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Paulette Kaplan, founder of Trupure Organics- clean, natural, anti-aging line,   that provides visible results  the Skin Care

Paulette Kaplan founder of Trupure Organics- clean natural anti-aging line, that provides visible results the Skin Care

Paulette has worked in and around the beauty industry for over 40 years.  In creating Trupure she is consolidating the lessons of a career spent working with the world’s greatest beautiful icons.  It took four years for Paulette to perfect Trupure Organics products, passionately working alongside doctors and scientists. The result? A best-in-class, clean, natural, anti-aging line that provides visible results.  

Discovering The Skin Care Gap

It was in the intense environment of publishing women’s fashion magazines, amongst the world’s most elite models, actors, photographers and beauty professionals that Paulette had her first masterclass in skin care.  She observed their routines, and noted, over the decades, how they aged.  She later supplemented this experience with decades of reading and research into her own passions for health, fitness, and longevity.  

Even in the 80’s and 90’s, Paulette observed vast differences between what these beauty icons did, and what her friends and family did back in Ohio, even while adhering to what most women consider ‘best practices’ for skin care.  Poor skin care habits limited the impact of even the best products.  Over the following decades, she observed this gap widen as science and technology improved, but marketing obscured what was really important.  As time passed, she witnessed the cumulative impact of these differences in skin care – the celebrities who seem to age so much more slowly than the rest of us.   

Paulette sees this as unfair and unnecessary.  Women who commit a lifetime of discipline to their skin care, their health and beauty, deserve to see the rewards of all that work.  She has devoted herself to bringing the results of her research, and the secrets of a lifetime of experience in the beauty industry, to as many people as possible.  Paulette’s focus now is on sharing the best skin care practices, and developing products that are natural, sustainable and supported by hard science. 

The Strange and Wonderful life of Paulette KaplanPaulette began life with ambitions in the fine arts, and like many young artists, was intrigued by graphic design.  An original “Mad Woman”, she founded her own small advertising agency in Ohio, Paulette Kaplan Advertising, while still in her 30’s.  Within a few years, she had grown her team to over a dozen, but was soon hungry for more meaningful projects.

The young designer realized that the more interesting, more substantial creative work was not in designing the ads, but in creating the media itself:  Paulette envisioned the creation of national magazines, sexy and sophisticated, with a focus on beauty, fashion, and all topics related to women.  

But she now faced the problem of how to enter an industry with such entrenched competition.  She strategized with her husband William, a lawyer with a background in commercial real estate, to innovate a radically new business model:  Build a national publication that relies on local advertising.  This was decades before the days of the internet, before highly targeted facebook and google ads.  National magazines catered exclusively to national or international brands.  But with this new business model, she could leverage the resources of a major national publication to give advertising opportunities to small local businesses all over the country.  She built National Magazine Publishing Company and created magazines like NOW, R, and CHIQ which reached millions of readers through distribution across the US.  

These humble publications started in Ohio reached a national circulation to rival the likes of Vogue and Good Housekeeping (the latter eventually partnered with one).  Working with world-class fashion photographers like Francesca Scavullo, she photographed and interviewed the icons of the era – Isabella Rosselini, Sharon Stone, Virginia Madeson, Cher, Liza Minelli and many more.  She was able to attract the best editors working in New York in the 80s and 90s, and covered everything from the burgeoning career of Marrianne Williamson to the ongoing AIDS crisis and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  

  1. As the age of the internet began to dawn, local retailers and shopping malls began to struggle.  This scenario, along with a generally precarious economy, put pressures on National Magazine Publishing Company.  And then, personal tragedy struck.  In the midst of a critical meeting, Paulette’s husband and life-long business partner, William, collapsed to the ground in agony.  He couldn’t breathe.  His lung had collapsed.  He was rushed to the hospital and everyone expected the worst.

Miraculously, William survived. As William’s health continued to decline, Paulette was more committed than ever to learning about the latest research on health, fitness and longevity.  She poured over volumes of popular nutrition books and consulted with doctors and scientists to understand every new discovery.  She had taken upon herself the enormous responsibility of managing her husband’s health.  

For 20 years Paulette and William managed to defy every medical expert’s assessment.  A careful plan of supplementation, nutrition, some good habits, and lots of love gave them an extra 20 years together that most doctors didn’t believe was possible.  In 2015, after a wild and beautiful life together, she finally had to say goodbye to her husband.  

Over the last seven years Paulette has focused a lifetime of experience and research into a single purpose: To share what she knows with as many people as possible, so that they can live long, healthy lives, full of beauty. 

What Paulette found: Healthy skin comes from the inside

Your overall health is reflected on your skin. It is often via changes in the skin that we are alerted to nutrient imbalances, dehydration, and a wide range of diseases.  In the long run, our skin can only be as healthy as our diet and lifestyle.  

You might be surprised by how meticulous most models and celebrities are about their nutrition and lifestyle choices.  It’s not just about following a trendy diet or getting thin.  Professionals understand that their diet and lifestyle choices will be reflected on their skin, both immediately and as they age.  Usually, the discipline is far greater than the public realizes:  You might see a certain actress at a party, drink in hand all night, but notice how rarely she takes a sip:  Or a gorgeous photo of a model about to indulge in something sugary, without ever actually taking that bite.    It requires a strict discipline, but eating healthy can be Delicious!  For those who can afford it, full time nutritionists and chefs are de rigueur, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

You’ve probably heard these words, “antioxidants” and “free radicals”.  Let’s quickly review what these words actually mean.  

Chemicals called “free radicals” are formed naturally when your body generates energy from food, but can also arise from a number of other factors, like exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution, or even sunlight.  According to the Harvard School of Public Health “An excessive chronic amount of free radicals in the body causes a condition called oxidative stress, which may damage cells and lead to chronic diseases.”   Our body defends against free radicals using molecules called “antioxidants”, which our body can extract from the food we eat.  

There are TONS of different antioxidants, and they all do different things:  According to the same Harvard source, common examples of antioxidants include “vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other related carotenoids, along with the minerals selenium and manganese… and many more.  Most are naturally occurring, and their presence in food is likely to prevent oxidation or to serve as a natural defense against the local environment.”

 Accept the fact that Your Skin changes through time

Paulette learned that it’s important to realize that even as we might continue to look young and healthy, we all become more sensitive as we get older and our needs change.  However good the science, however large the sample size in the study, a human organism is infinitely complex.  The ages given are merely approximate, and individuals experience different changes at different times as they age.  As you change over time, be aware of how you are responding to your routine.  The more consistent you are with your skin care, and the more vigilant you are to how your skin responds, the more success you will have maintaining a young and healthy appearance.  

Grant each stage the extra bit of love it needs. 

Starting in your 40s. Every product that stays on your skin (i.e. serum, moisturizer, and eye cream) should have ingredients that boost collagen and elastin. Why? Over time, depleted collagen and elastin can not only lead to fine lines and wrinkles, but can also cause the skin to sag.  Sagging skin can signal old age even more quickly than wrinkles (and it’s a lot trickier to conceal with makeup!).  Supplementing with topical collagen and elastin counteracts this effect.  

You may need more moisturizing products. Why? Hormonal changes can lower the skin’s ability to retain water creating less natural hydration, especially as you edge closer to your 50’s. A different type of cleanser (like switching from a soap to a balm), a less astringent toner, or a moisturizer with more hydrating power may be needed. Rich or thick products aren’t always better. Choose products that go beyond the surface level, seal in moisture and provide hours of hydration.

When your skin is Over 50

NEVER SKIP YOUR ROUTINE!  Twice a day. Every Day. Of course, you should strive for consistency at any age, but after 50 it’s an absolute MUST.  Why? We become more sensitive as we age.  A less than perfect skin care routine, hurried sessions, and skipped steps may not have impacted your skin greatly before. But now, any lack of a consistency can reflect on your skin dramatically going forward. Make sure to carve out time both morning and evening to give your skin what it needs to stay clean, hydrated, exfoliated, firm, and plump. 

Don’t forget about your neck and décolletage. Why? Your facial moisturizer may not be hydrating enough for these areas, and you may need a targeted product.  This may be due to simple differences in skin type over different regions of your body, or it may be a result of different levels of exposure to sunlight or skin care products over the years.  In any case, we’ve all seen examples of an older woman whose face looks about 20 years younger than her neck.  If you’re putting in all those decades of self care, don’t sabotage yourself by cutting corners.  

Why Paulette’s Trupure Organics for Anti-Aging? Our ingredients.

Trupure Organics is natural, clean, non-toxic and vegan. Our plant based formulas are born out of decades of research and testing, in collaboration with our team of chemists and science advisors.  It’s free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, and cruelty. 

We employ a dual mandate in composing our products:

First, each ingredient is supported by research – and as the research evolves, so do we.  Furthermore, we work closely with researchers to determine not only the optimal ingredients, but the optimal combinations.  For example, research has demonstrated that Bioretinol provides the same powerful results as traditional Retinol but without the harmful side-effects:  Moreover, when formulated in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid, Acai Sterols, and a selection of other well-researched plant-based ingredients, the resulting compound is more potent than the sum of its parts.  

We don’t use anything that irritates the skin or encourages premature signs of aging. Most people are horrified to learn how often common skin-care products may provide a temporary cosmetic ‘fix’, without truly healing underlying damage or preventing further aging.  Worse still, many companies will try to lower their costs by using inferior products that, in the long run, can actually age your skin.  At best, you look better for a few weeks, perhaps a few months, but you are not preserving the health of your skin in the long term.  As time passes, the difference between some cheap cosmetic fix and a true anti-aging routine can make the difference of looking years or decades younger.

We offer a true anti-aging regime with only pure, clean and natural ingredients, supported by research.  And we back up our products with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Please take a look at Trupure Organics, our pure and natural anti-aging skin care line here. 

Paulette’s advice for starting a specialty skincare product? Do your homework.

The road to creating your own products is filled with a lot of mistakes and misconceptions. 

Paulette has found that formula failures led her to better and new products. Development takes time, care, and a love of discovery.

Her journey into skincare products continues daily. She believes that success is in the products 

she develops for the market she serves; Trupure Organics made by and for women 40-50+. (Men too)

If you are just starting out, take your time to make a truly great product or service.

Paulette recommends finding a market niche if you can because most product categories are overly saturated, and today’s customers are educated about what they want.  Buyers do their own research on products, ingredients, and reviews. 

Thus it is to your advantage to learn your category’s selling and buying market well to keep up with the constant changes.  Join an association associated with your brand’s category, do social media posts, TicTok ads, and testing. 

Building your brand takes time and work but it is important to have some fun along the way. 

So take the needed breaks to keep you healthy and sharp. 

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