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Procana is a CBD brand with close to a decade old experience in the cannabis space since its launch in 2013. It deals in mainstay CBD products like gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, vapes, and pet items, and it also has a product division with merchandise and apparel. Compared to other CBD brands, Procana is within the range to slightly above it, considering that its average price point is $0.04- $0.22 per mg CBD. The items in its catalog are reasonably priced and fall between $16.99 and $59.99. Procana also has a product line with CBG isolates, and these, too, can be ordered directly from its website and all these are made from hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado farms. There is not much information about who founded Procana or who makes up its team, nor does it provide their bios. Although Procana may boast a modest CBD product catalog, it does not post lab reports online, nor does it seem to be testing its products for safety and potency. Besides being at the forefront of major studies about hemp to improve its transparency and credibility, the brand 3rd part tests all its products for contaminant purity and THC & CBD potency and posts the results on product pages, which is in harmony with the 2018 Farm Bill. Here is our full review of the brand that explores everything about it, including its cons and pros.

About the Company

Procana was launched in 2013, but its website does not reveal who founded it or who makes up the team. However, it mentions that the team features doctors and scientists whom it liaises with for CBD studies. The brand claims to be at the forefront of hemp research since it believes people who need CBD products should access them and have them at affordable prices. It also pledges to advocacy, education, and communication of cannabinoid therapy since it feels people need to understand the miracle in CBD.

Procana does not have many product divisions but mainly features the five mainstay CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, pet items, topicals, and edibles. Besides, the products can be bought in isolate-based or full-spectrum formulations, where the latter guarantees a full entourage effect, but not the psychoactive THC. The total CBD concentrations across the catalog are 90- 1500 mg, offering people a variety to choose from. The company’s average price point is $0.04- $0.22, which is within the market range.

Although Procana’s official website is straightforward, it is not designed in a way web visitors would find critical information in an instance. For example, the site’s FAQ link that addresses common concerns about CBD and the brand does not have a dedicated page on the website’s first page, making it hard for web visitors to locate it. However, the website has a dedicated Information page that discusses events and some questions in written and video forms, and the FAQ link is part of the Information section. The Contact Us section under the About link includes a physical location address to Beverly Hills, where the brand has its offices. Also provided is an email address [email protected] for reaching out to the brand. Shopping on the website is a simple process and entails intuitively selecting products of interest, adding them to the cart, and checking out to fill in billing and physical location details. The Products button collapses into multiple options, including hemp tinctures, CBD tinctures, hemp capsules, CBD capsules, pet products, gummies, vapes, and many more.

Like most reputable CBD brands with free shipping arrangements, Procana Labs also freely delivers orders worth $75 to all the US destinations. However, it states that it does not state have a money-back guarantee because of the delicacy of its ingestible products. The brand sources its hemp from Colorado and Oregon farms, where the organic, non-GMO hemp strains are grown organically and sustainably. It also mentions that all its hemp is subjected to CO2 extraction to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, resulting in the isolates and full-spectrum formulations. It prefers this method because the high pressure and low-temperature conditions perfectly isolate CBD oil and preserve its purity. The respective product pages briefly describe the cannabinoid profile, dosage, and usage instructions for the product in question. However, there is no link to a centralized hub for lab results, but they can be found on the respective product pages. The results show variances for CBD and THC potencies and purity for standard contaminants.


The following specs describe Procana Labs;

  • Products feature full-spectrum and isolate-based formulations
  • Products cost $16.99- $59.99
  • The CO2 extraction method strips CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • The average price points for the products are $0.04- $0.22
  • The brand offers mainstay CBD products, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, and pet items
  • CBD products manufactured in cGMP-compliant facilities
  • Organic hemp is used in manufacturing the CBD products in the company’s catalog
  • The CO2 extraction method is used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • The total CBD concentrations for the products range between 90 and 1500 mg
  • Free shipping is offered for any orders worth $75 and above throughout the USA
  • The brand uses hemp from the USA to manufacture its CBD products
  • There is no money-back guarantee

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the cannabis space since it determines the quality of CBD products, ultimately influencing whether a company loses or keeps its clients. As such, reputable brands source high-quality hemp sustainably grown to meet market goals. The reputable Procana brand is a legal, authorized hemp grower and processor and uses hemp from the Oregon and Colorado farms to manufacture its CBD products. The hemp strains are organic and non-GMO and are grown sustainably and organically to meet the needed standards for high-quality CBD products. It then employs the clean CO2 extraction method preferred in the cannabis space for its safety and efficiency. It perfectly extracts CBD oil without attaching solvents to it and still maintains the purity of isolates.

Buying Experience

The buying experience at Procana’s website is enjoyable. There are no sheer volumes of products that complicate things, nor are there many unnecessary steps to follow. As such, you only need to pick what you want, add it to the cart, and check out when done to fill in your billing and physical location details, after which shipping starts once the order is processed. The brand offers free shipping for orders worth $75 and above, and you can take advantage of it to save on your purchases. However, Procana does not have a money-back guarantee for its products, following the delicacy of ingestible products, as verified by the FAQ section under the Information page.

Transparency and Accuracy

Procana holds itself reputable and conducts 3rd party tests for all the products in its inventory, accounting for THC & CBD potencies and contaminant purity. It tests for microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residues, and solvents, and all products whose lab results are accessible passed these tests. Besides, the CBD potencies were within or slightly at the 10% acceptable variance limit, demonstrating high accuracy levels and room for improvement.

Manufacturing Process

The FAQ section under the Information page mentions the brand’s hemp sources and the extraction method it employs, and you can check it for this information. Procana is a legal, authorized grower and processor of US hemp sourced from Oregon and Colorado farms. The hemp strains in these farms are organic and non-GMO and are sustainably and organically grown to produce the needed quality for CBD products while still upholding the planet’s conditions. It uses the CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, and it prefers the method because it carefully extracts the oil under high pressure and low temperatures and perfectly retains its purity. The next stage is 3rd party testing which Procana conducts to examine its products for CBD and THC potencies and contaminant purity. There is no centralized hub for these test results, but the respective products pages bear the information.

Range of Products

The following are Procana’s CBD products;

i.                    Procana CBD Tinctures

The tinctures feature full-spectrum (hemp-based) and isolate-based CBD or CBG tinctures. They feature various potencies, ranging from 240 to 1500 mg for Maintenance, Extra Strength, and Maximum Strength options. The oils are taken sublingually but can also be added to drinks and foods.

ii.                 Procana CBD Gummies

The gummies lack gelatin, making them vegan-friendly. They come in packs of 30s, delivering 10 or 25 mg CBD each. The gummies are all naturally-flavored, have no fruity flavors, and are strictly taken orally.

iii.               Procana CBD Topicals

The Procana’s topical line offers sprays and roll-ons infused with arnica. They feature 250/500 and 375/750 mg total CBD concentrations and only come in normal and Extra Strength formulations. They are strictly applied on the external parts and not otherwise.

iv.               Procana CBD Softgels

There are five types of softgels in the brand’s inventory; balance, complete, ultra, CBG, and CBD PM night-time options. All five options come in 30-count jars featuring varied CBD concentrations. The total CBD therein is 240- 1500 mg, translating to an 8-50 mg/unit potency range.

v.                  Procana CBD Vapes

The brand offers vape pens and cartridges for 200 mg CBD. They feature various fruity flavors, including tangie, fresh menthol, smooth vanilla, and classic OG. The vape pens are disposables.

vi.               Procana CBD Pets

The pet line exclusively offers pet products, including chews, tinctures, and softgels. They are administered and bought by weight and can be used by dogs and cats or dogs only. The respective product pages provide more information on the products.

What We Like About the Company

The following are pros for Procana;

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Here are a few issues the brand needs to improve;

Our Verdict

Our review for Procana was generally positive because it uses organic hemp and CO2 extraction to manufacture its zero-THC products in cGMP-compliant facilities. It also 3rd party tests all products and avails the results online, and the reports indicate high accuracy levels. However, it does not offer a money-back guarantee, the catalog is narrow, and its free shipping threshold is high. Improving these areas will help boost its market reputation.

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