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Pearl Lemon’s Story

Pearl Lemon’s Story

Pearl Lemon was founded in October 2016 by Deepak Shukla. It started as an SEO agency but has expanded to cover many different industries.

The Pearl Lemon vision started as a London based SEO agency. Many people may be unsure what SEO is, but it is pretty vital to any business nowadays. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’.

Search engine optimisation attempts to increase both the quantity and quality of web traffic businesses receive. This increases the visibility of a company’s website and helps maximise the number of visitors to a website.

This has many benefits, including building a recognisable brand and boosting revenues. 

Aside from the SEO aspect of Pearl Lemon, there are many different industries that we have entered, including accountancy, property investment management and even a Café!

The whole story of Pearl Lemon’s beginning and development is not traditional, and it’s full of exciting twists.

Pearl Lemon’s Backstory

Pearl Lemon’s backstory starts back in London in the early 2000s with Deepak Shukla. Unexpectedly, the origins of Pearl Lemon start from a 14-year-old with a hunger to become London’s next JME.

Deepak had a passion for music, and although he wasn’t the conventional West London MC, he used this underdog element to try and stand out in a competitive UK grime scene.

Although his MC career didn’t result in him becoming a UK household name, it did lead to him creating his first brand- Deep Impakt. Deep Impakt was a recording studio focused on allowing artists worldwide to record their songs and make a breakthrough in the music scene.

Deep Impakt began to grow pretty quickly, building a reputation due to successful songs produced by the studio. Soon, Deepak was pulling in clients from all over the UK and even Germany!

This may seem a little distant from a more corporate SEO agency, but it gave Deepak his first taste of marketing. Marketing is a crucial skill for anyone who wants to get involved in the business. Growing his recording studio business allowed him to use his skills to move into a different industry- the SEO industry.

The SEO industry is still pretty young and not as popular as other forms of marketing. Nowadays, even if your business does not operate directly online, it’s likely to have a website. Furthermore, in-store purchases are beginning to fall in most industries while online purchases are on the rise. 

Therefore, google searches will significantly impact company sales as online purchases continue to rise. This means the SEO industry is only going to rise in the future.

Deepak spotted this trend early on and decided to test and develop his marketing skills by diving into a new industry. Although music production is very different from SEO services, some of the base skills still apply. Make sure your product stands out and works well with clients.

This has led him to grow a pretty successful SEO agency that has also diversified into a range of different industries.

Pearl Lemon’s Core Values

Each business is unique in its own way, so every different business will have distinct values that it attempts to uphold in production.

Pearl Lemon focuses on six core values:

  • Transparency
  • Valuable contributions
  • Best Talent
  • Results-driven
  • Tech Savvy
  • Nurturing Relationships

Transparency helps us focus on healthy communication. This means clients are always kept up-to-date with our methods and whether we can continue to improve their situation effectively.

We also wish to benefit the larger community of the digital marketing community as we aim to provide information in the form of webinars, blog posts etc. This will help empower others and allow them to reach their goals in the industry.

By working remotely, we can employ members from all over the planet and ensure we are recruiting the most talented individuals. This also allows us to be Tech Savvy as we utilise different techniques to work seamlessly and deliver results.

Digital marketing is going to be pretty pointless if you do not see results, so we aim to be a results-driven firm that makes sure our services are tailored to your business model to ensure results.

Having a good relationship with your client is essential to delivering excellent results. Although we don’t meet directly with most clients, we aim to ensure long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Pearl Lemon’s Expansion

Pearl lemon’s expansion has been pretty incredible; now, the Pearl Lemon group consists of around seven different divisions. Deepak has spearheaded this growth and has always loved the challenge and risk of delving into a new industry.

This expansion has seen a large variety of industries under the pearl lemon group. Every division itself is different but still stays true to Pearl Lemon’s ethos and ideas stemming from Deepak.

Some of these divisions stray from SEO a lot further than others. Pearl Lemon Leads is quite similar to the SEO agency model and works directly with firms to optimise their processes and boost revenue.

Some, such as Plant Sumo, are very different to the SEO model. Plant Sumo started in Mcdonalds, which is quite surprising considering it’s based on delivering vegan based food to houses in London.

Deepak and his Plant Sumo partner ‘sprouts’ spotted a gap in the food market for accessible vegan food. A casual conversation about food resulted in the birth of a new business and an addition to the pearl lemon group.

Another exciting expansion is the addition of the Pearl Lemon Café in 2022. This is probably the most obscure addition to the Pearl Lemon and possibly one of the biggest diversions from the initial origins of Pearl Lemon SEO. The Café is very early in its life but is improving by the day and will hopefully soon become a staple of London.

Challenges Facing Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is a very ambitious company that loves to join new industries. This does allow for some pretty optimistic growth levels but doesn’t come without challenges.

Entering a new industry like the coffee industry is both exciting and challenging. Since Pearl Lemon comprises of fully remote businesses, Pearl Lemon Café presents new opportunities to learn how to manage a customer-facing business. Though the marketing expertise that the company has is a great advantage in promoting and getting new people interested in the café, there’s a bit of a learning curve for running a coffee shop.

To make this work, we make sure that we’re working with a cohesive team that can delegate responsibilities to each other. Our employees are equipped with skills that allow them to successfully run the operations of each respective division without leaving any behind.

Opportunities Facing Pearl Lemon in 2022

Because of the increasing integration of firms online, SEO will always present an opportunity for hefty growth. As Pearl Lemon SEO is based online, expansion is not synonymous with a significant cost increase. If you’re prepared to work harder, it’s always possible to grow!

This is the same for most of the Pearl Lemon divisions based online. Since there’s no need to worry about things such as factories or physical production constraints, online agencies can experience significant levels of growth without the need for extensive finance or borrowing.

Furthermore, the online presence of most businesses is only going to rise in the future. Therefore, demand for Pearl Lemon services is likely to rise as well! So you can expect an even larger Pearl Lemon group in the next few years.

However, it’s clear that Pearl Lemon is not just a traditional company. So we don’t always use traditional methods to grow! For example, jumping into an industry where you don’t have much experience as a company probably isn’t very common in business.

Pearl Lemon Café is the most recent of these ventures and is a pretty ambitious project. Entering a very competitive market without a lot of experience will prove to be a learning curve for the team.

Although risky, it is proving to be a success receiving many great reviews. In 2022, Pearl Lemon Café will likely be fully up and running and bringing in decent profits!

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