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MAXCBD Wellness is a great brand that can do better in the hemp space, especially if it pays particular attention to its kinks and straightens them. Although it has a narrow CBD product catalog with tinctures, topicals, and capsules, it boasts rigorous 3rd party tests for all of its products to examine the items for CBD and THC potencies and purity tests for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides. Nonetheless, the brand does not have a centralized online hub for posting the lab results but scatters them all over the website. Moreover, while all products passed contaminant tests, some pose as high as 35.2% CBD variance, which is much higher than the 10% acceptable variance limit. Besides the narrow CBD product catalog, their 25- 2500 mg potency range does not offer multiple potencies in between. Nonetheless, all the products had good color, flavor, and appearance, making them appealing to the eye. The free shipping arrangement at $50 and the 30-day money-back guarantee are all strongholds of this brand. Here is our full 2022 review of the brand.

About the Company

MAXCBD Wellness saw its debut in 2019 when it was launched and headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. According to the website, MAXCBD takes pride in giving love to the planet Earth and plants, specifically hemp. As such, it aims to use hemp to create the highest quality CBD products to those who need them. Nonetheless, the brand’s average price point of $0.3 per mg CBD is relatively high, considering it’s above the market average. The website includes information about the ‘Expert Team’ that ensures everything works well for the brand’s client, but there is only a brief description of what the team does and the members’ names, but not their biographies.

MAXCBD’s website is simple, easily navigable, and practically appealing to the eye. It has a blog section that discusses a few things about CBD, including what it is, how the full-spectrum and isolate-based products differ, whether CBD helps with sleep, and many more. The Information section of the website has the About Us link with the brief mission statement and operations of the brand. Also included are the FAQ, Contact Us, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions links. Nonetheless, the FAQ section is not so detailed.

MAXCBD has a narrow product range, including capsules, tinctures, and topicals, all in full-spectrum CBD formulations but feature a potency range of 25- 2500 mg total CBD. Still, there are not so many potencies in between the range. Each product page has the recent lab test results, which show the outcomes when the products were examined for potency and purity. Nonetheless, there is only one report per product page currently, and the purity tests do not take care of all standard contaminants. Rather, they examine the products for E. coli (microbials), pesticides, and heavy metals, leaving behind mycotoxins, residues, and solvents.


The following specs are true to MAXCBD;

  • Free shipping for all orders worth $50 and above
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies
  •  The brand ships its products internationally and within the USA
  • Extract consumption methods are limited to capsules, tinctures, and topicals
  • The clean and safe CO2 extraction method is employed to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • Extracts are only available in full-spectrum and isolate-based formulations
  • US-sourced hemp, especially from Oregon
  • MCT formulations for some products
  • Total CBD concentrations for the products ranges are 25 and 2500 mg
  • The average price point for the brand’s products is $0.34 per mg CBD
  • International currencies are accepted
  • CBD products cost $23.75- $169

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the CBD arena since it determines the quality of the resultant CBD brands, ultimately influencing customer response and whether a brand holds or loses its clients. As such, reputable CBD brands liaise with high-quality hemp farmers to source hemp or grow their hemp that meets their expectations, ultimately producing CBD brands that keep clients. MAXCBD strives to keep its clients by sourcing its hemp from the Oregon farms that also grow hemp plants organically and sustainably, leaving no chance for pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers to get into the products. Besides, it employs the clean CO2 extraction method, a technique cherished in the CBD arena for efficiency and safety.

Transparency & Accuracy

Transparency in the CBD brand is determined by independent 3rd party tests, and reputable brands are those valuing and conducting lab tests and uploading them online. MAXCBD is fairly transparent since it partially tests for purity and wholly examines the products for THC/CBD potencies, and posts the results online. Charging from the lab results available online, the brand has room for improvement, considering that not all products passed potency tests. For instance, the 300 mg unflavored CBD tinctures contained more than 100 mg CBD than indicated on the labels, translating to a 35.2 positive variance, which is higher than the 10% acceptable limit. Other products were below the limit, while others bypassed it just slightly.

Manufacturing Process

MAXCBD sources its hemp from Oregon farms which only grow organic, non-GMO hemp. Besides, the farms practice sustainable organic farming, meaning no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides find their way into the final products, as seen in the accuracy of contaminant tests. Using organic hemp to manufacture CBD products is cherished in the CBD arena, considering that many controversies surround the genetic modification of organisms and their consumption.

Once the hemp matures, it is harvested and taken to the brand’s manufacturing facilities. Once here, the clean CO2 extraction method is used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. This method is regarded as safe and efficient in the CBD arena because it cautiously removes the needed terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids for a full entourage effect, while leaving behind the unwanted substances, including chlorophyll. What’s more, it is efficient in that it attached no solvents to the products, adding to their safety. The extracts are in full-spectrum formulations and can be made into capsules, tinctures, and topicals, which the brand offers.

The next stage is the independent 3rd party testing, a quality and control step that examines CBD products for THC/CBD potency and contaminant purity for the standard contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, residues, and solvents. These tests ensure the products are safe for consumption and potent enough for the desired effects, and MAXCBD does the tests. However, its purity tests are incomplete and only examine the presence of E. coli (microbials), heavy metals, and pesticides. The results are all over the product pages since the brand lacks a centralized lab results hub on its website.

Range of Products

The following products can be found in the brand’s CBD inventory;

i.                    MAXCBD Wellness CBD Tinctures

These tinctures are vegan-friendly and come in isolate-based and full-spectrum formulations. The total CBD concentrations in oils are 250, 1000, and 2500 mg, translating to various potencies, including 10, 33.33, and 83.33 mg/ml. The recommended dosage is ½ or 1 full dropper, which is approximately 1 ml.

ii.                  MAXCBD Wellness CBD Softgels

The capsules or softgels by MAXCBD feature full-spectrum formulations and come in 450 mg CBD jars. There are 30 capsules in the jar, and each delivers 15 mg CBD. They are MCT oil formulated to boost bioavailability and digestion and are coated with gelatin, making them vegan-unfriendly.

iii.               MAXCBD Wellness CBD Skincare Products

These products feature full-spectrum CBD and are formulated with MCT oil to increase bioavailability and digestion. Besides, the total CBD concentrations in these products range from 25 to 250 mg. They are strictly applied topically and not otherwise. They cost $39- $59, posing a $0.24- $1.63 per mg CBD price point. Other ingredients feature in the mix to better the products, including vitamin E, lavender, and essential oils.

What We Like About the Company

We appreciated the following about the MAXCBD Wellness brand;

  • The brand freely ships orders worth $50 and above, allowing the clients to save a few bucks by buying from it
  • The 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file claims and get refunds and exchanges without any question
  • The products offered by the brand have good colors, flavors, and appearance, making them appealing
  • The brand uses organic hemp in manufacturing all the CBD products in its catalog
  • The clean CO2 extraction method used by the brand ensures no solvents attach themselves to the CBD extracts, adding to product safety
  • MAXCBD is committed to consumer safety, as seen in its diligence for conducting independent 3rd party contaminant purity and THC/CBD potency tests
  • The respective product pages in the brand’s website contain products 3rd party lab results
  • Al items in MAXCBD’s catalog passed purity tests and were free of microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • The brand has regular coupons, codes, discounts, and bundled deals clients can explore to save a few bucks

What We Do Not Like About the Company

There is always room for improvement despite many positive sides, and MAXCBD is no exception. Here are its cons that it should improve;

  • The brand conducts incomplete purity tests since it does not examine the items on its catalog for mycotoxins, residues, and solvents
  • Some products, including the unflavored 300 mg tincture, posed extremely higher CBD variances (35.2%), bypassing the 10% acceptable variance limit
  • The website has a narrow product catalog comprising capsules, tinctures, and topicals only
  • The items in the brand’s inventory are limited to full-spectrum formulations; no broad-spectrum items
  • The $50 free shipping threshold is relatively high and may not be attained by all the loyal CBD clients, especially those living a suboptimal financial life

Our Verdict

MAXCBD Wellness is a good company that can perform even better in the CBD space by straightening its kinks. It boasts using organic hemp for manufacturing its products, conducting lab tests and posting the results online, offering free shipping for orders worth $50 and above, the 30-day money-back guarantee that offers exchanges and returns, and the clean extraction method that leaves no solvents behind. Nonetheless, it has a few areas to improve to perform better in the CBD space. Its contaminant lab testing is incomplete, the free shipping threshold is high and may not be attained by all clients, the product catalog only offers a few products, the products have few potencies across the board, and some products posed higher variances than the acceptable limit. As such, MAXCBD Wellness must improve the mentioned areas to win an even larger loyal customer care base.

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