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Peru Shamans is a group of Masters, men and women of medicine as well as

Peru Shamans is a group of Masters, men and women of medicine as well as

Peru Shamans is a group of Masters, men and women of medicine as well as spiritual guides who come from the deepest of the Andes, We make known about our Culture, worldview and wisdom in the shamanic arts and work with healing medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, we come from ancestral lineages as our grandparents would say that we come from the stars, light that illuminates the spirit that nourishes us and connects us with the Cosmos to become one. Our mission is to share the authentic healing techniques, maintain the origin way of the Healing and Energy working as our ancestors did, teach to the new generations locals and foreigns the respect of the nature, look for a relation, a contact with Pachamama (Mother earth) and how She can help us in our daily day of living, push and help for the TARIPAY PACHA come true and finally become beings of pure light and with practice become as CHAKARUNAS ( connectors of light energy) putting in practice the AYNI the reciprocity between each other reminding of what we give, what we have to offer, the MINKA the community labor for just one purpose remembering always that we need to think in collective and not just oneself and finally the MUNAY the love we have for ourselves and everything that surround us.

We offer holistic therapies based on ancestral Inca knowledge, knowledge that was inherited by the Qero communities in the high mountains of the Andes and the Shipibo Konibo community in the jungle, we have integrated our knowledge into healing energy ceremonies using the energy of the earth , the water, the spirit of the mountains, the stars, etc. We also have spiritual retreats where we combine ancestral journeys for self-knowledge, spiritual growth, self-healing, we give a holistic alternative to problems such as depression, anxiety, sadness, problems with addictions, thoughts of suicide, etc. Concentrating on our self love and our connection with our spiritual side.

We have divided our services into 3 the first we call energy ceremonies which are energetic ceremonies where you work with pure energy, the second are retreats with medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca the master medicine or San Pedro our retreats range from 1, 3 and 4 days, complete retreats in our spiritual retreat center located 40 minutes from the city of Cusco next to the Huaypo lagoon close to nature, and finally we have the 5-day ancestral trips, a program that combines visits to places most representative of Cusco as well as Machupicchu together with the Andean Qeros shamans where we will learn about the energetic ceremonies, healing techniques and the knowdlege that has past orally through generation and generations, by Parents to Children where the  Shamans are inicitated by the Karpays (Initiations) in a specific sacred mountain, their power is attached to the nature of a each being of light like the Sun, the Moon, the stars, etc. and we invited you to walk in the Qapac Ñan (the Royal road) the spiritual path, toward consiouness of a living world and respect and protection of nature and being guided by the spiritual guides like the Condor, the Puma, the great Serpent and the Humminbird.

The main motivation was to follow the prophecy of our grandparents of the great TaripayPacha that tells us about a new era of changes in the world and in the human being, where we will have to return to find our own essence and live in harmony, the Andean Shamans They have been hidden for a long time and since the year 2000 we have decided to go out into the world to share our history, ancestral knowledge and bring the message of love to ourselves and to Mother Earth Pachamama, to make a spiritual and frequency change. It also motivated us to make our own and authentic culture known, since at this time there is a lot of confusion and many people take advantage of making this just a business for the benefit of just a few and not of an entire community, we also wanted to create an environment where we are all equal without degrees or titles as in other companies, a place where we can be self-sustaining and free to express our knowledge without following a standard, we also lead and support our social project dedicated to all the families of the Andean Teachers who work with us. We are more than 20 families who benefit from the programs that we offer every day on our website.

Our main challenges were to agree on organizing our services so that the public can easily understand what we wanted to convey, since ancestral knowledge is very broad and that is why we categorized it into 3, the Language for the translation of all the information that we wanted to put in our main window that would be our website, our main language is Quechua and translating everything into Spanish or English was also a challenge but we are grateful that along this path we have found people with good hearts who are committed to our dream , being up to date on social networks and technology was also a main challenge that opened many doors for learning and growth.

This dream has given us many opportunities not only as a business but beyond, that of having met many people from all over the world who have placed their trust in us and have taken a little piece of our hearts, we have been related to other spiritual centers of other countries that have gladly invited us to forums, talks, spiritual retreats where we have made known about our ancient culture and our spiritual healing techniques. We want to have the opportunity to be a leading company in our field where our clients leave satisfied and return when they have the opportunity, as well as to become the first Shamanic school guided by the authentic local Shamans of the Andes.

What we can advise to all those who want to follow their dreams, is first to know and be clear about what they want, second to put it online so that in this way you interact with everyone thanks to the internet this may be possible, third put a lot of win and don’t give up keep going, sometimes it won’t work the first second or third month but little by little with perseverance you will see that all the effort you put in has a reward and then keep going, try to see how the trends move from day to day and don’t be left behind, it may be that your competition is always nipping at your heels but you keep innovating and making what you do unique.

Our ancestors the Incas taught us to live in Ayni what was the Ayni?, it was to live in relationship and reciprocity with everything that surrounds us, with the nature that surrounds us, with the air that gives us breath, with the water that it gives life and with the light that shelters us, otherwise we do not live in balance with ourselves or the world that surrounds us then we will live in chaos, and if chaos begins it destroys everything around us, so continuing with this teaching of our ancestors Peru Shamans works in community, collectively, with all beings that are part of our community, we will love to have you or be part of one of our spiritual retreats or programs, we will be more than happy to have you here.

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