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MUNAMER – The inclusive and sustainable Italian brand of modest swimwear

MUNAMER - The inclusive and sustainable Italian brand of modest swimwear

From Chiara Taffarello‘s journeys, inspiration and feminine power, was born MUNAMER: The inclusive and sustainable Italian brand of modest swimwear.

MUNAMER derives from MUNA, Arabic name which means “ Desire, Wish ” and MER derives from “Sea” in French, therefore the meaning is SEA DESIRE.

Inclusion and sustainability as New normality is the concept around which the entire brand and creative inspiration revolve.

A revolutionary and unique vision is the lifeblood of a brand designed for all women, without cultural limits, where the expression of themselves, their beauty and uniqueness are the leitmotif of the collections.

MUNAMER was born by Chiara Taffarello, an Italian fashion designer who loves travel and do research around the world. While she was in Pakistan, working for a denim company, she has the chance to learn about Muslim culture and Modest fashion.

Spending lot of time in hotels and observing the local women, she noticed that many women were not comfortable with going into the water, because they didn’t have a suitable swimwear. Someone was wearing basic and dark Burkinis which were really different from their daily clothes, so colorful and beautiful.

They just looked at their husbands with swimsuit playing with their children in the

water and they stayed with those uncomfortable heavy dresses, on the side… “This can’t be right” She thought, there are millions of choices for western womens in different prints, shapes, colours of bikini and nothing available for women who choose to cover their bodies ?

From that moment She decided to create something for them and become the FIRST 100% ITALIAN BRAND focusing on modestwear.

She started researching , for almost 2 years, cultures, habits, materials, fabrics, shapes.. And then

the first collection was launched in London in 2018 and it was a reinterpretation of the classic “burkinis”, new in fits, designs, colours and prints.

The collection was a welcome into the designer world, a journey into a colorful, exotic,mystical and radiant atmosphere, where all women can express their own taste and personality chosing the style they prefer.

The focus was to celebrate the more discrete women, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their time at the beach while feeling on trend, fashionable, elegant, feminine, comfortable and at the same time respecting their choices in modesty. 

With its first collection, MUNAMER has been recognized from the famous Arabic on line store as a luxurious brand, right next to other big made in Italy ones like Fendi, Gucci, Moschino etc…

The brand’s goal was to offer something special and unique, giving the customers something that they have not been able to find in the current market.

There is still a huge demand for modest cool clothes, and the market generally offers unsophisticated and uninteresting products, which are not to the same level as many more choosy and discerning women expect. 

Today Munamer is a global brand with the mission of promoting the “New normality”. The product mix is evolved and the collection is focusing on modularity and versatility: Starting from Bikini, One piece,  to Swim dresses, Leggins, and Head cover… This will allow women to choose how much to cover, creating the own look without ever feeling inadequate, uncomfortable or out of fashion.

 In the modern world, where cultures and new influences overlap as part of the daily life, Modest fashion is already a trend, evolved including non Muslims ladies. It is a way to dress, a new kind of femininity like many others styles.

MUNAMER appeals to women who want to take care of their body and mind, who are proud and want to expresses their desire of beauty, color and freedom. 

Each garment tells a story through refined fabrics and accessories and is made with passion and sartorial care in Italy. The manufacturing is done in a small specialist factory near Macerata where fitting and quality of craftsmanship are guaranteed to the highest level.

Materials selection is made on the basis of sustainability and versatility, and designs could be customized on sizes and prints. The Fabrics used are recycled and some of them come from used fishing nets.

Life for the designer and the brand was not easy at all, it was very challenging being Italian, living and working in a small town, without any roots or a direct connections with the Islamic world, and try to promote a brand which is focusing on modest market.

In 2019 it was developed the website with the e-shop, and the focus was on social networks to talk and sell directly to the consumers, the response was immediate and positive … but then with the arrival of Covid and economic uncertainties the business became very difficult and slow.

Even if the brand awareness actually was still growing, the real business opportunities business opportunities were few, risky and unreliable for an emerging brand. After several attempts and reflections, the founder realized that was necessary to find a partner or even better a structured company, to expand the brand as it deserves.

It is unfortunately a double-edged sword because including outside parties in the project also requires participation in the idea underlying it, which must be felt personally for obvious reasons. If not, the attempt will fail.

When she started introducing Munamer to possible entrepreneurs, they where exited and impressed, because is not a common project for an Italian fashion designer …all of them where asking: “why do you have a modest fashion brand if it is not your culture ?” but they didn’t understand that this is not just a brand for Chiara, who reply to them….

”I love so much live the life without religious or cultural prejudice, that this is part of me, it represents my soul and my vision of the world, a world where diversity is the most precious thing, and it represents the uniqueness of individuals.”

“It Is very difficult to be a business owner against the tide, especially when you  manage it alone with all your energies and invest on it all your time and effort. But I’m very proud of what I created, especially because I did it during 2 pregnancy and the Covid…. Even if right now the collection is limited and the business is slow, I will not give up!”

She think after this Covid global crisis and the current Ukraine situation, the world is changing in many aspect. From the daily life to the main system.

People had a lot of time to think about what is really important in the life and what is happening to the planet.

People now feel we all need to take care more about ourself, our health and about the natural enviroment around us. 

People have changed their way of life, starting with doing more sustainable choices.

People are getting a little bit tired about mass market, with low quality products and about waste or big consumption, especially in fashion where the that waste is huge! So both companies and clients need to consider to be more sustainable, buying less and better.

Consumers are getting experienced and informed ( especially in far and middle east) so they will pay more and more attention about it. So the sustainable modest market gives very big opportunities to creative designers and business people.

“The message and suggestion I can give to other designers is to follow their dreams, their passions and their believes….To think creative and have fun, because the life is one and short, and in the Global market there is still room for creativity, innovations and projects that are focused on make a better world!”


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