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The CBD company’s popularity is increasing daily. Most of them aimed to meet people’s needs. As time went by, their mission and ambition started fluctuating. Clients have reported cases of fake products from certain CBD companies. These bad experiences continue to increase as more CBD brands are established. Most CBD companies claim their products have high quality, but in reality, they are not. The major problem is to determine the authentic brand. 

In relation to human health, quality is a priority. Therefore, it is important to study and research valid companies with high-quality products at affordable prices. Plant People CBD brand was established with global consciousness and organic philosophies. It offers FDA-registered, gluten-free, doctor-formulated, non-GMO, cruel-free, sulfate-free, skincare, and capsules products. 

Every cannabis used is derived from organic farms located in Colorado, the leading hemp farm in America. The NSF and GMP practices are used in manufacturing plant people company products. In addition, their products have undergone independent third-party testing to approve potency and purity. 

Currently, the company is upgrading its website and laboratory results page. However, the companies’ customer services attend to clients’ queries and update every test report. Their contact and email are provided on the contact page, making communication better and easier. People backing the company participate in activities like planting a tree for each purchased product. 

About the Company

Hudson Gaines-Ross and Gabe Kennedy were motivated by an experience they shared from a certain fruitful hike. Both underwent normal surgeries after painful spinal injuries. Gaines-Ross, a botanist, and Kennedy, a chef, wanted to provide alternative diagnosing methods. They came up with the Plant People CBD brand in 2017 which focused on different wellness products fixed on plant drugs. Though Kennedy resides in Colorado, this company is located in New York. Therefore, he opted to work with associated, authorized hemp. Kennedy, being fathered by a chiropractor and Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist, strengthened his link with traditional plant drugs and medicines. Due to his integrated belief, Plant People CBD company guarantees to plant a tree for each product purchased. 


Since Plant People CBD was established in 2017, it is slightly new in the CBD world but appears to register an encouraging reputation. With respect to CBD brand reputation, note that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not assure the quality and safety of OTC (Over-the-counter) cannabidiol products. Instead, it opposes businesses with unjustifiable health claims by giving them a caution letter. Also, certain cannabidiol companies are accountable for undecided lawsuits linked with their commodities’ safety and quality. Plant People does not appear to have pending lawsuits or received warning letters. Furthermore, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has rated this company A+. 

Transparency and Quality

Although Plant People CBD Company does not provide details concerning its processes and products on its official website, there is still time available for improvement. 

Hemp Source

The Plant People’s website shows CBD is sourced from 100% non-chemical industrial hemp plants. The brand indicates that its farmers comply with Hemp growth guidelines where its products are USDA-approved organic. However, Plant people does not have independent third-party CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) approval. 

Extraction Method

Plant People CBD brand explains that it uses carbon dioxide and ethanol. The company does not mention commodities used in the extraction method. 

Third-Party Testing

Plant People cannabidiol products are independently tested by a third-party certified laboratory called ISO 17025. Some laboratory results have one and above years old, and certain end products seem to be examined for cannabinoid and potency profile alone. Plant People brand has indicated that suppose there is a need to confirm laboratory reports; it will deliver them to you. This implies that it is easy to ask for the latest reports or various products. Therefore, order products with a completely updated COA (Certificate of Analysis). 

Product Pricing and Range

Plant People contains a significant amount of cannabidiol products. The brand provides other oils, capsules, and topical. Nevertheless, it is difficult to get other cannabidiol products or gummies such as bath bombs on this site. Every product page illustrates the CBD amount per use or serving. Most of these products are manufactured with full-spectrum cannabidiol, meaning minimal THC. Unlike other CBD brands, Plant People products have higher prices, although small products such as drops are cheaper than larger ones. 

Customer Service

Based on reviews, many Plant People CBD users are contented with the customer service, packaging, sustainability, ordering process, delivery, and products. They are located on their website and are produced via Yotpo, an independent third-party avenue that strengthens remedies such as reviews. 

Refunds and Returns

Plant People CBD brand has a refund policy for exactly one month after purchase. If a return is made, you will cater for delivery charges. In addition, transportation is made in reusable non-plastic materials.

Manufacturing Process

Plant People CBD brand claims to use 100% non-chemical plants reared with care and love from Colorado farmers. These farms comply with hemp growing regulations, use non-GMO practices, and are USDA certified. Their manufacturing process conforms to FDA and GMP levels for digestible supplements, and facilities are FDA-registered. They obtain constituents for their capsules through carbon dioxide or ethanol. 

This brand publishes reports from third-party laboratories, including Botanacor and ACS labs. Laboratory testing operates through ISO 17025, which has approved these third-party labs. Testing standards assure the client is accessing correct information concerning the purchased products. 

These products are addictive and pathogen-free, which is essential for good health. The Plant People CBD brand is also accurate and transparent. Using a QR code for scanning leads you to the page with results, although publishing batch numbers on the website are better. The lack of batch numbers on the products complicates the verification of batches and their laboratory results. 

Though, sleep tinctures have a label indicating 24mg of cannabidiol/serving and accurately calculated 18.842mg of cannabidiol/serving. Analytically, the label variance was 27.3%, significantly beyond the 10% allowed limit. This brand contains aesthetics but lacks range. Although their products are manufactured using quality processes, Plant People CBD company supplies only capsules, tinctures, and topical or skincare products. These classifications show variation because there are many tincture and skincare options. 

Range of Products

Nourish CBD Body Lotion

The lotion has calendula flowers, rosemary, yuzu, aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid. This product rejuvenates human skin. It becomes thick and relaxes your skin with an intense indication of a proper melded herbal combination. The experience and scent offered by the lotion give a sweet sensation. Its charges are $0.18/milligrams of cannabidiol, which exceeds the average amount. The lotion was void of contaminants, pathogens, and metals with laboratory reports. In addition, it is lesser than the allowed THC limit. Nonetheless, the cannabidiol levels in the laboratory reports show 392.4mg, a 30.8% variance beyond what is indicated. This is 10% of the allowed limit. 

Be Calm CBD Capsules

CBD isolate is used in formulating these capsules, implying that there are no additional cannabinoids apart from CBD. Also, they are gluten-free and vegan. Plant People CBD brand makes capsules with different nutritionists and healers to make a perfect mixture for soothing the body. The capsules have powder inside, large and simple to swallow. 

This product is THC-free and is void of contaminants, mildews, molds, and heavy metals. However, partial herb whiffs penetrate the gel covering. The label indicates a dosage of one to three pills daily for adults. Nursing or pregnant women should consult health care providers before consuming the supplement. Furthermore, the laboratory results showed 13.4mg of cannabidiol per pill. Analytically, this amount produces 11.94% variance, slightly higher than the 10% allowed variance.

Drops +Sleep

This liquid product has a green-yellow color. Although cannabis flavor is light, this product is tasteful. Individuals should put them under their tongue as per the recommendations. The tinctures should be shaken before ingesting a full dropper based on the label. Although the dropper had insufficient capacity, it was used twice to achieve the full dose. Tests were performed to check pesticides, pathogens, and heavy metals in Drops + Sleep. The results confirmed that THC was lesser than the allowed limit. Nevertheless, testing showed 18.842mg of CBD, whereas the label indicated 24mg per serving. 

What We Like About the Company

  • Plant People CBD is environmentally conscious.
  • Their products are adaptogen infused.
  • The company has sustainable packaging.
  • Plant People CBD is committed to planting trees for each sale.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • The products are limited.
  • Some products have more than average prices per milligram.
  • Batch number information is lacking on certain products.

Overall Verdict

The Plant People CBD brand, developed in 2017, provides a range of full-spectrum cannabidiol products obtained from Colorado hemp. The company values its clients despite having expensive products. In addition, it provides a wide range of products that simultaneously serve different needs. Plant People CBD uses hemp grown organically and abides by farming and manufacturing laws. This brand accepts returns from unsatisfied clients and refunds their cash. Also, they encourage clients by planting trees for each purchased product. Moreover, the shipping materials are recycled. However, nursing and pregnant women should check with their doctors before using these products. Children should avoid these products. 

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