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Passions for spirituality, energy healing, mindset and soul connection – Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium of

Passions for spirituality energy healing mindset and soul connection - Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium of

Spotlight submission for Giejo magazine Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium of 

I started my healing business in 2003 with very little support and less than $150 to my name. 

There were two strong motivations to start my business back then; one was to be financially independent doing meaningful, fulfilling work that helps people.

I was in a really tough situation that left me financially dependent on a partner while I waited for my residency application. For the first time in my life I had no access to my own money and I had to ask for everything I needed from my partner at the time.  It was totally disheartening and it drained my confidence and self worth. 

The second motivation was to find and fulfill my purpose.

A few months before, I’d had a powerful spiritual experience where a spiritual voice told me to stop my car, moments before I managed to avoid a potentially tragic accident.   This life saving moment set me on a journey to find out more about the owner of the voice  and why it happened to me. This eventually led me to develop my own intuitive and healing gifts.

That near miss incident shook me up and made me determined to build a life that felt meaningful and matched my passions for spirituality, energy healing, mindset and soul connection.

I studied formally as a healer, angel medium and psychic. I spent time with some amazing teachers including an Indigenous shaman and medicine woman. 

I discovered I had a natural gift and I felt completely at home in the world of healing and spirituality. 

Then one day when traveling back from a psychic development course in Sydney, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.

Soon after I started a clinic from my home offering- energy healing, reiki, angel readings and body work.I taught workshops on reiki, intuition and connecting with angels.

Everything fell into place. 

My business was slow to start but then grew rapidly, soon people were coming to see me for healing from all over Australia.

At the time I was already offering distance healing and sending readings to clients around the world via cassettes and CD’s.  I created a website in 2008 and began to offer online readings. That was around the time my first book, Loving Your Sensitive Self was published.

This move increased my audience and business continued to grow. My business is now almost entirely online. has evolved a lot since its humble beginnings. I transitioned from seeing mainly face to face clients for healing, readings and private mentoring to online client sessions and programs in  psychic development training. 

I’ve maintained a private client portfolio for 1-1 mentoring helping people to develop their gifts, build their spiritual businesses and make their transition from corporate careers into opening their spiritual gifts and building a career as a healer. 

My challenges are as they’ve always been, finding the time to balance the marketing and administration with my group training and client work. I have an assistant and contractors who help me.

I love everything about my work. I’ve been fully financially independent and supported by my business since I began and I’ve worked with so many brilliant, gifted and lovely people from all around the world. 

There certainly are more spiritual businesses in the market now which is a great thing. I do not believe that competition is a negative as long as they are positive, high integrity healers and teachers. There is enough for everyone. 

There are more and more people looking for meaningful ways to earn money in a way that feels purposeful. I think that is wonderful!

The spiritual industry has a huge opportunity for growth at this time. It is possible now for spiritual business owners to reach more people with their work, they aren’t limited to their local market and this is a very positive thing.

There are many opportunities and ways to share their healing and wisdom with people who so badly need genuine help with anxiety, depression and the stresses of modern life. 

After so long in business I love to help other healers, psychics and therapists to overcome their blocks and fears around creating a prosperous and healthy business for themselves and their clients.

Healers and alternative therapists have a long history of being underpaid for their work or giving away their services for very little which leads to burnout and sometimes giving up because they can’t support themselves.

There’s a lot of guilt in the spiritual industry borne from old fashioned beliefs about whether spiritual and creative work should be priced low  because it is a “Gift”.

This is simply not true. I always help my clients to let go of that guilt and charge appropriately for their time & services.  When you charge appropriately and value your services, you are able to serve your customers at a deeper level. You can be more present and work with clients who are right for you, rather than exhausting yourself trying to appeal to and please everyone. 

Because of these fears around pricing many genuinely gifted spiritual and alternative business owners hold themselves back financially and lack confidence around what they have to offer. They can feel shame about marketing their services and often give too much. This means they often go out of business or they burn out trying to eke out a living.

The opportunity now is that authentic, talented and genuine healers, therapists, intuitives, mediums and psychics can build financially viable businesses that genuinely serve their customers while supporting themselves as a business. 

This means that they can have balanced lives, and feel supported and personally fulfilled while contributing to the world

If you would like to work with Rachel and find out more about her intuitive development programs go to

You can follow her on Instagram @rachelscoltockangelmedium 

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 Contact if you have any questions or comments. 


Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual teacher and Author of 2 books.

She helps spiritual seekers, healers and lightworkers to awaken their gifts, discover their power and find certainty about their purpose.

She teaches intuitive development and  angel communication programs, guided meditation and spiritual development classes. 

With over 20 years professional experience as a psychic, energetic healer and business owner she also offers private mentoring for spiritual business owners and those who wish to shift their lives to a spiritually based career.

Originally from the UK, Rachel loves to travel to sacred sites, hike in wild places and spend time with dogs, family and friends. She lives and works from her cute little beach house in a beautiful, coastal town in Australia. 

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