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Plain Jane was established in 2018 as an FDA-certified CBD brand. It manufactures hemp-based products along with other organic elements such as MCT oil. The company manufactures its products in isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum from organic hemp plant extracts. Its products include gummies, topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges, capsules, and e-liquid. The company has an extensive line of products that will help its customers shop all in one. It also offers a wide potency range from 20 mg to 71 680, not offered by other CBD brands. Plain Jane CBD uses ethanol extraction, the second-best extraction method after CO2. The company offers high-quality products at considerable prices, slightly lower than the average in the CBD market. Its website has current features such as a FAQ and contact page, making it helpful to consumers seeking clarification or reporting any claims. In addition, Plain jane offers a 30-day satisfactory money-back guarantee. However, they don’t have regular discounts on support programs.

About the Company

The brand was established in 2018 in Medford, Oregon, to offer quality CBD products from hemp flowers at considerable rates. Plain Jane is licensed as an organic hemp plant grower by the Oregon Department. Currently, the company is using a small family farm in Southern Oregon. The company has more than 20 greenhouse, outdoor, and indoor quality flower strains. Plain Jane is certified with BBB and FDA. Since the company’s reputation is part of our key concerns, we checked for any FDA warnings or BBB complaints. The company has maintained a good reputation since we couldn’t get any. The company has been given an A score by BBB without any comment. The company also has a 4.5 rating from TrustPilot. They have numerous positive customer reviews, indicating that they offer quality products and customer service.

Plain Jane has a wide range of unique products, reaching the widest market possible. Its website is well-articulated with information regarding its origin and its manufacturing practices. The information supplied on its website indicates that they are committed to transparency. They have discussed their manufacturing practices and ensured their products are safe for consumption by scanning them using an independent lab. Ordering products from their website is fast and straightforward. We could easily add and omit products from our shopping cart. Also, the company allows payment from the bank and credit card. Upon payment approval, you will receive an email confirming your order. The email specifies the expected delivery date, a list of the ordered products, and a tracking number to help you follow up on your products.

We received our products on the third day of order confirmation. The products we received had QR codes, which helped us analyze their lab results. We used the potency levels stated on the labels to compare each batch with the QR codes. The capsules had a potency variance of 36.3% per bottle since each contained a variance of 1mg in a pack of 30 capsules. Unlike capsules whose potency variance exceeds the limit, gummies were within the 10%. We noted a difference of 24.7mg in every 30 gummies, unlike the stated 500 mg. Each gummy had a potency variance of 4.9%. 

According to its policies, they offer a full refund to customers who find its products ineffective within 30 days. Customers are advised to confirm the product’s condition upon arrival since they might have been damaged during shipping. If they are damaged, forward your complaint to the support team within 48 hours for a replacement. According to the company, the products should be addressed to where they come from and not the physical address offered by the company. Notably, the company only accepts unopened products in the original packaging for a full refund. After confirming their condition, a full refund to your bank or credit card will be approved within five days.

The company offers various contact details for reaching its support team. They have an active email, phone number, chatbox, message box, and physical address. Its support team is also readily available. We emailed the team to clarify the COA results and farming practices. The response was within 24 hours. In addition, the company offers a review page for customers to rate and leave feedback depending on their interaction with the products or systems. The company has collected over 2,000 positive reviews and over 4.5 positive ratings. What’s more, it has social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to allow consumer interaction. It also uses them to keep its customers informed on new products and post educational blogs on the importance of CBD.

Manufacturing Process

Plain Jane has been certified by the FDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture as a hemp grower. Their manufacturing facility and protocols also adhere to FDA regulations. According to the company, they use a family farm in Oregon to grow organic hemp. Although the company relies on hemp, they also blend other organic elements such as MCT oil in their products to yield effectiveness and for rapid absorption of the products in the body.

The company only harvests mature hemp to obtain terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp flower. Since it is only interested in the useful cannabinoids and terpenes, they use the ethanol extraction method to obtain them from the hemp flowers. Although ethanol is not popular, it’s the second-best after CO2. After extraction, the crude oil of hemp extracts is further blended with other useful organic elements such as MCT oil.

The products are then crafted in different formulations and taken to a third-party laboratory for purity and potency testing. The company prefers using an independent lab to public labs since they offer accurate tests. The lab affirms that the potency variance in the products matches the posted one. In addition, since the maximum THC limit is 0.3%, they test each batch and ensure it is within this limit. Lastly, they assess each batch to ensure they are void of harmful substances such as heavy metals and traces of chemicals.

Range of products

Plain Jane’s products are formulated in a wide potency range of 20 mg to 71,680 mg in either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate form. Its products catalog consists of capsules, tinctures, tropical, gummies, mints, pre-rolls, cigarettes, and vape cartridges.

Plain Jane CBD Tinctures

The company offers various tinctures. Currently, they have delta-8 and CBD tincture in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. MCT oil is used in each serving to enhance easy absorption in the bloodstream. According to its website, its tinctures can be administered orally or sublingually. Also, to avoid the natural taste, a few drops can be added to beverages or foods. Despite being offered in 30 ml per serving, they come in different potency levels from 333 mg to 5000 mg, with the price ranging from $35.99 to $166.67. Each serving is accompanied by accurately marked droppers to help consumers administer the correct dosage.

Plain Jane CBD Topicals

These topicals are formulated in full-spectrum using ethanol hemp plant extracts alongside other ingredients listed on the labels. The company recommends them for topical use. Unlike tinctures, they are currently offering two topical products; Body Butter in 400 mg at $14.99 and CBD Salve in 300 mg at $14.99.

Plain Jane CBD Gummies

Gummies have gained popularity within the CBD market due to their convenience. They are easy to administer and carry. The company formulates its gummies in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate form. They are formulated using ethanol extracts in various flavors. According to its website, they are formulated to enhance sleep. The company recommends two gummies a day and are for oral use only.

Plain Jane CBD and Delta-8 Capsules

Capsules are also effective since they can be taken at one go, with water or other beverages. They are formulated using ethanol extracts and are for oral use only. The company recommends a dosage of one capsule per day. Each capsule contains 25 mg of organic hemp plant extracts and is offered in a bottle of 30 capsules.

What We Like About the Company

Plain Jane has been certified by FDA and accredited by BBB with an A rating. In addition, due to its numerous positive reviews, they have been given 4.5 ratings by TrustPilot. The company is transparent and ensures each customer can access its details, including its manufacturing processes. Plain Jane offers quality products at lower prices than other brands offering similar quality. In addition, it has an exclusive line of products offered in a wide range of potency. Each batch has been tested for potency and purity affirmation as a safety precaution.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has a wide line of products offered in a wide potency variance, they limit flavors for people who wish to evade the natural hemp plant taste. In addition, some of its products exceed the limited potency variance of 10%, which is alarming to consumers since they might overdose. Also, limited purity testing exposes its products to contamination risks, thus exposing the consumers to harmful elements. Although they claim their products are organic and non-GMO, they have not been certified organic.

Overall Verdict

Plain Jane is among the best CBD trademarks. Its products are formulated using ethanol hemp extracts in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate form. It has a wide potency variance suitable for veterans and newbies. The company’s support team readily offers help concerning CBD and its products. They also have an accommodating and updated website that allows quick orders and approval payments. Their products are shipped fast, even before the expected day. What’s more, plain Jane offers free shipping on orders exceeding $30. However, it should work on a few product’s potency variances to ensure it’s within the 10% limit.

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