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Need a New Signature Scent? Check Out St Johns Fragrance Company

Need a New Signature Scent Check Out St Johns Fragrance Company

How St Johns Fragrance Company Came to Be

Authentic, distinct, resilient, timeless; four words that encapsulate the essence of St Johns Fragrance Company. The history of this brand has its origins deep in the island culture of the Caribbean. St Johns Fragrance Company was founded 75 years ago by US Navy Officer Captain John Webb in the US Virgin Islands. Webb found himself stationed in St. Thomas during World War II, and developed a fascination for all things bay rum. By blending bay rum with spices native to the area, Webb began producing the unique signature fragrance that St Johns Fragrance Company still makes today. This scent is spicy, warm, and rich, and unlike many other fragrances on the market. Aside from their signature scent, Captain John Webb also came up with the idea of Fishpot Weave bottles due to inspiration he gained from local fishermen. Still to this day, each of their bottles are handwoven by island artisans with fronds from the Tyre Palm tree. 

Proud of the History, Prepared for the Future

Over the past 75 years, St Johns has stayed true to their rich history and authentic products. What started as just the original Bay Rum scent has now expanded to a catalog that includes soaps, aftershave, and candles. St Johns Fragrance Company now carries three additional fragrances in unique and captivating scents that are still true to their original formulations. These scents are West Indian Lime, Vetiver, and 77. In addition, St Johns also has a signature scent for women entitled Coral. I spoke to the CEO of the brand, Rhys Moore, and asked him about his role within the company, and his plans for the future. 

Rhys Moore, CEO of St Johns Fragrance Company, has spent the majority of his career working in the men’s apparel industry. When the opportunity to come work for St Johns presented itself, Rhys was ambitious and intrigued. “I loved the history behind the brand, and thought the products were great. I felt like the brand had lost its way a bit, and I saw tremendous potential.” 

Ready to Take on Challenges
When asked what challenges St Johns Fragrance Company is currently facing, Rhys immediately referenced supply chain issues that many other brands are also experiencing. “Every link in the chain is broken. From components, to logistics, to manufacturing. We’ve never seen anything quite like this before,” he says. Despite the many challenges and uncertainties, St Johns continues to keep their customers smelling great. Each of their signature scents are sold in 4 and 8oz bottles, as well as a travel size option. The brand continues to stay true to their historic roots while also maintaining a modern aesthetic. Recently, St Johns updated the packaging on all of their fragrances, giving each bottle a clean and sophisticated look. 

Scent Profiles:

Bay Rum: St Johns Bay Rum is a classic—but it’s anything but boring. Smooth, spicy, and irresistible, each Bay Rum product embodies 75 years of tradition, a unique blend of bay leaf oils, and exotic Caribbean spices. Bay Rum is a bold and bracing scent, it stands out from the crowd. Those who aren’t interested in turning heads are advised to look elsewhere.

Vetiver: Dignified and dashing, the Vetiver Collection combines grassy, wood, and citrus notes that create a fresh, clean, and masculine scent. Vetiver was derived from the sweet grasses of the Caribbean islands, producing a fragrance that’s effortlessly self-assured no matter where you take it. Vetiver is the ideal complement for a casual evening out or a strictly formal affair.

West Indian Lime: West Indian Lime is a crisp and sharp shot of the tropics. Sparkling citrus notes convey cool confidence, while a touch of bergamot sits just beneath the surface to pique curiosity. Light enough for the workday but playful enough to turn heads at happy hour, the West Indian Lime Collection is designed to be an all-around player in your grooming routine.

77: Appreciate the finer things in life with the 77 Collection. By marrying soft citrus with herbal and musk notes, we created this fragrance to be the epitome of sophistication and refinement. From lavish dinners out to intimate gatherings in, there’s no scenario where our 77 wouldn’t elevate the mood.

Ready to Delve into Opportunities
When it comes to future plans, Rhys is excited for what’s in store for the brand. “I see St Johns being sold in larger specialty stores and expanding our distribution,” he says. Currently, St Johns Fragrance Company products can be found in select specialty stores across the country, in addition to their direct to consumer online site. When asked about the possibility of new scents in the future, Rhys smiled and responded with,“Absolutely.” 

Advice for Other Businesses?
“My advice for other businesses is to be excited about what you’re working on. Always try to create a product that is interesting and exciting. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on cash flow.” 

To shop St Johns Fragrance Company, check out their website below:

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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