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Our Family Business Trunk Trapper™, a Trunk Storage Bag. The Best in Vehicle Protection

Our Family Business Trunk Trapper™ a Trunk Storage Bag. The Best in Vehicle Protection+1

It was a unique beginning. 

We are a family of 11. Adventurous, fun, and enterprising. While on a family vacation in Florida, the five grandkids wanted to throw their sandy beach towels, sandy beach toys and sandy chairs into their Pop Pop’s trunk. He wasn’t having it. After putting down a clean blanket, all those items were put in. But to his chagrin, when we arrived home, he found all those items moved around, and there was sand all over the trunk. He had to spend a couple hours vacuuming out the sand.

Several weeks later, the kids started soccer season, and we found ourselves in that similar situation. Dirty soccer cleats, dirty soccer balls. You get the picture. He set out to devise a method to keep his trunk clean while holding any dirty, sandy, messy item. 

And the Trunk Trapper™ came to be. 

Our product is the result of and designed by our dad Larry Jardine.

Our Product

The Trunk Trapper™ is a trunk storage bag, available in blue, gray, tan and red. 

Being 47”W x 27” L its large capacity and 5” deep pleat allows for plenty of storage. Water and tear resistant, it closes with secure hooks. The possibilities are endless regarding its uses.

Whether you are at the beach, camping, or a sports activity, just pack it and go. When you return home, just unpack, but the mess stays in the bag. Shake it out, fold it and store it for next time.Our trunk storage bag is manufactured with the strongest and most durable polyester fabric which can withstand the heavy use and pass the test of time. It is abrasion resistant. It features reinforced stitching on areas that receive the most wear. This particular material makes this bag not only durable, but easy to clean. Best for SUV, car, truck, mini van, vehicles. Whether you purchase this accessory as a gift or for yourself, our team is available 24/7 to answer questions.

Our patented invention is different from anything being sold today. We established a presence in retail through our own website,, as well as we are currently being sold on and on social media. Its versatility and quality are often spoken about in reviews from our customers. Additionally, the Trunk Trapper™ is eco-conscious because it is reusable. 

Our Challenges

The biggest struggle we had in the beginning was finding a manufacturer, never having done anything like this, or knowing anyone who did anything like this. We had to do more prototypes in order to send out to sewing companies in order to see if they would make our product and what the cost would be. In the end, we were able to find a great company Product QuickStart in Georgia who assisted us in finding a manufacturer that was cost effective.

Businesses always have challenges, every day from the beginning and while on the journey. Marketing, expanding avenues to sell on, etc. The biggest challenge is time. There is never enough time. We are a family business, and so we have lots of juggling of personal and business.

An additional challenge we face is marketing and the cost of it. We receive emails and calls everyday from companies looking for our business and our marketing dollars. Right now, we have a one product store. That allows us to concentrate on our customers, growing our base, build and manage our e-commerce store and inventory. We like that our customers don’t get too overwhelmed by too many choices. We have a particular product in particular colors. Our product stands on its quality and price. We pay particular attention to what we have in our budget for advertising. We could easily get caught up and convinced by sales people to spend and spend. We stick to the plan. We meet once a week to discuss our marketing, review our analytics, where our customers are finding us, and if we need to look at adjusting. 

Who We Are

We are Priscilla and Stephanie, sisters, entrepreneurs. We run the business now. In September 2021, our father passed away at the age of 63. It was a shock to our family. At the time, our

parents were married 39 years. Our entire family was devastated and we put the product and its journey on hold for almost 9 months to allow us to be with each other solely as a family. 

Originally from New Jersey, we are now located in Florida, the Sunshine State.

We picked up the responsibility of the business again in 2022 because that is what he would have wanted for us. We work very hard each and every day as a family to honor him. Even our kids enjoy the journey. They just recently received new tank tops with our logo on them, new color changing cups and we are always photographing them.

The next generation

What’s ahead for us

After the launching of the Truck Trapper Storage Bag, we have been working diligently on expanding our product line. A Vehicle Trash Can and other items are in the works.

Our products are often found in the car accessory category. Moreover, the Trunk Trapper™ can be found in both the travel and sports group as well. We are developing a strategy to work with fundraising organizations to advance our reach to schools and sports teams, as well as the travel industry as people often rent cars that they need to keep clean while using. There’s no better product line than ours, the Trunk Trapper™.

For family businesses, the biggest piece of advice we could give anyone who has a business with family would be to always try to keep it business oriented. Set up a business model that all agree on from the beginning, and refer back to it at times of disagreements, strategizing and planning. We always remember to keep our eye on the prize. The prize being a well made, well marketed product our customers are happy to purchase and a well run business our dad would be proud of. His family is his legacy.

  Our family – Dedicated to our Dad

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