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Fb. In. Tw. Be. – online resale store to give pre-loved items a second life - online resale store to give pre-loved items a second life

Modaville is a woman owned online fashion reseller with Anna Goral as the founder and CEO. Anna’s journey isn’t your typical success story. It has taken many years and a road less traveled before she started pursuing her dream job. 

As a first generation Polish American, she has spent a decade learning English, earning a degree in Computer Science, working in the corporate world and running a successful real estate firm. This experience was a stepping-stone towards pursuing her ultimate vision. Anna has been a dedicated thrifter as far back as she can remember. Her love for bargain hunting and her experience as a computer programmer were important factors in her decision to launch a website known as  Anna understood that the key to success in this competitive resale market was to identify and analyze all advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision whether to launch her online business. She saw an opportunity in online resale compared to brick-and-mortal retail. It did not require paying rent for a physical space or obtaining a business licenses and managing payroll. All this could be done from her living room. Online resale sites are accessible 24/7 and provide a convenient shopping experience for users. These were some of the factors in her decision to launch an online marketplace in 2013.

She started Modaville from scratch as a hobby. It took several years of learning, trying, failing and retrying before her dedication highlighted her passion. She witnessed a change in shopping habits as fashion trends shifted back and forth. The stigma attached to secondhand clothes stemming from the mentality that if you could afford to buy new clothes, why buy secondhand. Buying secondhand items was once a stigma and has now become a trendy fashion statement. She saw an opportunity to inspire a new generation of customers and took the plunge. Her goal was to promote the concept of secondhand shopping and offered an easy way to buy quality fashion items online at bargain prices. Her vision was to create an online store to give pre-loved items a second life. This would include limited-edition collections, designer collections that aren’t available in stores and rare vintage gems.

Modaville, as a resale startup, has expanded from fashion & accessories for women to men’s, kids’, vintage and home goods. Here, you can find clothes and accessories that are mid-range brand names like J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, Free People and other similar brands. Our home goods section offers unique home décors for all decorating styles. We offer vintage items that range from unique handmade pottery from Italy and beautiful hand rolled silk scarf from France to hard to find porcelain from England. Modaville is where you can find a designer dress, get a unique book to read and discover a vintage teacup for your afternoon tea.

There are many advantages to shopping secondhand. Scoring one-of-a-kind gems at almost-too-good-to-be-true prices while experiencing the joys of thrifting is what we strive for at

Secondhand shopping is about rejecting throwaway culture and contributing to a sustainability of our eco-system. is a user-friendly website where it’s easy to search for the category or item that you wish to find. All items are listed with their detailed description and priced at a bargain of 70%-90% off. We offer brand names in new, like-new or great condition. All items are thoroughly inspected and their condition is clearly disclosed within each listing. All orders are shipped within 24 hours and shipping is always free. We showcase “available” and “sold” items. All sold items are clearly marked as SOLD. If your item is no longer available, just click on the “NOTIFY ME WHEN IT’S BACK” button, and you’ll be notified once it is back in stock.

Modaville recently launched a fashion blog section where fashion lovers who write articles about “fashion and style” are invited to publish their articles, photos and videos in exchange for backlinks to their sites. Writers can choose fashion related topics and decide how many or how often they want to publish on Modaville’s blog. 

Another expansion to Modaville was the introduction of the “SELL” section where our customers have the opportunity to sell their pre-loved women’s clothing apparel at no charge. Just register as a seller and start listing your items. It’s just that simple. 

Anna’s unwavering passion led her to create a quality fashion resale platform that doesn’t break the bank or harm the planet. She is proud of the progress her company has made. There are still many challenges and opportunities to expand her business. The $25-$30 billion resale industry is booming and predicted to grow. With the increasing interest from brands to launch their own in-store or online resale platforms, it is becoming more evident that the competition in fashion resale will now include most brands. Offering diversity of products and increasing efficiency are essential to third-party resale. Guaranteeing the authenticity of items and providing excellent service is one of Modaville’s core founding pillars. 

Anna believes that even though the resale industry has become more competitive, there will still be a place for third-party resellers. Building trust with the public and providing “more than expected” experience for Modaville customers is important and will always be a priority. She plans to expand her business by hiring more people, increasing online visibility on Google and other search engines, expanding website presence on social media and securing outside financing.

Anna hopes her success story will inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter how unattainable they may appear at the moment. There is never a perfect time to start a business. Don’t delay it any further. Do not be afraid to start small. Remember that big ideas will push you forward but it’s the tiny steps that take you there. Starting small will allow you to build a solid foundation, test new ideas, manage your resources and learn from your failures. Do your research and listen to those who have been there. There are going to be challenges but do not let them discourage you. Be proud and celebrate your achievements no matter how small and learn from every bump in the road. Stay committed to your dreams.

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