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Sara, founder and designer of TOWERS SWIMWEAR – a brand that offers cool swimwear and sustainability

Sara, founder and designer of TOWERS SWIMWEAR - a brand that offers cool swimwear and sustainability

My name is Sara, TOWERS SWIMWEAR’S founder and designer.

When I was 14 years old I wanted to stand out in my group of friends and get a lot of attention. At the same time my Mom ran into some money problems, which meant I needed to create a source of income to support myself. 

So I started creating my own accessories and making them by hand.


The accessories were outrageous shapes, colors and materials. I wanted the girls who wore them to look different, so they could show their authenticity. 

My first clients were my friends and then with the boom of Facebook, I started shipping them all around Colombia.

When I graduated from high school I launched my first swimwear collection and opened my first store in Medellin, Colombia.

Towers swimwear first store 2010


Since then, Towers has evolved into a brand that offers both cool swimwear and sustainability. The fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles, have eco tags and they come in compostable packaging that is made from corn. 

Currently, all our swimwear is ethically made with 100% Colombian materials by women in Medellin who are single mothers supporting their households.


The biggest challenge for Towers right now is to compete with fast fashion swimwear prices and companies that produce garments at a very very low cost due to their low quality or questionable ethics.

This is also an opportunity, because now, more conscious consumers are choosing local and slow fashion brands with lower environmental impact. They care about the materials and the origin of what they buy. We have seen that our customers love this about TOWERS.

My advice to other business owners getting started is that if you are persistent and have a clear purpose outside of just making money, your idea is going to be successful. There are so many brands out there right now that to stand out you need to focus on making something that is authentic to who you really are. Discover your gifts and purpose and go all in on them. 

Sara T and Mar 

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