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Portion control helps you take the right amount of food you need and prevent overeating. Some of the great tips for achieving this include drinking water before meals, filling up on vegetables, having a food diary, and using smaller plates and dishes.

When struggling with weight loss or obesity, you have to be keen on your calories. You want to burn more and consume less. If you haven’t thought of portion control as a nutrition hack to prevent overindulging, then this is the time. However, does it mean you have to consume everything in tiny portions? If you don’t want to feel as if you are starving or ona strict diet to meet your weight loss goals and stay healthy, the following portion control tips can help.

Drink Water Before Meals

This is one of the greatest tips for portion control to help you lose weight. Drinking water ensures you stay well hydrated, and the beauty of this is that you tend to eat less. When you take a glass or two 30 minutes before a meal, it helps with portion control. This is because it keeps you from the temptation of eating large portion sizes. Additionally, when you have taken what your body needs, you can drink more water. When you stay well hydrated, you can always tell whether you are thirsty or hungry.

Fill Up Those Veggies

A healthy meal is incomplete without veggies and greens. They give you valuable nutrients and have a special filling effect that will make you not eat more than the body needs. They are naturally low in calories and contain lots of fiber to make you feel fuller for longer hence preventing overeating.

Don’t Eat From The Container or Box

When you eat from a large package or serve your food from a large container, there are high chances of overeating. You will not easily know the appropriate food portion for you. When you take the snacks from large packages, you tend to eat more regardless of the quality or taste.

Therefore, ensure you eat from a small container whenever you order food or eat out. You can even empty the food or snack from the original package into a smaller bowl or container. This will help you eat just what you need. Moreover, when serving at home, you can re-portion food into plates rather than directly from the stove, so you avoid overfilling your plate.

Have a Food Diary

When doing portion control, it is important to put down some things in writing. Jot down your calorie intake to know the total amount you consume. Moreover, you can write down the foods and drinks you intake. Doing this will also help you be aware of the type of food you take, keep track of your weight loss progress and see where to improve and avoid. Making healthier choices when eating and reducing the chances of overeating thus become easier.

Remember, keeping a food diary can help you lose more weight since you have an awareness of what you are eating, the healthy and unhealthy choices, and the adjustments you need in your diet to reach your goals.

Take Your Time When Eating

If you are not used to eating slowly, you might need to practice and get it right. Your brain needs nearly 20 minutes to detect you are full after eating; hence you need to slow down. The good thing is, taking longer with your food gives you the chance to feel fuller even before you are done with the food. This way, you get to eat enough of what you need, no overeating. What’s more, taking your time with food allows you to enjoy the meal more.

Therefore, let go of eating quickly if you want to be aware of when you are full and reduce the possibilities of overeating.Moreover, it is important to focus on your food and avoid any distractions that might lead to overeating. Watching TV while eating is a culprit to watch out for.

Let Your Plate Be Your Guide

At times, you might not enjoy the hassle of weighing food to help curb your intake. This is where your plate or bowl comes in handy to help you know the right ratios for a well-balanced meal. So, how do you do that?

When it comes to veggies or salads, let them occupy half of the plate or bowl. Proteins like meat, fish, eggs, poultry, pulses, and beans should take a quarter of the plate. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains should take the other quarter of the plate. Half a tablespoon is okay if you want to add some high-fat foods like oils and butter.

However, it is important to remember that each person has different dietary needs; hence, they might vary. What’s more, if you want extra guidance, you can get a portion-control plate from a manufacturer.

Smaller Dinnerware Go Along Way

The size of your plates, glasses, and spoons also plays a role in your portion control. They will unconsciously influence the amount of food you eat. When you use large plates to serve your food, you tend to eat more since the food you serve seems smaller when in a real sense, it could just be the right portion you need.

The interesting thing with eating from large dinnerware is that you might be completely unaware that you are taking more portion size. Therefore, you can exchange those large plates with standard ones to take care of portions and avoid overeating.  Eating from a small dish or bowl will still leave you just as satisfied as you would from a large one.


When you want to lose weight, it is important to stay aware of your portion sizes, hence portion control. The moment you start taking large portions or using larger plates, there are higher chances you will gain unwanted weight. However, with the right tips, you can control your portions, take the right amount of food you need, and avoid overeating, and finally attain your weight loss goals. You can start by drinking water before every meal, writing down the foods and drinks you consume in a diary, and swapping those large plates and dishes with smaller ones. These are some great ways of ensuring you still enjoy the taste of your food and feel full.

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