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Kapow Meggings is apparel brand that makes high quality men’s leggings

Kapow Meggings is apparel brand that makes high quality men’s leggings

Kapow Meggings is a lifestyle apparel brand that makes high quality men’s leggings designed for fitness, fashion and festivals. Known for its irreverent brand and wild designs, Kapow sells to customers in over 50 countries from distribution centres in the USA, UK and EU. The brand champions self expression, having fun, and standing out in a crowd

Our men’s leggings are designed to fit like a second skin and look like a million dollars. They’re available in bright prints and colors perfect for athleisure, festivals, and supercharging your street style. The Kapow Performance range is designed especially for fitness, sport, and work-outs.

We connect with a global community of men who believe in self-expression and love to dress how they want, not how others think they should. Men’s fashion has traditionally been conservative but every day we hear from guys all over the world who are breaking boundaries and living the dream.

Our tagline is “Be brave. Be unboring” and we live this every day. We design apparel that feels like a second skin and makes men feel like rockstars. Today Kapows are worn by BASE jumpers, rock stars, bodybuilders, yogis, acrobats, models, athletes, and everyday heroes all over the world.

The founders’ story: bringing men’s leggings to life (and the world)

Kapow Meggings was started by two Aussie brothers, Ben and Jordan, who have a background in global advertising, design and marketing.

Ben & Jordan


The idea for Kapow came at Burning Man back in 2009 way out in the Nevada Desert. All the guys were wearing women’s leggings because they loved the bright colors and crazy prints, but they couldn’t find any made for men.

 Back in the real world, we began to notice an adventurous change in men’s fashion – from gym gear to streetwear, styles were becoming bolder and brighter. However, this hadn’t translated to men’s leggings, which were only available in plain black base layers.

 Our market research told us that men wanted to “dress to express”, so we designed a range of leggings made specifically for the male body that fit like a second skin and look like a million dollars. Our styles range from animal prints to futuristic metallic leggings to leggings with pockets, and we use the highest quality fabrics and manufacturing processes. Our tagline is “Be brave. Be unboring”, which reflects the attitudes of our customers and their approach not just to fashion, but to life in general. Today Kapows are worn by BASE jumpers, yogis, models, bodybuilders, athletes, and everyday guys all over the world.

Problems & opportunities: business Challenges and how we solved them

 The world today is a very different place to where it was a few years ago. Things change fast, and no matter if you’re a business with local, national, or international exposure and customers, you’ve had to pivot multiple times in the last couple of years. Here are the biggest challenges we’ve faced recently, and what we did to overcome them. One helpful way to look at a problem is as an opportunity to improve. Don’t get bitter, get better. 

●       COVID: Huge challenges for everyone, everywhere. Many factories shut down, there were huge staff shortages, goods were stuck on container ships or in ports, and shipping costs jumped up 2-3x. There wasn’t a lot you could do about some of these issues and every other business was in the same boat. The key was communicating clearly to your customers at every opportunity to manage their expectations about things like restocking and when they can expect their order. 

●       BREXIT: We used to ship our leggings to our EU customers from our London warehouse. Then, against all odds, Brexit happened. And all of a sudden our EU customers were getting charged a customs fee on their orders, and their orders were taking up to twice as long to arrive. We ended up opening a Germany warehouse to solve this problem, and now

●       THE WAR IN UKRAINE: Apart from the devastating human cost, has placed huge amounts of stress on resources, commodity prices and supply chains. All of a sudden raw materials have jumped in price, and something that used to cost you $X now costs twice that much. Having good supplier relationships helps us negotiate this element, and absorb some of the added costs so we can avoid passing too many costs onto our customers

●       INCREASED COMPETITION: The amount of e-commerce businesses nearly doubled between 2021 and 2022. As people had more time at home, they used that time to start their own side hustle or online business, which increased the amount of competition for customers and drove ad prices up. The best way to stand out in a crowded field? Provide something unique for customers that they can’t get anywhere else, and be the best you can at what you do, and always put your customer first. Investing in your brand is the #1 way to stand out in a crowded field, instead of competing on price which is a race to the bottom.

Advice to people who are interested in starting a business

It’s never been easier and easier for anyone to start, fund and run their own business. The revolution has already begun. You don’t need an MBA, the ability to code and a team of experts to start your own biz. Everything you need to go DIY is already available, and it will continue to get better, easier and cheaper.

 With that said, starting a business is easy, running it is challenging, and growing it is difficult. But the benefits are huge. You get to be your own boss, you learn the fundamentals of running an organisation from the ground up, it forces you to skill up across a range of disciplines, and you get to grow alongside your business. Here, in no particular order, is some of the advice we’d share that we wish people had told us along the way:

●       Worrying is a waste of time. Whatever you’re stressing over either will happen or it won’t, and either way you’ll find a way to deal with it. Make the best decision you can at the time and run with it. IF it worked, great, figure out how to iterate and build on that. If it didn’t, well, you did your best, and now you have some learnings to do better next time.

●       Time management is tricky. There will be a million areas you can spend your time, one of your biggest jobs is figuring out where toy apply yourself to move the needle for your business. What are the biggest levers you, personally, can be pulling to greatest effect? Look to outsource tasks that other people can do better than you can. This will also free up time for you to focus on growing your business, and not get bogged down in minutiae.

●       Speaking of time, this quote, (from a source I cannot remember!), is great: “Time infuriates me. The way it continues to pass me by while I stand there and watch.” It’s great motivation to get out there and make things happen NOW. No more procrastinating.

●       Commit to building good relationships. Most of our success we put down to finding and working with the right people. We’ve changed partners, suppliers, vendors, and channel marketing specialists quite often over the years, for many different reasons. Researching, visiting or speaking with, and testing new partners eats up a huge amount of time and emotional energy, not to mention cutting into profits, as well as the opportunity cost of down time. But reliable partners are worth their weight in gold. Remember that it’s a two-way street, you need to be the right fit for them as much as they are for you. Make sure your partners know what your brand stands for and why.

●       One of the founding principles of Toyota is “Genchi Genbutsu”, or “go and see.” Visiting or speaking with your partners – be they facebook ad specialist or manufacturers – is a must, both to understand their personalities, motivations, and capabilities, and to show that you’re serious about building a relationship.It also shows you’re serious about building a relationship and aren’t another in a long line of tyre-kickers.

●       No order or project ever goes 100% smoothly. Ever. Look at all the possible points of failure during briefing, production, and delivery, and put processes in place to make sure they’re managed. If you’re making a product, this includes things like PIS sheets, robust QC inspections before the final invoice is paid, knowing how customs and FOB shipping works, right down to figuring out what size cartons you’ll pack your product in. Setting up these processes will help future-proof your projects, or production.

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