the website for pre-purchase verification, and the products come with labels with QR codes for affirmation.

Range of Products

Although the company has a limited line of products, each has been manufactured with care to ensure quality is maintained. Just Live CBD uses a reputable lab and has lab technicians overseeing the testing process to ensure accuracy. In addition, depending on the purpose of the products as offered in the product description, various organic elements are used for rapid effectiveness and quality. The products include tinctures, capsules, and topicals. The company does not offer edibles.

Just Live CBD Topicals

The company has one of the best topical products manufactured in broad-spectrum using CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other organic elements such as MCT oil. Currently, it only offers two topical products; Therapy Roll-on and Pain Relief cream. They are offered in various potency levels. For roll-ons, they have 300 mg ($29.99), 500 mg ($34.99), 750 mg ($69.99), and 1500 mg ($99.99). On the other hand, relief creams are offered in the potency of 300 mg ($29.99), 750 mg ($69.99), and 1500 mg ($99.99). The company has not yet featured beauty products. The company suggests users use them topically only.

Just Live CBD Capsules

The company offers various capsules in different potency levels to address various beginners’ and veterans’ needs. They are offered in isolate form using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts and are tested for accurate potency levels to ensure customers take the accurate levels. These capsules enhance sleep and prepare the body to work out and calm it afterward. Although they contain high CBD levels, they also have MCT oil and an option for vegetables and gelatin. As a result, various customers find these products effective since they can find options for vegans. These gummies are recommended for oral use only and can be administered with your favorite beverage or pure water.

Just live CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are highly preferred since they are in liquid form, making them easier to absorb into the blood, yielding rapid effectiveness. Although they are offered in a 30 ml bottle, they have different potency levels from 300 mg to 3000 mg per bottle. These tinctures are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other useful natural elements such as MCT oil for effectiveness. The company suggests that they be administered orally, sublingually, or added to your favorite beverage or food. An accurately marked dropper accompanies each serving to help customers administer the correct dosage.

What We Like About the Company

The company was created by professionals and athletes concerned with improving people’s health and wellness before profit interests. The company has successfully offered quality products because it uses vertically integrated manufacturing processes to monitor each step until the products reach the consumers. Also, they offer a 20% discount to various groups of people, such as the military and people living with long-term disabilities.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has most aspects well-taken care of, a few issues should be addressed. They should consider offering free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases. In addition, they tend to focus more on athletes and sports rather than everyone’s health. The company should consider having its farm in a fertile place to ensure they closely monitor and control the quality of their hemp.

Overall Verdict

We highly recommend its products since they have been manufactured by a team of experts and people passionate about CBD. They have exclusive accuracy tests, making their products even more considerable. However, although quality has been well attended to, they need to offer more products to attract more customers on its side.

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