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Sailorsbreeze Yacht Charters & Management

Sailorsbreeze Yacht Charters & Management

Sailorsbreeze is a yacht charter and management company 

Sailorsbreeze is a yacht charter and management company and its role is to manage a fleet of sailing yachts ready to be rented and chartered from people , that wish sailing holidays for bareboat (no skipper) or skippered (with skipper) charters from , Corfu – Greece .

   Potis Theofilakos is the owner and founder of Sailorsbreeze .

After 20 years of working in the Greek nautical industry , as  a full time employee or as an external associate I managed to see all the different roles that anybody can have to be involved in this industry and I was wondering , what I could do different or better if I could start my own thing  . I was watching all these unfortunate situations where both customers and sellers , create big gaps , but also great opportunities for people like me (and others) who are unrest with the typical , only for profit procedures and wanted to show , here something , different .

Something more personal with high standards but at the same time not only about profit but also about connecting people with nature through sailing (in our case the sailing yacht is the vessel for this connection between interesting people and the elements of nature like the sea and the wind) .

Before COVID-19 came , I was to the point where although I knew I am on the right industry at the same time I wasn’t feeling any kind of motivation anymore , cause of the bad situations I was dealing with the company I was working for and its staff .

In my case it was a family business and although I had contributed most in the success of that company , they wanted it to take this success , on their own credit without , even paying my rightful compensation . Not even that , they even created debts on my name , which I had to pay to go forward with my new business .

In 3 years time I managed to build my getaway plan and make a smooth transition to my new business in a way that my business partners and my existing customers embraced my effort and stop renting from my previous employers but coming to me , instead .

So I had already found , the investor to start my yacht ownership – management business and buy our first yacht for our rental purposes . At the same time , I was trying to expand my yacht management , activities by bringing , another yacht into the fleet .

When COVID-19 came , our first year of operation , wasn’t a very encouraging , also not a good sign for businesses but me and my business partner , never lost our faith , enthusiasm and we were focusing on what we wanted to achieve ,with our goals not the present hard times .

The result came on 2022 where we managed to run a fleet of 3 + 2 yachts and serve 500 people in one charter season with only positive reviews and comments . I can now being a skipper myself and show to people the beauties of our seas and the joy to sail and feel connected just for a while with the elements of sea and the wind .

Consequently after 5 years of great disappointments, wrong timing and choices in business partnerships, I had learned from my mistakes and this was the moment , where I could feel , I am on the right path to do and create , things , happily by being myself and well respected by others as an example .

   The challenges that our business is facing are important but I always enrich our services in a way that we aren’t simply doing only one thing but many different , where they are connected to each other and that we are also the first ones that we practice it . In our business where you have to please your business partners and your loyal customers , you need to have two dedicated websites for each category and do different marketing as well . We follow our competition and we are very proud that we make steps where others don’t . This year we are tying to offer a true online booking , experience and create groups of yachts that will be sailing together for a week  . Connecting people is one of our goals !

   The opportunities in our business are great and COVID-19 came into the perfect moment , where I could organize my strategy and expand my business , contacts .

Of course , older business plans didn’t eventually worked out but my persistence into making new conversations with the right people for the right business plans , created new business deals and partnerships that grow our business size and status .

My advice to others about business are : (my tone is like talking directly to them)

                                  Never rest and always look for a change in yourselves , the people that affect your behavior and lastly your competitors and not only , follow the trends but always trying to create something different and more personal to your partners and customers by giving them your vision through the whole process .

                                 Once you have your product , your idea , your service create a 3-5 year business plan with a flexible strategy with an acceptable  ROI (Return of Investment plan ) for the average investor . Make them believe that you are an expert in what you are doing , you love what you are doing and your competitors are always looking at you  . This will ensure that any doubts from the side of your investors against you , will make them have second thoughts . This will save you time to fix your errors and adjust better your strategies to the defects of your business plan .

                 Don’t wait until your project becomes big . The timing and the idea Is that counts . If the timing is right , show your idea to the people you are interested in getting funds from and try to close the deal . The important is to make the beginning and capture peoples signatures . Your project will , grow anyway as long as you stay focused on your goals and visions .

                   Try to keep a balance between the profit or your business and investing in your business . In the beginning and of course under the circumstances , see what is more , important. For example , during COVID-19 making a profit didn’t matter cause there were no customers to pay so this was a perfect timing to find more resources and invest in your business  . Build on the unique character of your products , ideas , services .  

                              Never listen to people when they try to criticize or underestimate you  . Sometimes we don’t know how good our ideas are cause we are used to let all those people be in our lives and disorient us from the truth and our unique light . For example , in the company I used to work , customers loved my approach cause I knew the way to make them feel unique . I was giving them the attention that no one else could from my company . Because of this attitude there were coming again as repeat customers . At the same tine my manager made me feel bad about it cause he couldn’t do it .

Example : Reinhold Tummer , comes to deliver the yacht after the end of his holidays but he makes a very bad maneuver and stack so the yacht couldn’t move . All this time of his effort my manager shouted almost make him feel more nervous and embarrassed among others and he lost control of it .

Result : After 5 years working on my own business , Reinhold found me through my new band name and booked with me  . It needs patience to see your rewards but if you stay there it will come to you .

                          One of my professors in high school ,was saying in the class . The smart person is the one who listens more than talking . I tried to follow that in my life and businesses and it turn out after many years that this was one of the simplest thing to do and be one step ahead of others.

                         Try to get inspired by people in general through any source you can imagine as long as it means something to you . Listen from people that they are even out of the field of your interest , nevertheless they have very high perception in things and their opinion can drive you forward .

               Have only positive people around you cause this is very important , especially in your first steps of your business  . Try to pick your partners with the criteria you thing they are compatible with your ethics , character and beliefs .

              Try to distinguish people and how far they can go in supporting your dream . Don’t say the right ideas to the wrong people , cause it may turn against you . When you feel you found the right person to express your idea , don’t push them from the beginning. Let them chase you for the impression you left to them . That you can start the project and take it to the end with confidence and a vision . It took me 3 years to share my idea and convince the investor , that we have the business now cause I was waiting for the right , moment . Of course I was building on this relationship for another 7 years . This means I found the right person to share my idea and I had a plan to chase it with patience and strategy .

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