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Populum is one of the many US CBD brands. It does not have an elaborate CBD catalog but only offers capsules, topicals, tinctures, and pet items in full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect with the psychoactive THC. With a $0.15- $0.45 per mg CBD price point, its products are among the most expensive ones in the hemp space, but they are tasty, and 3rd party tested, which is why other brands may not match them. Populum does not offer a wide CBD concentration range since the capsules, pet items, tinctures, and topicals in its product inventory have 100- 1000 CBD concentrations. The items sell for $32- $179 and are generally expensive. The company sources its hemp from Colorado, one of the US’s largest hemp-growing zones, and employs the food-grade ethanol extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, ensuring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make CBD more versatile and render it the potential benefits are extracted, and waxes, chlorophyll, and other unwanted parts are left behind. Here is our full 2022 review of the brand, exploring its various aspects that help validate or nullify its viability.

About the Company

According to its website, the Populum was named after the Latin phrase ‘ad populum,’ meaning ‘for the people.’ Consequently, the brand takes pride in serving the people it is meant and designed for. The brand claims its belief that people deserve better, and that’s why its collective premium quality CBD products are what its clients need. The website adds that Populum is about changing the CBD landscape for a better experience you deserve, and this is proved by the hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients and can be accessed directly on the website. It also adds that it currently serves 25,009+ clients, which is a plus, considering that all CBD brands start from somewhere.

The company has a history that traces back to 2016, when it was launched. The website does not provide much information about the team behind the brand, but it has a short story on the Why Populum section that mentions Gunhee as the person behind the brand. He states that growing up in South Korea, his family appreciated the healing power of plants and would use them to soothe the mind, body, and overall health. As he grew up, he appreciated plants more and found a remedy in them, slowly getting informed about hemp. His interest in hemp increased until when he launched the brand in 2016 with a good to set a standard in the hemp space and provide the highest-quality CBD products available.

Currently, Populum does not have product lines for vapes and edibles but offers CBD capsules, pet items, tinctures, and topicals, all in the full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect with the psychoactive THC. The products have a 100- 1000 mg CBD concentration range and sell for $32- $179, posing a $0.15- $0.45 per mg CBD price point. As such, Populum’s products are among the most expensive in the hemp space but how the brand is at the forefront in ensuring its products are safe is plus, neutralizing the high pricing of its products. Besides, the brand boasts some of the sweetest-tasting tinctures, and those hating on CBD oils’ unpleasant aftertaste will likely appreciate them.


Based on Populum’s website, the following specs are true to the company;

  • Populum sources its hemp from the US in Colorado
  • Shipping is limited to the US and not international
  • Free shipping on all orders without a minimum value
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies
  • Vegan-friendly products are offered by the company
  • Only non-GMO hemp is used in manufacturing CBD products
  • Extracts are available in the full-spectrum CBD formulations
  • The company uses the food-grade ethanol extraction method and fractional distillation strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • CBD products in the company’s catalog cost $32- $179
  • The products average price point is $-.15- $0.45 per mg CBD
  • The total CBD concentrations range from 100- 1000 mg
  • Military personnel and veterans get 25% off their all orders after proving their identity
  • The company observes cGMP standards

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is critical in the hemp space since it determines the quality of the final products a brand produces, ultimately defining whether it keeps its customers or loses them, which is why reputable brands grow their hemp that matches the desired quality or liaise with farms whose hemp match the desired standards. Populum is no exception and liaises with Colorado farms to source hemp for manufacturing its CBD products. The hemp is non-GMO and is sustainably and organically grown in the farms, not allowing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides in throughout the cycle. It then employs a distillate technology comprising food-grade ethanol extraction and fractional distillation to separate hemp oil from the hemp surfaces. The method is efficient since it carefully removes unwanted parts such as lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll, creating a premium quality oil in full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect.

Manufacturing Process

Populum details its manufacturing process in the ‘How Our CBD Is Made’ section under the ‘Why Populum’ page. The company is a legal, authorized grower and processor of the US hemp sourced from the Colorado farms. According to the website, the company grows its helm in spring in the Colorado farms. The weather is ideal for hemp growing, and the area is climatically suitable, which is why it is among the largest hemp-growing zone in the world. The farming practices herein are organic, ensuring no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are featured in the cycle.

The hemp plants are harvested in the fall, cured, and dried. They are then tested for any traces of pesticides or heavy metals for the first time, and this marks the first phase of Populum’s three-phase testing principle. The hemp flowers are then moved to a cGMP-compliant facility where the food-grade ethanol extraction and fractionalized distillation are used to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. This technique is one of the two most popular ones since it efficiently strips the oil, leaving aside waxes, chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids, among other unwanted parts. The extracts are in full-spectrum CBD for a full entourage effect with the psychoactive THC and are tested for the second time before being packaged.

The next stage after packaging is the 3rd party testing, a vital quality and control step Populum executes to ensure its products are potent and pure. During this last step of its three-stage testing principle, it liaises with a 3rd party lab that tests the products’ THC and CBD potencies and contaminant purity for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and more, and the results are posted on the individual product pages.

Range of Products

Populum does not have a very elaborate CBD inventory, but it offers four product lines, including;

i.                    Populum CBD Tinctures

Populum deals in 30 ml full-spectrum CBD tinctures in different CBD concentrations for 250, 500, and 1000 mg. The potencies also differ and include 8.33, 16.67, and 33. 33 mg/ml. They cost $59- $179 and pose an average price point of $0.18- $0.24 per mg CBD. The orange-flavored tincture has many clients, but the pricing is still high.

ii.                 Populum CBD Topicals

The topical line includes the Cold Therapy CBD Rub and Lavender massage oil, which sell for $45 and $79, respectively, posing a $0.45 and $0.32 per mg CBD price points. With a CBD concentration of 100 and 250 mg, they have 1.11 and 8.33 mg/ml potencies, respectively. The lotion features many ingredients other than CBD, including arnica, aloe vera, and butter. They are strictly applied topically or on the external parts of the body, and the rub has a unique smell that piques the nose.

iii.               Populum CBD Capsules

The brand’s softgels are vegan-friendly. Each packs 15 or 25 mg/unit and comes packed in 30-count jars delivering 450 or 750 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. The capsules are a great alternative for those hating on taking tinctures but do not mind capsules.

iv.               Populum CBD Pet Products

The pet product line offers 100 and 250 mg pet tinctures administered to the furry friends. The two options have $0.32 and $0.22 per mg CBD price points, which is a bit higher than the market average. Besides, the line also offers 3 mg treats you can buy for your furry friend.

What We Like About the Company

Our review appreciated the following about Populum;

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many cons, the brand has its cons, including the following;

Our Verdict

We liked our review for Populum since it diligently tests its products for potency and contaminant purity, naturally flavors the products, offers free shipping for all orders regardless of the value, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and military personnel and veteran discounts. Nonetheless, its average price point is higher than the market’s average, the website lacks crucial information about the company’s team, and the brand’s catalog is narrow. Improving these kinks will help the company perform and win an even larger loyal customer base.

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