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MEMEENO – Helping Parents Care, Comfort & Connect with Their Babies

MEMEENO - Helping Parents Care, Comfort & Connect with Their Babies

MEMEENO is a luxury baby essentials brand in southern California, founded in 2017 and operated by a mother of two. This company aims to create quality products to help snuggle, soothe, and calm babies safely, stylishly, and effectively. 

Their signature product, the “Baby Belly Band,” is an accessory designed to warm and protect the baby’s tummy. It has helped countless parents treat gas, fussiness, colic, and constipation in their little ones. The bands are available in different stylish prints that can be matched with swaddles and baby top-knot hats. 

The extraordinary aspect of this band, different from all others, is that it is self-warming because it uses the baby’s own body temperature to heat up. It’s made of organic cotton so it’s super soft and comfy. It provides natural warmth and light compression on the baby’s tummy as it helps to push down the gas bubbles. The MEMEENO band helps to facilitate digestion and by moving things around, gently relaxing the organs and pushing gas bubbles down through the intestinal tract. No need for your baby to take gas drops, or microwave the band, as it is the safest, most natural way of soothing and relieving your baby from gas, tummy trouble and colic.

Belly banding, or abdominal binding as it is commonly known, has been used for centuries by parents in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America to lessen gas and stomach aches by simply wrapping a cloth, band, or abdominal binder around the baby’s waist and tummy, adding some pressure and warmth.

 “A little hug and a lot of warmth is all you need to soothe your baby,” the MEMEENO founder Alie always says. Warmth and compression work together to promote digestion and the movement of gas bubbles through the infant’s still-forming digestive tract. This helps to soothe and calm the baby so that the baby can sleep better and longer, and parents can have more peace of mind.

MEMEENO also offers its unique and innovative baby swaddle blankets (the Swaddloop) that serves 6 different functions in one looped blanket. The Swaddloop serves as nursing cover, high-chair cover, car window cover, receiving blanket and play mat. The MEMEENO baby essentials line also includes top-knot, hats, a SPA collection, and sleep e-books and courses. These products are all-natural, gentle, and safe for babies and their families. The idea behind these products fall in line with the company’s mission to help parents to care, comfort and connect with their little ones. 

Swaddloop used as a receiving blanket.

Swaddloop used as a nursing cover.

From Mom to Mompreneur

Alie Al-jadda founded MEMEENO, a luxe baby brand specializing in its signature product, the organic cotton belly band for infant gas and colic relief. Alie designed the product and has made it her mission to help other mothers snuggle, soothe and connect with their babies while helping to relieve gas and colic symptoms, one belly at a time. 

The company’s iconic product, the MEMEENO® belly band, was developed as a result of a mother’s unsuccessful attempts to calm her infant daughter. Alie experienced preeclampsia during her pregnancy and needed an urgent c-section two months before the due date. Mariam, her premature baby, was born weighing just 3 pounds.

Alie’s baby was eventually discharged from the NICU after spending a month there. Yet her infant cried nonstop. Alie made every effort to calm her colicky, gassy, and fussy newborn. Everything failed. She found it difficult to bond with her child. As a first-time mother, she felt like she didn’t know how to care for her premie. 

Then, a friend gave her a belly belt to tie around her daughter’s stomach, saying it would help with gas and digestion. She tried it and it worked. The baby was passing gas and sleeping better. Mom was sleeping better. Alie started to feel that real, maternal connection with her premie.

The band she used worked, although it could have been constructed better and needed string ties that wouldn’t stay in place. After giving birth to her second kid, she made the decision to improve the band and share it with other mothers who could be going through the same situation with their infants and seeking an organic fix.

This second-time mother, who is also a certified pediatric sleep expert, put a lot of effort into designing the band’s ideal pattern, style, and fit. Alie developed a high quality triple-layer, self-heating belly band that uses the baby’s own body warmth to warm the tummy and cure colic, gas, and indigestion after months of designing, developing, and testing.

The company’s peculiar name is inspired by Alie’s two children, whose combined nicknames, Meme and Ameeno, make MEMEENO.

Strategies that Worked

Creating safe, stylish and quality products has always been the company’s mission from the beginning. Having a quality product is key. Towards this end, Alie ensured that her bands were made from the best materials; premium organic cotton and organic water-based dyes in all the prints. The quality of materials, hand-crafted work and innovative design hasn’t gone unrecognized since the band has received various awards and praises from parents and caregivers nationwide.

Making attractive packaging for their products was one of the company’s earliest business strategies. And it has worked! Finding the right packaging takes time and a lot of elbow grease. But after much research the MEMEENO team found something that matches its brand and luxe style. The baby belly band and nearly all other items in the line are delivered to customers in delicate reusable tasseled organza bags. 

The company upped the ante in terms of customer service because belly banding is a relatively new concept in contemporary culture. As a result, it hired customer service representatives who excel at providing excellent customer service, anticipating that there would be many questions about this method of care. MEMEENO is ready to assist with any inquiries or calls that may come in. Customers always value courteous, sincere, and humble service.

Overcoming Challenges

Companies always face challenges when it comes to growth, and MEMEENO is no different. For example, online technology policies have changed the way companies advertise online. It has impacted advertising for all businesses large and small. It has impacted MEMEENO as well since most of its advertising was online. MEMEENO decided to focus inward and changed its business model, shifting towards gaining organic reach while reducing its advertising spend. The company re-prioritized its goals and worked on improving organic reach through social media, e-mail & text communication, face-to-face networking in addition to improving ways to add value to its growing online community.

Finding Opportunities

Getting name recognition can be hard in saturated marketplaces, especially with an unconventional name like MEMEENO. But the company has submitted its signature product, the belly band, for evaluation nationwide to familiarize the public about this method of care. The band has won numerous awards, including Moms Choice Award, NAPPA Award, Baby Maternity Award among others. It’s been featured on television shows, by online news media outlets like CNN Underscored. MEMEENO also works with mom bloggers, media personalities and influencers who have fallen in love with the band and the brand. Getting the band out their and in the hands of potential customers has paid off. The band has been recommended by doctors, nurses, sleep experts, and of course, moms and dads. 

To make the MEMEENO belly band stand out from the rest, the company has recently offered personalization for their bands. So now parents can put their child’s name on the band to give it that added sense of uniqueness and heirloom quality. Or, if some needs an original baby shower gift, the personalized MEMEENO band along with a matching top-knot hat and swaddle is the go-to giftset for moms. 

Business Advice

MEMEENO knows that collaboration with others is one of the key strategies to gaining name recognition and improving growth opportunities. This has helped to increase the company’s touch points in different markets and population bases. Creating opportunities to collaborate with other similar sized companies, organizations or individuals even at the micro-level should always be a part of any company’s strategy. Maintaining these relationships takes time and much effort, but in the end it pays off. Don’t underestimate the power of social connection and interpersonal communication when building your company.

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