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Memar Architecture-architecture, interior design, landscaping, engineering practices

Memar Architecture-architecture interior design landscaping engineering practices

The business is a company named Memar Architecture, which was founded in 2008. The services provided by the company are architecture, interior design, landscaping, engineering practices, supervision on construction, and project management, with experience in more than 250 achievements worldwide of commercial, governmental, hospitality, and residential projects with different styles and conditions. 

It’s based in Dubai, UAE, but also provides its services world-widely. Memar Architecture clarifies the client’s requirements and lifestyle and translates them to life in such a stable, functional, usable, adapt to changes, environmentally friendly, healthy, and elegant way, in addition to studying the land and its properties, and providing a well-studied design that unlocks the full potential of the land aesthetically and practically. Developing innovative building design solutions that push the experience level to the maximum. 

Memar’s mission is: “Our unparalleled respectful, knowledgeable, and honest service is one of the prime reasons our clients choose to continually do business with us. We would like to stress at this point that we are committed to bringing your vision to life and to eliciting the enthusiastic emotive response.” 

Memar’s mission is: “seeking long-term relationships with the clients, meeting their expectations, continuous team-building with different backgrounds, creating an extraordinary and innovative atmosphere.” 

The Memar team strives to build a strong customer relationship based on trust, commitment, passion, respect, and integrity, with impressive client service throughout. Moreover, the team is aware that designs should go beyond feel-good aesthetics, as it affects the mental and physical well-being of the building occupants. All the designs are well-studied to evoke comfort, peace, happiness, and safety, in addition to improving air quality and natural lighting. Also, ensure that residents feel at “home “in their homes. 

Furthermore, Memar has won many special and international awards, selected among all the strong competitors for its excellence and creativity in design, functionally and aesthetically. 

The owner has maintained a passion for architecture and design since a young age; creative building design has always attracted his attention. After he got his degrees in architecture, he spent day after day learning more about architecture, new skills, training with specialists, and involving himself in every experience he could take. 

He knew the truth that design affects people on a personal level; and as a result, it affects a whole country and can have a big impact on its occupants. Everything from the layout of the space to the material finishes can either increase or decrease the occupant’s productivity, mood, and health. 

He’s willing to expose his creative imagination and help people live and work in their dream place that provides them the best experience aesthetically and functionally. He also wanted to solve many complex problems related to building structure as well as aesthetics and exhibit new remarkable architectural projects, all of which have motivated him to start a new business in his dream job. 

He always loved to design in teamwork as it increases efficiency; also, a diverse workforce increases productivity, controversy, and problem-solving. And it creates a beautiful balance. He wanted to invest his experiences and knowledge in other passionate people. 

From this, he established MEMAR architecture company in UAE, Dubai; he chose UAE as a home country for the company, since it is one of the countries that keep evolving and growing in architecture and interior design. Thus, he wanted to be part of this incredible growth and challenge himself to add a special mark in design. 

He started with few employees at the beginning, and as the business grew, more and more people from different nationalities joined the big one family. However, the passion for understanding different types of people and cultures resulted in providing Memar Architecture services to all around the world with different styles and conditions and with superior quality. 

In the world of architecture, there will be many challenges that are dodging around. And of course, the journey is neither going to be simple nor easy… But when we are aware of our short and long-term goals at the forefront of starting our business, challenges will not remain dark. 

One of the biggest challenges that we faced was in 2020 upon the COVID-19 pandemic. As we had to work in a team but remotely. 

However, due to our strong connection and developed communication skills, we managed the work and delivered it with the same quality standard. 

Moreover, unforeseen circumstances and many unexpected events can occur and can be very challenging because they can impact the project schedule and cause a delay. 

We avoid this problem by making a flexible schedule and setting out the priorities, in addition to making weekly and monthly meetings with the team to coordinate work in line with the schedule and make necessary appraisements. Moreover, we use a new way that easily changes assignments for the employees if there are any changed priorities. However, for us, deadlines are always fulfilled. All deliverables are met on time, and customers are always satisfied. 

Clients with a short timeline also pose some challenges, as we always deliver the same quality to our clients even if it means working twice as hard to get there. 

Furthermore, with this rapid change in architectural technology … There are plenty of opportunities as well as challenges. In Memar Architecture, we keep up with all the changes by training all employees each month with a technological specialist that trains them with all the new techniques. 

Architects face many challenges daily, and learning how to overcome them is super important. Being aware of the usual issues gives insight into the work; can help you get prepared for working smoothly in this field. 

On the other hand, the company faced many opportunities. Starting in UAE was a big advantage for us, as it is one of the cities that has diversity in architectural styles, and it’s always evolving in building design, thus, giving a big inspiration. Moreover, Dubai allows the use of creativity and imagination in design. This city accommodates and appreciates each architect. However, people are realizing and are becoming fully aware of how the designs around us affect our mental and physical health, which increases our responsibility to do our best to fulfill all the design needs of our customers. 

Also, the conducive work environment in Memar Architecture led to better work efficiency. Management ensures that all employees are comfortable and enjoying their work, which leads to job satisfaction which results in more productivity. 

Furthermore, having the design competitions gives a high opportunity, and knowing that your work is seen, supported, and rewarded, gives high motivation and increases the passion. In addition to increasing the client’s trust and loyalty for the company and its designs. 

Since we deliver our services internationally, social media platforms are a big pro for us, allowing us to increase our market reach, communicate with our customers, present our services and work, increase brand loyalty, and assess the competition. 

The nature of architecture and interior design is very interesting; architecture, styles, designs, and materials are always evolving. Architecture now is not only restricted to the need for security and shelter; it’s about happiness, health, comfort, and elegance. Architecture is exciting; you will always work on different projects, different stories and personalities, and new designs. There will always be a need for new buildings, and there will always be the need for creativity. All result in happy and motivated employees. Thus, they are more willing to work together for the common good, more likely to exchange experiences, and more likely to encourage the strong team-building that is essential to the company’s success. 

Finally, from our experience in business; our advice is that you should never expect the best results overnight. Work needs consistency, hard work, passion, and time. All successful companies were never created overnight and surely involve hard effort and long nights. 

Strategy, strategy, and strategy, never work and start a business randomly, set a plan and work upon it, do all the needed analysis of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats, and have a clear mission and vision. 

Move out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries, set your goals, and move toward them. 

Above all, you should always be trustworthy, have a polite attitude toward your clients, deliver respect to them before you deliver the work and service, and have empathy for them. Listen to them, understand their problems; and lifestyles, and try to solve them through your services. Be transparent, patient, and honest. 

Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you should create a healthy work environment for all your employees, bring out the best in them, listen to them and to their concerns, give encouragement so they can be motivated, and it also helps them to think innovatively and feel that they are seen and appreciated. All of these create loyalty to the company and increase productivity. 

Never stop learning, no matter how far your company has gone; always learn new skills, strategies, technologies, styles, and tips. Especially as a designer, architecture is always in renewal; there is always something you didn’t know yet. In architecture and interior design, there is never enough knowledge. 

At the end, refuse to give up on your dreams, keep going no matter what, even when things seem impossible, always push more what you thought were your limit. You grow with consistency, never give excuses to yourself, take responsibility, and commit to achieve your goals, get where you need to go, where you deserve to go. And remember, “if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough” 

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