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Lazarus Naturals stands out for providing consistent, high-quality organic certified hemp-derived CBD affordably to all who need it. It has a history that dates back to 2014 when it would sell handcrafted products to small farmers markets but now boasts an impressive CBD product catalog with gummies, softgels, topicals, coconut oil, RSO, tinctures, and pet items available in isolate-based and full-spectrum formulations in multiple flavors and potencies. It prices its products affordably, with an average price point of $0- $1 for the $9- $2800 product price range, which is well within the market range, considering the high-quality products the brand offers. Lazarus Naturals is a transparent brand that readily avails all its 3rd party test results on a centralized online hub, which has helped it clear its name in the past when its products reportedly tested positive for heavy metals. Its Oregon-sourced hemp is ethanol-processed to provide the products in its catalog. Here is our full 2022 review for this brand.

About the Company

Lazarus Naturals was founded in 2014, when the CEO, Sequoia Price-Lazarus, and a small team set out to sell handcrafted products in the small farmer markets. It is located in Portland, Oregon, where the offices are. According to its website, it has a mission of providing CBD products to people who need them affordably. These efforts are seen through its Assistance Program that offers 60% off to military veterans, active military personnel, long-term disabled people, and those from low-income households. As if that’s not enough, it donates to non-profit making organizations, including Women In Need and The Epilepsy Foundation.

The brand sources its organic, non-GMO hemp from Oregon farms known to have near-perfect growing conditions. Lazarus Naturals is a proud member of several hemp bodies, including the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association, and it upholds its high standards in cultivating hemp. Instead of using the popular CO2extraction method to strip CBD from hemp surfaces, it uses human-grade cane-based ethanol, and it is among the few companies that use this extraction method successfully. Its product inventory is wide and includes RSO items, pet products, tinctures, edibles, topicals, softgel capsules, and isolates. It rigorously conducts 3rd party tests in liaison with Columbia Laboratories and religiously avails the results on the centralized Product Test Results link under the Learn section of the website. It offers free shipping for orders worth $50, and a 90-day money-back guarantee applies to all US sales.


Based on its website, the following specs describe Lazarus Naturals;

Hemp Quality

Lazarus Naturals sources hemp from Oregon farms and uses it to manufacture CBD products. The hemp plants in the farms are organic and non-GMO, which is quite in order, considering the ethical concerns people have regarding the genetic modification of organisms. The hemp plants are occasionally tested while on-farm for pesticides and potency, ensuring they are safe and potent enough to generate phytocannabinoid-rich hemp flowers for the premium quality products in the brand’s inventory. Lazarus Naturals employs ethanol extraction to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces at its cGMP-guided lab facilities.

Manufacturing Process

Lazarus Naturals is a legal, authorized grower and processor of US hemp sourced from Oregon farms. Oregon is the third-largest hemp-growing region, considering its climatic conditions are near-perfect for hemp plants. The farms grow hemp sustainably and organically, allowing no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to constitute contaminants in the final products. Besides, the hemp plants are USDA-certified organic and feature non-GMO strains, just ideal for premium quality CBD products.

Although most reputable CBD brands use CO2extraction to strip CBD from hemp surfaces, Lazarus Naturals uses human-grade, cane-based ethanol extraction to strip is extracts from the hemp surfaces. According to its website, this method is cheap and ensures quality, allowing the brand to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. The resulting extracts are in isolate-based and full-spectrum formulations and are further formulated with MCT oil to increase bioavailability before being made into tinctures, edibles, topicals, pet items, RSO, isolates, and many more.

Lazarus Naturals stands out for many reasons, and lab testing is one of them. It tests its hemp for pesticides and potency while still on farms and subjects the extracts to the same tests, with an addition of heavy metals and solvents, in-house. This ensures the extracts, particularly isolates, are free of solvents from the ethanol extraction method. Next is 3rd party testing, which screens the extracts for THC & CBD potencies and purity for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, microbials, solvents, residues, and pesticides, and posts the results online of the centralized Product Test Results hub. The reports show that all products are pure, pose CBD variance within the 10% acceptable limit, and are have less than 0.3% THC, especially for the full-spectrum products.

Range of Products

Lazarus Naturals boasts a wide product inventory with the following products;

i.                    Lazarus Naturals Tinctures

The brand offers oil tinctures with 750- 3000 mg CBD concentrations. They come in full-spectrum formulations for full entourage effects or isolate-based forms, offering one cannabinoid. Moreover, both formulations feature high-potency and standard versions, posing 50 and 20 m/ml potencies, respectively. With a $0.03 per mg CBD price point, the tinctures are cheaper than other brands’ tinctures.

ii.                 Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

These capsules feature various potencies, from 25 to 200 mg CBD per unit, and are packed at 10-, 40-, and 200-count jars. The capsules are isolated-based or full-spectrum CBD formulations and cost $15- $360, posing a $0.01- $0.04, which is still below or within the market averages. The capsules are strictly taken orally.

iii.               Lazarus Naturals CBD Topicals

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD topical products cost $15- $70 and bear a $0.01- $0.02 per mg CBD average price point. They include full-spectrum CBD massage oil, balm, gel, and coconut oil. The total CBD concentration of the topical products ranges between 200 and 1200 mg, taking onboard all novice and veteran CBD enthusiasts with different concentration needs.

iv.               Lazarus Naturals CBD Pet Products

If you have a furry friend, you might want to buy him pet tinctures from Lazarus Naturals. The company sells them for $15- $38, and they deliver 15 mg per serving. According to the website, the tinctures are administered by weight, which is indicated on the product page. There are two types of tinctures; calming and sensitive pet versions.

v.                  Lazarus Naturals RSO

Rick Simpson Oil is the colloquial name for highly concentrated CBD oils that come in easily controllable sizes. They come in 600- 2400 mg concentrations and are packed in about 10 ml syringes that you could you use with the oil to mix with your edibles. The RSO products cost $20- $60, posing an average price point of $0.03 per mg CBD, and for the most part, they have the widest attention and sales in the R & D department.

vi.               Lazarus Naturals Isolates

The THC-free and terpene-infused CBD isolates are for those desiring a feel of THC without another cannabinoid. They are sold at 1000 mg concentrations with bulk sizes carrying up to 1 or 2 kg of the isolates, which are water-insoluble but blend well with oil carriers.

vii.             Lazarus Naturals CBD Coconut Oil

The brand’s CBD coconut oils are ideal for those who want to cook with CBD-infused cooking oil. They cost $15- $50, and deliver 50 mg full-spectrum CBD per tablespoon.

What We Like About the Company

The following are cons associated with the Lazarus Naturals brand;

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Lazarus Naturals is generally a good brand with almost no issues. However, it can still improve in the following areas;

Our Verdict

Lazarus Naturals is one of the most reputable CBD brands that stands out for many reasons, including its sheer volume of products that cut across all CBD deliverables, the use of organic, non-GMO hemp for manufacturing CBD products, successfully using ethanol extraction to isolate CBD oil from hemp surfaces, rigorous efforts to conduct 3rd contaminant purity and CBD & THC potency party tests for all products in its catalog and religiously posting the results on a centralized online hub, the Assistance Program it has to support special groups by offering them a 60% off the total sales, and much more. The brand offers RSO products, pet items, gummies, topicals, capsules, isolates, and tinctures at $9-$2800, posing an average price point of $0- $1. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee (probably the longest guarantee ever in hemp space) and a $50 free shipping threshold, which, despite being relatively high, helps many people save on purchases. The brand ticked most of the boxes and could probably improve a few areas like providing an alternative packaging for the slippery balm package, lowering its free shipping threshold, and considering using the most preferred technique, CO2 extraction, to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces.

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