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Our review for Proleve was generally positive, considering that the brand deals in a wide assortment of C BD products, including edibles, bath bombs, topicals, pet items, tinctures, vapes, and isolates, and offers products in the three possible CBD formulations; isolate-based, THC-free, and full-spectrum. With an average price point of $0.06 per mg CBD for all products, Proleve tends to sell its products affordably and lower than other cGMP-compliant brands dealing in organic, non-GMO hemp-derived CBD products. Moreover, various flavors and potencies are available across the mentioned product divisions since the CBD concentrations of the items range from 25 mg to 5000 mg. What’s more, the brand ticked other boxes for pros because it offers free shipping for orders worth $50 and above, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, offers military veterans a discount to help them save on purchases, boasts excellent customer service, uses the clean CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD oil, rigorously tests its products for contaminants and potency, and avail the lab results on the product pages,which reveal fair accuracy levels by the company.

About the Company

According to its website, Proleve bears a commission of bringing customers the highest grade all-natural CBD products available so that they can enjoy all of the natural benefits of hemp, with nothing to worry about.’ It claims that CBD marked is muddled, and many brands claim to be legit, but it aims to offer clients 100% organic natural CBD products made from US-grown hemp. It mentions that it is committed to standing behind its product by using 100% organic hemp to manufacture CBD products in a cGMP-certified facility, after which they are tested by ISO-certified 3rd parties to confirm potency and purity.

Proleve saw its debut in 2017 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The Why Proleve section of the brand’s website detail that the company’s team bring together more than 25 years of combined experience to the table and is committed to offering people the highest grade possible of all-natural CBD products. It also mentions that the company started small with three people but has now expanded with about 30 staff members and a 23,000 sq ft working space. However, not much is revealed about who launched the brand and who makes up its team.

Proleve boasts many things, one being the amazingly wide assortment of CBD products covering edibles, capsules, tinctures, topicals, isolates, vapes, and pet items, meant to help clients relax, live, and sleep better. Besides, it features all the three CBD formulations, isolate-based, broad-, and full-spectrum formulations, where the last two options guarantee full entourage effects without and with THC, respectively. What’s more, Proleve offers a variety of flavors and potencies across a category, featuring a 25- 5000 mg CBD concentration. All these products are manufactured from 100% organic, non-GMO hemp using the clean CO2 extraction method in a cGMP-compliant facility and 3rd party tested for contaminant purity and THC & CBD potency by an ISO-certified lab. All the results are posted online under the centralized Lab Results hub and are also found on the respective product pages for easy viewership.


The following specs are true to Proleve CBD brand based on its website;

  • It uses the clean CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • ISO certified labs for 3rd party tests
  • Extracts feature isolate-based, THC-free, and full-spectrum formulations
  • A wide assortment of products, including bath bombs, tinctures, capsules, topicals, edibles, isolates, vapes, pet items, etc.
  • It uses organic, non-GMO hemp to manufacture its CBD products
  • All manufacturing activities happen in a cGMP-compliant facility
  • All products in the inventory are manufactured using American-sourced hemp
  • CBD products cost $10- $260
  • The average price point for all products is around $0.06 per mg CBD
  • Bath bombs tend to be expensive, posing a $0.36 per mg CBD average price point
  • Free shipping for all orders worth $50 within the US
  • Lab results are posted on the respective product pages and on the centralized Lab Results hub
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies
  • The total CBD concentrations in the products range between 25 and 5000 mg
  • All products are hand-crafted
  • FDA auditing for all products

Manufacturing Process

Proleve is a legal grower and processor of American hemp sourced for Colorado. The hemp it uses to manufacture its products is 100% organic and non-GMO and sustainably grown in the suitable climatic Colorado region. When the hemp plants mature, the flowers are harvested, and the clean CO2 extraction method is employed to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. This technique is the most preferred in the cannabis space, particularly for its safety and efficiency. It extracts all the needed cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that add to CBD’s role but does not unnecessarily attach solvents to the surface of extracts. Proleve formulates the extracts with MCT oil to make them more absorbable and increase bioavailability. All manufacturing activities happen in a cGMP-compliant facility, ensuring the highest manufacturing and safety standards.

The next step is 3rd party testing, a vital quality, and control mechanism Proleve executes to ensure its products have the exact THC and CBD potencies as indicated on the labels and confirm they are free of standard contaminants, including filth, foreign matter, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and more. It liaises with an ISO-certified lab for this activity and posts the results online on the respective product pages, but they can also be viewed on the centralized Lab Results hub on the main menu.

Range of Products

Proleve boasts an impressively wide CBD product catalog comprising the following;

i.                    Proleve CBD Gummies

The brand’s edible line comprises full- and broad-spectrum CBD gummies in multiple potencies, flavors, and colors. They feature 100- 2000 mg CBD concentration range, and are 19.72, 25, or 50 mg/unit potent. They are made from organic hemp and are gluten-free and vegan friendly. They are formulated with MCT oil to increase bioavailability.

ii.                 Proleve CBD Tinctures

Proleve tinctures come in broad- and full-spectrum CBD formulations and feature 500- 2500 mg total CBD concentration. The potency variance is 16.67- 166.67 mg/ml, taking onboard all CBD enthusiasts, novice or veteran. Like gummies, the tinctures are formulated with MCT oil to increase bioavailability. The recommended dosage is ½ to 1 dropper, and the marks are clearly visible.

iii.               Proleve CBD Topicals

The topical line offers isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum items like roll-ons, salves, and patches. They feature 100- 1500 mg CBD concentration range with a potency variations of 2.82- 20 mg/ml. They are formulated with MCT oil for increased bioavailability and are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant lab. Besides, they feature additional ingredients, including olive and tea tree oils. According to the website, the topical products are exclusively applied on the external parts, and instructions can be found on the product pages and product labels. The line also deals in isolate CBD salves that feature nothing else than CBD.

iv.               Proleve CBD Proleve Isolate

Proleve offers isolate products in the form of CBD crystal powders and are ideal for people who want an exclusive CBD experience. The powders are made from 99+% CBD oil and are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility. Like other products in the inventory, it features 100% organic, non-GMO hemp from the Colorado farms.

v.                  Proleve CBD Bath Bombs

The brand also offers CBD bath bombs in broad- and full-spectrum formulations. They are strictly for topical use and are suggested for a warm bath, where they are drawn and allowed to dissolve to complete. They feature eucalyptus, lavender, and essential oils that make using them soothing and refreshing.

vi.               Proleve CBD Pet Products

Proleve pet tinctures are exceptionally manufactured for dogs and cats and not humans. They contain 500 mg CBD and have a 16.67 mg/ml potency. According to the website, the tinctures are only taken orally.

vii.             Proleve CBD Capsules

The brand offers capsules in isolate-based and full-spectrum formulations. They feature 25 or 50 mg/unit potencies with 750 or 1500 mg CBD. They are packed in 30-count jars and are strictly taken orally.

viii.          Proleve CBD Vapes

The vape line offers vape e-liquids and vape cartridges. All vape products are in broad-spectrum CBD formulations and feature various flavors. According to the website, they are strictly inhaled and not taken orally. The cartridges allow up to 300 puffs.

What We Like About the Company

The following are strongholds of Proleve;

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The brand has the following weaknesses;

Our Verdict

Our review for Proleve was generally positive for every good reason. The brand offers a wide assortment of products with topicals, edibles, capsules, tinctures, pet products, vapes, and isolates in isolate-based, broad- and full-spectrum formulations and avails many flavors and potencies across the categories. Moreover, the military veteran and first-time buyer discounts and free shipping for orders worth $50 and above help clients save on purchases. Besides, with a $0.06 per mg CBD price point, Proleve fairly prices its items. The 30-day money-guarantee is also a great provision, allowing dissatisfied clients to file claims and receive refunds or exchanges when the latter is approved. What’s more, the brand uses non-GMO, 100% organic hemp from Colorado farms to manufacture its products using the clean CO2 extraction method in a clean cGMP-compliant facility, 3rd party tests them for purity and potency and uploads the results on the respective product pages and a centralized hub. Nonetheless, there is no information about who launched the company and who makes up its team, and the $50 free shipping threshold may be too high for some clients to attain. As such, Proleve is a great company that can become even better by straightening the mentioned kinks.

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