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Matt Flynn at Park North Real Estate leads a real estate team that offers personalised service to its clients

Matt Flynn at Park North Real Estate leads a real estate team that offers personalised service to its clients


Matt Flynn at Park North Real Estate leads a real estate team that offers personalised service to its clients. The team specializes in residential real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Matt’s vision is to make real estate investment easy for the client and find a way to achieve their individual goals. Matt and his team work with all price points and neighborhoods across the Bay Area, which brings a wide range of experience and expertise. We focus on a transparent process, which allows each client to understand everything happening with the transaction, with detailed explanations at every stage of a purchase or sale. The negotiation strategy and experience are individually tailored to each client and situation. 

Брокер, DRE #01212901

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2002 улица Ирвинг, Сан Франциско, Калифорнија

Quality service and a personable approach are the hallmarks of Matt’s business, and through the years he has been recognized for his unique and effective approach to real estate. His career and life experience is what has given him the background that he brings to his real estate business.   

An oddessy into learning and adventure in selfemployment.

Matt was raised in the Midwest, where integrity, honesty and hard work were emodied by his family. He developed a voracious appetite for reading, at one point reading the entire Enclopedia Britanica at a young age. He regularly reads new books in a variety of subjects. This habit of reading and research has contributed greatly to Matt’s success. 

Matt has always been inquisitive, and has pursued his interests through a varied education. Driven by a curiosity for knowledge, this became a lifetime endeavor. Matt first went to Ball State University to study interior design, and supported his studies by working full time as a shoe saleperson. From there, Matt sought out a new experience and decided to explore the West coast of the US. He moved to Seattle and worked as a waiter and wine steward at highly ranked restaurant, while he also studied courses in psychology and anthropology. 

Ultimately, Matt found his way to San Francisco. He had several friends from the Midwest who had moved to the City, and his visits there had been magical adventures. Always inquisitive and creative, he enrolled in film school where he learned about film production and screenplay writing. 

An entrepeneurial drive.

However he also had a drive for being entrepeneurial, having learned about self-employment from his mother and father. It seemed natural to start his own business. He studied massage therapy, with a dual focus on trigger point therapy and hospice massage, and over the next decade he developed a loyal clientele. Meanwhile he continued studies in comparative religions and philosophy, and also (perhaps unothodoxically, but very much characteristically) in business. One of his business courses was in real estate, and having always been interested in homes in regard to architecture and interior design, the course introduced him to what would become his new business venture. Matt soon joined a real estate brokerage in the neighborhood and started becoming a successful agent for both sellers and buyers. Over time Matt became a Top Producer, selling a wide range of properties from efficiency studios to stately executive homes and unit buildings. 

Always with a thirst for new experiences, Matt also took courses in kitchen and bath design, and started to design kitchens with some of his real estate clients using his interior design skills. On a vacation in Miami he toured the design district and fell in love with an Italian kitchen cabinet company called Scavolini. The kitchens were sleek and modern, but also high quality and reasonably priced. With his partner, Matt opened “Kitchens Italia” Scavolini franchise in the East Bay town of Lafayette. It was a resounding success, being at what was at the time the emerging interest in modern home design. During this time he balanced working with his real estate team, while developing the business in Italian kitchen design. The business’s success attracted the interest of the Scavolini franchisors, which offered to acquire the store. Matt then expanded his real estate endeavors, developing a team that spawned several successful agents. 

Always interested in design, Matt began reading articles and books about urban design and city planning. He attended an intensive certificate program at Simon Fraser Univeristy in Vancouver, BC followed by a City Planning certificate program at UC Davis. This pursuit was partly driven by the work of his husband Kevin, who has worked in city planning and urban design since completing graduate degrees at UC Berkeley. Together Matt and Kevin started a planning and urban design consulting business, which over several years took them to cities in the Bay Area, West Coast, and even back home to the Midwest. The timing was fortuitous, as this offered a business venture during the “Great Recession” of 2008-09. Matt continued in buying, restoring and selling properties in San Francisco during this time. Eventually one of their planning clients offered Kevin a Planning Director position, and with the real estate market picking up again Kevin and Matt wound down their consultancy.

Building a real estate team.

Now Matt is continuing on his real estate path, building a team at Park North Real Estate in San Francisco. He chose Park North because it is a small brokerage with an emphasis on tailored approaches to customer service. His business is developing through past clients from his various endeavors, and he continues to love meeting new people. He has many recommendations and positive reviews and is known for his negotiation abilities, patience, and honest communication skills. His various studies and interests are useful on a daily basis as he helps clients imagine how to recognize the highest potential of properties by making best use of spaces. His experience in design and property restoration also helps him guide clients through working with contractors and city governments. 

Matt now has been involved in real estate for 27 years, and plans to continue at this steady pace with his magical touch to real estate transactions for many years to come. A life-long learner, his next education plans are intended to further develop his range of skills with subjects in mediation, facilitation, and public speaking, which will complement the current real estate practice. In addition to all this, Matt enjoys working in his large garden, restoring collectible cars, seeing live music and adding to his collection of shoes (harkening back to his days in shoe sales), while pursuing his love of the real estate business. 

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