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Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based CBD company that deals in full-spectrum topicals, gummies, tinctures, capsules, and pet products and also features some items in broad-spectrum formulations. It does not have a very elaborate product catalog but offers a variety and potencies across the existing categories. Its price points of $0.07- $0.15 and $0.09- $0.11 for all products and tinctures, respectively, are well within the market range. The gummies, topicals, capsules, pet items, and tinctures offered by the brand cost $29.99- $269.99, and a 30-day money-back guarantee applies for all orders. The company ships all orders to the US freely but does not currently deliver orders internationally. Receptra is one of the few CBD brands that offer substantial military veteran discounts since it gives this special group a 50% off the total cost, and no products are exempted from the offer. It uses the cold ethanol extraction method to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces and subjects the extracts to decarboxylation to boost their bioavailability. All products in the brand’s inventory are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant lab using organic, non-GMO hemp from the Colorado farms, resulting in premium quality items, all 3rd party tested for THC & CBD potencies, and contaminant purity for heavy metals, pesticides, foreign matter, and microbials. However, the centralized Third-Party Tests (CoA) hub only allows one to view lab results after keying in batch numbers or scanning the QR codes on product labels.

About the Company

The information about Receptra Naturals is found on the About > About Receptra sections on the first page of the company’s website. The company was launched in 20155 by Rusty Scott after he suffered ice fall injuries, tried various pharmaceutical suggestions that never worked, and finally found a remedy in CBD products. However, he realized that most companies claimed their products were effective but did not live up to the claims. He thus created Receptra Naturals with the sole goal of providing therapeutically potent CBD products from organically grown Colorado hemp that work consistently for people who need them. The brand’s mission or mantra is ‘That is the truth, and the truth is curative,’ and Receptra aims to make no false claims or hyperbole but to create ‘just a truly good product made with truly good ingredients.’

Receptra does not have a wide assortment of products but deals in the mainstay CBD products, including topicals, tinctures, gummies, pet items, and capsules mainly in full- and broad-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect. They are all made from organic, hand-picked Colorado hemp, shucked on-site, and processed in a cGMP-compliant facility to isolate CBD oil through the cold ethanol extraction process. Receptra sells its products for $29.99- $269.99 and has average price points of $0.07- $0.15 and $0.09- $0.11 for all products and tinctures, respectively. In case of inquiries, one can visit the brand’s offices, whose address is 11811 Upham Street Unit 7 Broomfield, CO 80020, send an email to[email protected], or reach the call center via 833-223-5434. It ships all orders freely to the US via USPS standard shipping, and a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee applies to all orders.


The following specs describe Receptra Naturals;

  • Extracts deliverable means include gummies, capsules, topicals, pet items, and tinctures
  • The products in the inventory majorly features full-spectrum formulations, but a few broad-spectrum options
  • The total CBD concentrations in the products range between 200 and 3960 mg
  • The products cost $29.99- $269.99
  • The brand’s average price point for all products is $0.07- $0.15 per mg CBD
  • A $0.09- $0.11 per mg CBD price point applies to tinctures
  • CBD oil is isolated from the hemp surfaces using the cold ethanol extraction method
  • It uses organic, non-GMO hemp for manufacturing products
  • All hemp herein used is US-sourced
  • Shipping is limited to the US
  • A 50% applies to all military veterans’ orders
  • Free shipping for all orders via USPS standard
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies to all orders
  • cGMP-compliant facility for manufacturing products
  • Contact information includes email and physical addresses and a phone number
  • Decarboxylation to boost product bioavailability
  • MCT oil formulation in some products to increase cannabinoid absorbability

Hemp Quality

Receptra sources hemp from Colorado farms, one of the US’s largest hemp-growing zones, because of climatic suitability. The hemp in these farms is organic and cloned from the mother hemp plants, resulting in the brand’s high-quality products. The farmers in this region hand-plants the seeds, and when the plants mature, hand-picking and shucking are the main harvesting methods. The cold food-grade ethanol extraction is then employed to strip CBD oil off the hemp surfaces in the cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing Process

Receptra is a legal, authorized grower and processor of the US hemp sourced from Colorado farms. Colorado is one of the largest hemp-growing zones in the US because its climatic conditions are ideal for hemp plants. Receptra uses organic, cloned hemp from mother hemp plants in line with its goal to produce truly effective and potent CBD products for those who need them. Such hemp is not only effective for the products but is also a wise selection, considering the many ethical issues and health concerns surrounding synthetic ingredients in consumable products.

Receptra uses hand-planting and hand-picking for the hemp seeds and when harvesting the mature hemp buds and flowers, which are then shucked and dried to eliminate moisture and reduce biomass. Once the hemp parts have dried enough, it employs the cold food-grade ethanol extraction method under low temperatures to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. The extracts are mostly in full-spectrum formulation, with a few broad-spectrum options, all for a full entourage effect, and ethanol extraction is ideal for this effect because it preserves the versatile terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that make CBD express this effect. The extracts are then decarboxylated to boost their bioavailability, and partial MCT formulation is done for select products to make them more absorbable.

The next step is 3rd party testing, a quality and control mechanism Receptra Naturals exerts to ensure its products are potent, deliver the exact THC and CBD amounts as indicated on the labels, and are free of standard contaminants, specifically heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, and foreign matter. It liaises with DB Labs LLC for these tests and uploads the results online on the centralized Third-Party Tests hub on the website’s far bottom. Unfortunately, you must purchase products from the company and have a batch number or QR code to scan to view the results.

Range of Products

Receptra does not have an extraordinary product but offers mainstream CBD products, including

i.                    Receptra Naturals CBD Tinctures

The brand offers CBD tinctures in three categories; Serious Rest, Serious Relief, and Serious relax in 375- 3960 mg CBD concentrations. They feature three potencies; 25, 33, and 66 mg/ml, and sell for $41.99- $269.99. The recommended dosage is a dropper full 1-3 times a day.

ii.                 Receptra Naturals CBD Capsules

These come in two types; Serious Relax and Serious Rest, featuring 750 mg total CBD concentration, and come in 30-count jars. They are coated with gelatin, making the vegan-unfriendly, and cost $69.99, posing a $0.09 per mg CBD average price point.

iii.               Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

This line has full-spectrum products, with a few broad-spectrum options. They include topicals sticks and oils in 200- 800 mg total CBD concentrations, posing 1.67- 11.43 mg/ml potencies. They sell for $29.99- $71.99, revealing a $0.09- $0.11 per mg CBD price point.

iv.               Receptra Naturals CBD Pet Products

The brand offers full-spectrum CBD pet tinctures in 480 and 750 mg CBD, with 16 and 25 mg/ml potencies. They can be administered to all-size pets, and dosage depends on size, ranging from ¼- 1 ml.

v.                  Receptra Naturals CBD Gummies

The gummies feature two potencies; 33 and 25 mg/unit for Serious Relax and Serious Rest options, respectively. Each type comes in three flavors, and you choose based on your interest. They are strictly taken orally for discreet nutritious use.

What We Like About the Company

We appreciated the following pros while reviewing Receptra Naturals;

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the many pros, the company has a few kinks to straighten to explore higher heights in the hemp space, including;

Our Verdict

We were impressed while reviewing Receptra Naturals because the brand upholds the truth by using organic hemp to manufacture its products, runs manufacturing activities in cGMP-compliant facilities, 3rd party tests its products, and posts the results on the centralized Third-Party Tests hub for QR code or batch number-limited viewership. Moreover, it values its clients and offers them a 30-day stress-free money-back guarantee, free shipping for all orders to the US, and a 50% off for military veterans. Besides, it does not have a very elaborate product inventory but offers mainstream CBD products, including capsules, tinctures, topicals, pet items, and gummies in full-spectrum formulations with a few broad-spectrum forms. Despite the many pros, the brand must improve a few areas to perform in the CBD arena. For instance, it should expand its product catalog to have more goods on board in the three formulations possible. Some items also posed higher CBD variances than the 10% acceptable limit, calling for accuracy improvements. Lastly, it should avail its 3rd party tests for easy viewership by web visitors and should not limit their access to having a QR code and batch numbers.

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