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Robbert Murray & Associates: How it started

Robbert Murray & Associates: How it started

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Payal K Bhatia Holds bachelor’s in commerce and MBA degree, she is also an NLP Practitioner comes with 21 years of experience worked for Multinational brands like Orange Mobile, Honeywell and being part of the IT industry before setting up Robbert Murray & Associates from 2 people to 20 + members Management Consultancy serving multiple industries like Engineering, Oil & Energy, FMCG/Retail and IT clients in Asia, and Middle East and Africa continent. Her expertise including elite talent sourcing from Mid to senior management staff locally and internationally including Emirtization programmes along with the experienced team helped them to stand with pride being one of the Top Recruitment Agency based in Dubai.

I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, but suddenly when the odds were against me, I knew in my heart it was time. The situation said “No”, but my heart and mind said, “YESS.

I was doing exceptionally well at work but always felt I was not compensated fairly and that really pushed me to set rules and have wings to Fly. One of the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur is to escape the 9-to-5-day job, but what most entrepreneurs don’t know is that they are entering a new phase of working twice as much to have a successful business. If you believe in your idea, have the vision clear, passionate and you totally breathe it day in and day out, you will do the impossible to keep it running no matter what. 

What is Robbert Murray & Associates all about?

Robbert Murray & Associates is a leading recruitment agency that began in the Middle East and currently works with worldwide businesses to fill a variety of C Level and Senior level roles, regardless of industry. Robbert Murray & Associates has had a long history of supporting not only Multinational companies but small and midsize businesses to fulfill their talent acquisition, contract staffing and payroll requirements. In today’s volatile business climate, it is a crucial task to look after an organization’s most precious asset: its ‘people’. It’s unquestionable about how each employee in the organization is important and how each trait of theirs brings value to the company, and that’s exactly where what they look after: helping companies find their right fit that caters to the requirement.”(

They have a distinct sourcing process and an immaculate network of connections, which is why businesses rely on them to get the exact talent they require for their operations. They specialize in placing candidates in permanent or temporary employment, payroll services, and interim positions for customers all around the world. Robbert Murray & Associates provides human resource services such as Headhunting, contract staffing, executive searches, and the exact talent they require for their operations. They specialize in placing candidates in permanent or temporary employment, payroll services within UAE and Middle East, and interim positions for customers all around the world. Robbert Murray & Associates provide human resource services such as contract staffing, executive searches, headhunting, verification, and payroll. (

Payal Bhatia states, “We understand the complexities you face as your business evolves, increases headcount, and expands to multiple states.” The breadth of our service and technology scales with you as you grow. From helping you navigate tricky HR issues and anticipating challenges to maximizing talent, our team is focused on your success. The level of care we provide is second-to-none in the industry.”

They collaborate with customers to deliver the recruiting services that best meet their goals, deadlines, and expectations as a part of their corporate cultures.

How it all started

Robbert Murray & Associates, was founded and initiated by Payal Bhatia identifying Dubai should be the Head office, has a long history of connecting opportunities at exceptional firms with highly competent job seekers. They claim to find meaningful and interesting employment for the individuals they place and give clients access to the expertise they need to help expand their companies, thanks to the power of our brand, our people, our technology, and our professional business model.

“We pioneered the concept of professional personnel solutions about more than Decade ago, and as company demands have changed, so have we.” The work looked significantly different back then than it does now. Since then, we have been at the forefront of innovation. Jobs for life were not only the norm when we started, but they were also anticipated, which is exactly what prompted us to launch Robbert Murray & Associates. Almost everything has changed nowadays. There is more temporary staffing and talent mobility, as well as a requirement for employers to provide work patterns that fulfill people’s demands without negatively hurting corporate performance. We’ve been a part of every milestone, transition, and new project. “This is the narrative of millions of people all across the world, not just ours,” Payal Bhatia explains.

Challenges as a Recruitment Agency

It is true that recruitment is challenging in this day and age. It’s becoming increasingly common, with smaller teams and fewer resources achieving the same results. “In my opinion, the most difficult element was for us recruiters to make interactions with prospects among the cacophony of the other 2,000 applications,” Payal remarked when questioned about it. “We realized that in order to overcome this, we needed to build a strong employer brand that encourages potential employees to come to us rather than the other way around,” she continued. Robbert Murray & Associates, one of the top recruitment agency in UAE and serving to Middle East & Africa Markets based in Dubai, has worked with a variety of businesses, overcoming obstacles. They have emerged from such hurdles with their seasoned staff to identify the greatest people for organizations. They have established a secure market position for themselves, allowing them to respond to difficulties promptly and effectively with their highly skilled workforce and HR solutions.

They have a highly qualified crew that uses obstacles to their advantage. Their HR Solutions assist firms who are experiencing difficulties with their HR department. Since the pandemic, every industry has had to deal with remote or hybrid working. While it required a significant adjustment in terms of logistics, technology, working culture, and management at first, it proved to be practicable, productive, and popular in many circumstances. “Remote working allows organizations to recruit from a far larger and more varied talent pool, which may make finding the ideal applicant easier,” says Payal Bhatia, business partner. “However, remote recruiting and inductions can present their own set of issues, such as revisiting the procedures for every stage of the employment cycle to ensure they’re geared up for new ways of working,” she continues.

Some obstacles are difficult to deal with, while others are simpler to deal with; yet, each issue has helped them to expand tremendously with various useful recruitment solutions.

Opportunities as a Recruitment Agency

Today, most of the recruitment happens on digital platforms. Job roles are now centered on culture rather than financial compensation and may entail more short-term workers than long-term employees. Recruiters can be held back if they do not adapt, and in this candidate-driven and highly competitive period, recruiters may struggle to retain top personnel. As a result, Robbert Murray & Associates has always remained active and current with various digital platforms to keep up with the changing times. “We’ve always wanted a goal-oriented approach to our recruiting with quantifiable outcomes so you can instantly see when something isn’t right, and that’s precisely what we help our clients with – Prepare for the future. “.

Their thinking starts from analyzing If they have a customer, it goes beyond providing them with talent. It’s about how they deliver delight. How they can make other businesses more competitive & success more sustainable. It’s about meeting and exceeding organization expectations, building an honest relationship, and coming together as one.

Million Dollar Advice to other businesses

When asked about their successful advice for people, Payal commented, “The best businesses come out of people’s difficult personal experiences.” If you just keep your eyes open, you’re going to find something frustrating that frustrates you, and then you think, “I might be able to do it better than the way it’s being done,” and you have a business”. The company believes building an inspiring, customized approach for clients, international organization that delivers high quality people solutions to its customers in a way that is unbeatable & is the way to be successful, and we believe they have achieved this goal.

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