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Lily Hill manufactures and sells high-quality and affordable CBD products made from the organically grown hemp plant. It is relatively young but is gaining popularity due to its high-quality products. This company plants its hemp plants on the hills of Vermont. Their products were Clean Green Certified in 2018, meaning they are grown without pesticides. The company ensures that customers get high-quality products and gives all the information regarding CBD. Lily Hill has a page on its website called PROJECT CBD, equipped with information about CBD. The company’s products include; CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules, CBD Topicals, CBD Pre- Rolls, and CBD Pets. The company also has other merchandise on its website. Learn more about Lily Hill CBD and its products in this review.

About Company

Lily Hill CBD was founded in 2016 by John and Rebecca, a husband and wife, to create all-natural CBD products. It is located on the hillside of Northern Vermont, where it has a hemp plant farm. The farm was certified by Vermont Organic Farmers in 2019. The company strongly believes that anything consumed should be chemical-free; thus, they are committed to ensuring their products are free from chemicals and are non-GMO.

 Lily Hill CBD’s website has adequate information about the company, where they get their organic hemp from, their manufacturing process, products, its shipping and return policy, an FAQ section on the website, and its contact details.

To contact Lily Hill CBD, you can fill out an online form on their website, including your name, email, and question. They respond within 24 to 48 hours. Alternatively, you can send them an email directly through [email protected] or call their customer service number 802-521-7169. The company is on social media. You can follow them for more information and product launch updates. Lily Hill CBD’s physical address is PO Box 687 Johnson, VT 05656.

The company offers free shipping for orders above $75. Every product page gives details on when the product will ship out. After ordering, you get a tracking code via email or text message. The company advises that you contact them for further instructions if you do not get these codes. Their products are sale final, meaning they do not accept returns. However, they exchange and accept returns if the product you received is damaged or defective so that they can replace or refund. Only merchandise like hats and t-shirts can be returned or exchanged within 30 day period of purchase, but you should contact them to arrange the return.

You can buy Lily Hill CBD products on their website The company’s various payment methods such as bitcoin, MasterCard, and visa. You can also buy Lily Hill CBD products in person in retails across the Northeast and beyond. If you are unsure of where to buy, you can contact them with your location details for guidance on where to buy.

Manufacturing Process

Lily Hill CBD grows its hemp plant and practices organic and other sustainable farming practices, free of chemicals and pesticides. Such practices include using organic fertilizers, minerals, biochar, mycorrhizae, and other beneficial bacteria released into the soil through drip irrigation. Also, they practice companion planting. These plants help in naturally repelling insects, pests, and a natural fungicide. The companion plants include sunflower, nasturtium, and chamomile.

Unlike other companies, Lily Hill does not use the CO2 extraction method but uses the ethanol method. The ethanol is extracted from non -GMO sugar cane. This method extracts cannabis oil with 99% purity. Once the raw hemp oil has been extracted, they use a filtration set to purify the oil. Finally, they do a short path distillation to break the oil into a high-quality golden oil.

Lily Hill CBD uses a third-party lab to test its CBD products. The lab results are then uploaded to its website. The tests include testing for potency levels to ensure they are within the required limit of 10%. They also test for THC levels to ensure it’s 0.3% or less so that the resulting product does not have the same effect as cannabis Sativa.

The final testing is for any other impurities, solvents, heavy metals, screening, and bacteria. This ensures that consumers get high-quality products only. Lily Hill CBD products such as CBD oils, Salves, and Softgels are produced in an FDA-approved, GMP- compliant facility. Other ingredients used in their products include chamomile, calendula, and arnica flowers, which are also organically grown on their farm.

Range of Products

Lily Hill CBD Tincture CBD

The Lily Hill CBD Tincture is based on a full spectrum CBD with no additives. The 1000mg contains approximately 33mg of CBD / ml. The CBD full spectrum oil ingredients mixed with organic hemp include extra virgin olive oil.

Full spectrum CBD 500mg has a potency of 16.67mg/ml and goes for $25, 1000mg CBD/CBG has a potency of 33.33mg/ ml and goes for $50, and 1800mg/ 1800mg mint  has a potency of 33.33mh/ ml and has a price of  $90.

Lily Hill CBD Capsules

The Lily Hill CBD Capsules are processed from a full spectrum CBD and formulated with MCT oil for easy digestion. They also use extra virgin olive oil and kosher gelatin. These capsules are gluten-free. They come in 30 or 90 count capsules per bottle, each having 25mg of the full spectrum CBD, which translates to 25mg/ unit. THC is undetectable in these capsules.

Lily Hill CBD Topicals

The Lily Hill CDB Topicals are made from a full spectrum hemp extract with other ingredients like; calendula, chamomile, arnica, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, olive oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E base. All these ingredients are organically grown on Lily Hill Farm.

Lily Hill CBD has 300mg CBD original salve and a 300mg maximum salve. The original salves go for $27.00, and the maximum is $35.00. They all have an average potency of 3.3mg/ml. The THC is undetectable because it’s within the 0.3% limit

Lily Hill CBD Pre-Rolls

Lily Hill CBD Pre-Rolls are of two categories: CBD Relax and CBD Awake. They both have a traceable amount of THC. They are made from organic hemp flowers and packaged in glass tubes, available in two 0.5 g or single 1g pre-roll packs. The Relax CBD pre-roll leaves consumers feeling calm and relaxed. It has a CBD of 14%, while the Awake CBD pre-roll helps one stay alert or productive and has a CBD of 15%. The CBD Pre-roll Awake and CBD Pre-roll Relax both go for $10.00.

Lily Hill CBD Pets

The Lily Hill Pet CBD is made from 500mg full-spectrum CBD and Wild Alaskan Salmon oil, containing omega fatty acids. No other flavors or preservatives are added. The typical dosage is 0.5mg to 5mg of CBD per 10 LBS of your dog weight administered twice a day. You can add the dosage to its food, or you directly administer it into the dog’s mouth. The 500mg pet CBD oil has 17mg of CBD per ml, and it goes for $25.00.

What we like about the company

The company has a blog explaining how every Lily Hill CBD product is manufactured. They offer up-to-date lab results and a highly detailed FAQ section. Customers’ care and satisfaction are the company’s priority. They are ready to assist customers in finding Lily Hill CBD products by guiding customers to the nearest retail shop. Also, the third-party lab is FDA-approved. Being certified by bodies like Vermont Organic farmers and Clean Green shows that the company is dedicated to producing the best hemp and best CBD products. They have a blog on their website known as PROJECT CBD that educates people on CBD, including the benefits of CBD and how to buy those of high quality.

The sale of other merchandise helps in advertising the company’s products. Those new to using CBD products should not worry when buying Lily Hill CBD products because the products have labels. Also, there are online instructions on dosage and information on the ingredients used to process products. Lily Hill CBD oil products come with droppers precise for dosage.

What we don’t like about the company

The company’s return policy is unfavorable since they don’t accept returns for CBD products. They only allow for the return of other merchandise. Also, the company has a limited small range of products limited to full-spectrum CBD. This is unfavorable because some customers prefer broad-spectrum or isolate. In addition, products like CBD pre-rolls have a high level of THC, which is not recommended. Another demerit is that they are only limited to shipping within the USA, and their products are relatively expensive. They also do not offer the veteran military discount.

Final verdict

Even though the company has a small range of products, they are of high quality and are highly recommendable. However, the company should broaden its products from the full spectrum CBD to broad-spectrum and isolate CBD; this will ensure that t has more products in the market than it has now. Also, they should lower their prices and introduce the veteran discount for the military.

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