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Vegan eggplant recipes are easy to prepare, simple to cook and assure you of some melt-to-mouth creaminess. Mastering the best eggplant recipes helps you know how to easily incorporate them into your meals.

Eggplant is a purple-skinned fruit whose inside is purple and fleshy. When cooked, the fruit turns creamy and blends well with other seasoning and ingredients. Besides, it’s versatile and can fit into your diet in many ways. For instance, you can add it to any dish that takes the form of meat. You can also blend it and incorporate it into any dish you feel it matches with. Here are some of the best vegan recipes you could prepare using eggplant.

i.                    Ratatouille fusilli

Did you know that eggplant can add great taste to a mix of pasta and green lentils? That’s exactly what ratatouille fusilli is all about. This dish is easy to prepare, and adding eggplant makes it interestingly creamy. Besides, the earthy flavor of green lentils is something worth dying for. Get into the mix and enjoy this melt-to-mouth creamy meal.

ii.                 Vegan eggplant parmesan

We enjoy eggplant parmesan, and the cheese that’s its main ingredient just makes it great. However, cheese is dairy-based, making eggplant parmesan a no-go zone for vegans. However, the vegan eggplant parmesan is prepared with nut-based mozzarella cheese and is quite suitable for all vegans. Still, it’s of great taste, and you are sure to enjoy its creaminess. Besides, the cheese is not only non-dairy but also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fats found in nuts and seeds.

iii.               Baba Ghanoush Flatbreads

Many people enjoy homemade flatbreads, and you can also prepare some that are vegan. With the latter, you can add some dip baba ghanoush to work as a creamy spread. Like many other eggplant vegan recipes, baba ghanoush flatbreads are easy to prepare. To make the meal even more enjoyable, you can add some tanginess and vegetable toppings. Such snacks are not only filling but quite nutritious because fresh vegetables are rich in antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds.

iv.               Eggplant gyros

Gyro is a typical Greek meal made from roasted meat and served in pita bread. Normally, yogurt tzatziki sauce is added to it to make some good spreading. Did you know that you can also enjoy a vegan version of the gyro? You only need to switch the meat with eggplants and a mixture of tomatoes, hummus, and cucumbers for the yogurt tzatziki sauce. What’s more, you can serve this both and lunch or dinner, and rest assured that you will be left feeling full for the rest of the time. And as usual, whole vegan diets are nutritious and rich in antioxidants, and you can benefit more from these compounds by going slow on artificial additives.

v.                  Eggplant teriyaki

Teriyaki is a typical Japanese meal prepared from chicken. A spreading or sauce made from sugar, rice wine, ginger, and soy sauce. Although it is such a great dish, it is prepared from chicken, making it less ideal for vegans. Have you thought about substituting the chicken with eggplant? You can do so and prepare a creamy dish in under 30 minutes. The dish is also great because the creamy nature of cooked eggplant makes it a good base for other seasonings. Besides, you can do edamame toppings to add flavor and taste to your melt-to-mouth vegan eggplant dish.

vi.               Spiced eggplant-stuffed peppers

Roasted peppers that are well-seasoned are a great delicacy. Have you ever thought about playing with common ingredients and some fresh supplies in your kitchen to enhance this mouth-watering serving? For instance, you could add some tangy tomatoes and nutty chickpeas to the roasted peppers. You could also use the but-based mozzarella cheese to make wonderful toppings. What’s more, you can serve such eggplant-stuffed peppers solo or as a side dish and find either option quite filling.

vii.             Eggplant tortilla pizza with arugula and peppers

Have you given thought to preparing eggplant tortilla pizza for lunch? When you switch to vegan diets, you might get discouraged, wondering how you will survive with the delicious slices of pizza you used to enjoy. The good news is that roasting eggplants prepares some of the best vegan pizzas you have ever stated. You can add taste by featuring strips of fresh or roasted peppers and peppery arugula. This dish is as tasty as the normal pizza, and you get extra nutritional benefits with this.

viii.          Coconut eggplant curry

Curry refers to any bean, meat, tofu, or soy-based dish that incorporates ginger, turmeric, curcumin, and coriander in its preparation. Indeed, curries are among the most delicious meals you can enjoy at home. Adding eggplant to the mix and removing meat or any non-vegan ingredient adds up to the whole taste of this creamy dish. What’s more, you can also feature coconut milk or water in the curry to make the dish creamier and add uniqueness to its taste. Besides, as you feed in curry dishes, you take care of your triglyceride levels, keeping your blood pressure on point. You can add a protein boost to the coconut eggplant curry by featuring some chickpeas.

ix.                Aloo baingan

Aloo baingan is a typical Indian dish that’s not only tasty but highly nutritious. It’s a simple dish whose preparation features tomato sauce, potatoes, and eggplant. You only need to roast your eggplant well and enjoy this under-thirty-minute preparation meal with a mouth-watering creaminess. Even after slightly roasting the eggplants, you are sure to enjoy the health benefits of the antioxidants found in them.

x.                  Grilled eggplant

You need not necessarily mix eggplant with other things to enjoy them; you can prepare them independently and enjoy them for lunch or dinner. Remember, eggplants thrive in warm weather, making them more abundant over the grilling season. Preparing grilled eggplants is as easy as cutting them into 3 cm thick rounds, sprinkling salt on the round sides, allowing them to sweat for 30 minutes, and roasting them in the grill for 4 – 5 minutes on each of the round sides. Sprinkling salt and allowing ‘sweating’ time enable the eggplant to become less bitter. You can add taste by seasoning the round pieces with a mixture of ginger, salt, fresh garlic, pepper, and olive oil.


Eggplant makes wonderful vegan recipes. You can prepare them solo or mix them with other foods. From vegan eggplant flatbreads to eggplant tortilla pizza, this creamy fruit got you covered. Remember, every time you eat the eggplant-based dish, you benefit from the fruit’s antioxidant content.

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