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Rich and Cassie are the founders of who specialise in producing beautiful & unique Shungite solutions

Rich and Cassie are the founders of who specialise in producing beautiful & unique Shungite solutions

Business Name and what it does

Rich and Cassie are the founders of who specialise in producing beautiful & unique Shungite solutions, from simple radiation harmonising cell phone stickers to unique and stunning functional pyramids and jewellery, and an all truly vegan natural body care range, all with the magic ingredient of silver infused Shungite.

Shungite is technically mineraloid, with a quantum adaptogen energy, which means it is able to work in a unique way with each individual, able to target the struggling organs or repair our nervous system from man-made electrical signals, that we are constantly swimming in all day/every day,

Oraphim are always wanting to provide evidence to support these unseen wonderful transformation, and by working with an expert in kirlian photography they were able to capture the staggering EMF changes which occurred within one hour of simply wearing an Oraphim pendant, thats a shift in frequency we can clearly see, and that is what is doing to our electrical devices including cell phones: making them into biocompatible fields of energy.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Rich and Cassie had packed up their art studio and moved out of the city (Sheffield, uk), deciding on a different route from being creative collaborators with academics and professors who chase cancer research funding- with the aim of never finding a cure and losing out on research money, or making vibrant artwork that just did not fit the walls of homes in Sheffield, UK. Rich was singing and playing guitar, developing solfeggio healing music, busking on the street corner, galleries & cafe’s, but they could feel a change coming, and it was big…

A chance (it never is though, is it!) Listening to Nancy L Hopkins on an obscure internet radio station had Cassie researching a rare stone from Russia, there was not much to find on the internet about it in 2015, so she kept on tuning in to Nancy. As the weeks went by, so did the creative urges to develop something beautiful, unique and helpful from this curious carbon, ‘We could see the health benefits and the potential for this stone was enormous, but it’s mainly just a black coal like substance, unless you’re a goth you may not be that drawn to it, we wanted everyone to love it for themselves as unique pieces or when gifting it to others, this was our motivation, it had the scientific background that generally crystals lack but it has a physical sensation that can often be felt, our educational enthusiasm to share this with others was kicking in!’ As it turns out Cassie and Rich knew the stones success secret very well, the fullerene molecule, they had been producing geodomes for a long time and Shungite is the only natural source for this Nobel award winning miracle C60 element, which now features in numerous scientific & medical publications.

They had a small budget of savings and sourced a direct supplier in keralia, with no e-commerce experience they started to learn the ropes of online selling and researching mind, body & spirit events to attend, the welcome they received was tremendous.

Cassie’s early path took her down a grass roots creative/community/education route with also becoming a mother in her early twenties, often seeking the self-taught topics of the woowoo spiritual and unconventional science, over mainstream and Rich not finding any early support in education until his hospital operating theatre technician training in his twenties, from growing up in the 80’s on rough council estates, separately they struggled with school education being dyslexic, but progressed into creative teaching and medical professions with a common interest in uplifting frequencies and see transformations happen around them,, both saw first-hand, the lack of true healing provided by mainstream options and met when they had learnt so much, now their combined knowledge and creative skills produce powerful Shungite solutions for health and well-being that are also unique and beautiful just like our readers.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Living on a low income can be a testing time when you start a self-funded venture so to develop the business they moved to a cheap trailer park, keeping the overheads low and their heads down as they worked long hours with transformational testimonials & reviews coming thick and fast, then when the world took an unexpected halt with global shutdowns all the MBS shows cancelled, very quickly everyone was online and the second week into lock down the orders made a sudden jump, folks were finding Oraphim and they were wanting Shungite!

Developing skills and the comprehensive range is tricky, with challenges like international regulations to adhere to and brexit to navigate, but meeting great production partners such as Susie, a talented and experienced aromatherapist & expert potion maker, with the ethics that matched Oraphim’s to produce the highest quality balms and lotions for remarkable results was just a guided meeting as cassie was working as a private care assistant part time, Shungite made its way into her recipes which are now produced exclusively for Oraphim customers to enjoy. as the requests came from people needing miracles, Oraphim continued to invent new ways to incorporate Shungite into useable solutions, a noteworthy one is the transformation Toggle, as often it is not convenient to tape stones to taps, the easy toggle stretching over and attaching onto many different applications around the home and garden and even worn in the hair!

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Shungite is becoming more well-known now and with Oraphim you have a one stop shop for those looking for a Shungite experience that often has people amazed at the rapid effects, from making tap water more delicious, energised & purified, to lowering their pharmaceutical medications for many conditions, including under active thyroid, heart palpitations, fibromyalgia, MS & ME symptoms, arthritis and increases in circulation in diabetic sufferers, remarkable liver/kidney/white blood counts in cancer patients, Shungite does the lot and much more.

Steadily through the global transitional of the imposed lock downs, they have grown into an amazing team, including partners in Singapore and throughout the UK, Oraphim are stocked in several shops in the UK and abroad, with a dedicated team of resellers, who they train in all aspects of the production process of making the products with silver infused Shungite, so they truly and wholeheartedly know they are part of someone’s transformation and it is a team effort. They have received thousands of reviews and testimonials and they look forward to helping even more, this is still early days for Oraphim in the lifetime of a growing business, there’s lots of uncertainty for everyone on the planet currently, they see many countries in upheaval at the moment but there’s nothing rocky about Oraphim’s foundations apart from this miracle stone itself

Oraphim message to those starting out:

You are a totally unique combination of all the things you have ever researched, no-one will see the potential for an idea like you will, and every idea you make a reality is a tool & stepping stone for your skills & soul’s development to different places on this earth and beyond. Sharing your ideas by making them into any form of reality is inspiring for others wherever you start your venture, your passion & creativity raises the vibe so don’t worry about starting in lower places than you wish to end up in, you won’t be there too long!

Measuring your success by others and you will always fall short if you look to the mainstream, which is outside of the real people around you, connect with the fact that you are a part of the whole of human development and the bit you develop will resound in your local area more that you will ever know, as you will raise the vibe with every step and stride you take wherever you start and whatever you end up doing.

Shungite is your partner in that creative transformation, with the rise you experience in your energy field, Shungite has a unique ability to help you succeed and enjoy your true potential. There’s a lot of long hours and working things out to get them right in any venture but it is on a path that becomes less of an uphill struggle and much more attainable with shungite being our Boss!’

Future developments for Oraphim include developing the opportunities that BSV (bitcoin SV not BTC!) will bring for decentralised payment options so we can include even more shungite products samples in our parcels!

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Nutritionist, Cornell University, MS I believe that nutrition science is a wonderful helper both for the preventive improvement of health and adjunctive therapy in treatment. My goal is to help people improve their health and well-being without torturing themselves with unnecessary dietary restrictions. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle – I play sports, cycle, and swim in the lake all year round. With my work, I have been featured in Vice, Country Living, Harrods magazine, Daily Telegraph, Grazia, Women's Health, and other media outlets.

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