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Naturalrem is a wellness and cosmetic brand that prides itself in providing cutting-edge solutions in the wellness space. Although it infuses CBD in several products on its website, it does not come out clean about this fact. Rather, it states on its website that it specializes in more than 300 formulations that guarantee people various skincare solutions. It basically deals in pet and topical products, which can further be broken down to wellness, fitness, sports, nutrition, spa, etc. The website for this company is well-designed from an aesthetic perspective but is poor from a professional standpoint. This is because it does not mention who founded it or who is behind its team. Moreover, important information such as where the brand sources its hemp and the extraction method it uses to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces are lacking. However, it does mention that it has more than 180 sources of natural ingredients, including ginger, ginkgo biloba, jojoba oil, shea butter. It also states that its products lack paraben, synthetic products, low-quality inferior ingredients, and contaminants. Do Naturalrem products deserve your pence? Can you trust the brand? This is our full 2022 review for Naturalrem, and it discusses the pros and cons of the company and other factors that help determine its suitability in the CBD space.

About the Company

According to its website, Naturalrem is a brand that produces cutting-edge formulations, locking in everything from supplements, wellness, skincare, ad pet items. It claims to be producing more than 300 formulations using natural ingredients, and CBD products are among these mentioned formulations. Its CBD product lines comprise spa, skincare, wellness, and pet items. Some of the ingredients it uses to formulate its products include jojoba and MCT oils, shea and cocoa butter, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera & aloe vera oil, rosehip, avocado oil, sunflower oil, ylang-ylang, apricot extracts, and apple stem cells.

The website does not contain information about the brand’s creation and structure. As such, we cannot tell who is the founder of the team behind Naturalrem. However, it is mentioned that Naturalrem boasts more than a 4-decade-old experience since it was launched in 1971. The brand has remained dedicated to producing cutting-edge formulations using tones of natural ingredients throughout the years. ‘No problems, no synthetic ingredients, no animal products, no low-quality inferior products,’ reads a powerful line on Naturalrem’s website.

The brand boasts the production of many formulations, including vitamins, gastro-intestinal products, pain-relieving creams,


Many brands now deal in CBD products, and specifications are what separate one company from the other and make it stand out among the rest. The following specifications describe Naturalrem;

  • Extracts and products feature full-spectrum formulations
  • The average price point per product ranges from $0.24 to $1.5
  • Extracts available in vitamins, creams, suppositories, pet products, and skincare items
  • The cutting-edge formulations in the brand’s inventory are manufactured using natural ingredients
  • No military veteran discounts
  • Free shipping is offered for offers worth $100 and above
  • There is no money-back guarantee, meaning dissatisfied clients cannot return the bought items
  • The brand does not reveal the extraction method used to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • Hemp sources for the brand not revealed

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the CBD arena because the quality of the hemp and its growing conditions inform the quality of the CBD products a brand produces. Moreover, clients respond positively or negatively to products, further informing whether a brand stays in the CBD arena or loses its loyal customers and flops. As such, reputable brands that want to hold on to their success rely on farms that uphold high practices to produce hemp. Unfortunately, Naturalrem only lists its ingredients in its products but does not reveal its hemp source. Moreover, the brand does not specify the type of extraction it employs to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. As such, we cannot tell the quality of hemp featured in the CBD pet and topical items, or the extraction methods employed to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces.

Buying Experience

The buying experience on Naturalrem’s website is intuitive. The website is simple and well-designed, allowing easy navigation. The Final Products button offers a range of shopping options, including by spa, skincare, wellness, and pet. All one has to do is select the products of interest and add them to the cart. Once done, you can check out, fill in the billing and physical location details, after which shipping starts. All orders worth $100 and above are shipped for free.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is a critical aspect in the CBD arena; it is the stage that converts hemp and its extracts into CBD products. There are various extraction methods CBD brands apply, but the most popular ones are CO 2 and ethanol extraction methods, with the former being considered safer in the CBD arena. This is because it can strip off CBD oil from the hemp surfaces so easily but does not leave any solvent traces on the extract surfaces. Sadly, Naturalrem does not reveal the extraction method it employs to extract its CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. Moreover, the website does not reveal its hemp sources and whether the farms are organic. Nonetheless, it indicates that the CBD products are available in full-spectrum formulations and that they are manufactured in cGMP-compliant facilities.

Range of Products

The following products can be found on the Naturalrem CBD website;

i.                    Naturalrem Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The anti-wrinkle cream is packed in a 32 ml bottle. It is made up of full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD. It poses a potency of 6.25 mg/ml. According to the website, the cream is strictly for external applications.

ii.                  Naturalrem CBD Topicals

The topical line offers multiple products, including a face mask, moisturizing gel, hand and foot creams. Like the anti-wrinkle cream discussed above, it features multiple potencies. They cost $40- $100 and generally have higher price points than the market averages.

iii.               Naturalrem Pet Products

Apart from the topical products for human beings, Naturalrem offers CBD products for pets. There are shampoos, ear drops, and wellness drops for good breath. They cost $40 to $50, and the prices depend on the product one chooses and the total CBD.

What We Like About the Company

Our review for Naturalrem was not entirely bad, and we found a few things we appreciated, including;

  • Naturalrem focuses exclusively on skincare, wellness, and pet items, making it give the needed attention for the production of high-quality products
  • The brand offers free shipping for all orders worth $100 and above
  • Naturalrem meets and observes the highest cGMP practices while manufacturing and packaging its ingredients
  • Having been established in 1971, the brand boasts more than 40 years in the hemp space
  • The team working for Naturalrem conducts research to strike a balance between nature and science, using plants and applying science to them to produce cutting edge formulations
  • Naturalrem boasts using a profile of more than 300 natural ingredients for manufacturing its high-quality wellness products
  • At Naturalrem, there are no problems, low-quality inferior products, synthetic products, or animal product traces in the final CBD products
  • Joining the brand’s team by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter helps one get up to 10% discounts from total sales when purchasing items from the brand’s inventory

What We Do Not Like About the Company

There is a lot Naturalrem needs to do to make it in the CBD arena because we identified many kinks desiring straightening. For instance;

  • Naturalrem specializes in full-spectrum formulations, cutting out clients who may need CBD isolates and broad-spectrum CBD products
  • The average price point per mg CBD for Naturalrem’s products is high, and not within the market range
  • Naturalrem does not offer military veterans a discount when they buy products from them
  • The brand does not reveal the sources of its hemp or the extraction method for stripping CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • The $100 free shipping threshold is high, and not every client buying products from Naturalrem’s website will afford it
  • The brand only ships its products to Canada and the USA, locking clients from the rest of the world away
  • Naturalrem misses out on the mainstay CBD products, including edibles, tinctures, vapes, and capsules, while it focuses on topicals only
  • Naturalrem does not have a money-back guarantee, meaning dissatisfied clients cannot return products and get full refunds
  • Although the brand has many product lines, it does not offer varieties for a given product line
  • Naturalrem promises to conduct thorough tests for all its products, but there is no lab reports section on the website that details such reports
  • Clicking on a product takes you to a product page that does not offer enough information about a particular item
  • The brand takes pride in speaking in generality and does not go into details. For instance, it only mentions that many ingredients are featured in the goods but does not reveal which specific ingredient is featured in a particular item
  • The website is not arranged professionally, giving users a hard time accessing basic links like About Us
  • Naturalrem’s website lacks the main parts of professional sites, including a link to an FAQ section that discusses common questions people would have about CBD

Our Verdict

Naturalrem is one of the renowned CBD brands in the cannabis space. The brand boasts more than 40 years in the hemp space since it has a history that dates back to 1971, after which it has actively involved people constantly researching CBD to make it possible to produce high-quality CBD products. It is a wellness, fitness, and sports products company that offers pet items and topical products for human beings. According to the brand, it boasts multiple wellness, fitness, health, and sports products. It uses full-spectrum CBD in these products, but it does not come out clearly about this. Rather, it only mentions that it has more than 300 formulations prepared from more than 180 ingredients. It mentioned jojoba, essential, lavender, tea tree, and olive oils as some of its key ingredients. Ginkgo biloba, ginger, and shea butter are other ingredients in the brand’s inventory. Although Naturalrem offers free shipping for orders $100 and above, the minimum value is relatively high and may not be attained by all clients. Moreover, the site is a bit shady and does not include important details, calling forward for an improvement. What’s more, unlike most CBD brands, Naturalrem does not offer military veterans some discounts to appreciate their work.

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