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Diet and exercise are key for weight loss among women. Still, many other factors, including sleep patterns and stress levels, determine how much weight a woman can put in.

Weight loss can be rewarding when the right approaches are followed. Many women are after this quest, and they are paying keen attention to their diet and exercise. Nonetheless, it’s not only the two factors that matter since other aspects also get into the mix. Stress levels and sleep patterns, for instance, inform the total weight and belly fat a woman will have. Keep reading this article to learn about the weight loss tips that will help women lose weight and keep it just where they want it.

i.                    Hydrate all the way

Studies show that drinking water often helps people lose weight without a struggle. This is because we often mistake thirst for hunger, leading to more calorie intake. How about starting your day with two big glasses of water? This will help you keep the trend all day long. Remember, the fewer calories you take in, the more pounds you will likely shake off.

ii.                 Go slow on refined carbs

Pasta, pizza, sausage, bread, oatmeal, name it all; we like them because they are ready-to-eat. Have you ever thought about how much they influence your total weight and fat belly? Instead of focusing on such carbs, go slow on them. Instead, focus on whole foods, including rice, quinoa, beans, and the likes. They are more filling and help you manage hunger and cravings better.

iii.               Ad resistance training to the exercise mix

Regularly exercising helps lose weight but adding resistance training to the mix makes things more effective. For instance, why not go to the gym and use its equipment or lift weight? This will help you build your muscles and bones more, especially if you are past 50. Besides, it’s also effective in boosting bone density, helping you reduce your risks of osteoporosis and other bone-related issues.

iv.               Practice yoga more

If you are a woman who is concerned about weight loss, you need to do more yoga. There is evidence that practicing yoga helps the body fight anxiety and stress levels, all of which could lead to overindulgence and emotional eating. Besides, practicing yoga can also help you fight binge eating, reducing the total calories you take in a session.

v.                  Use smaller plates

If you are concerned about weight loss, you need to work on your plates, getting smaller ones that will help you keep on track. Of course, studies about the relationship between smaller plates and weight loss are limited. Still, observational studies show that doing smaller plates is linked to making you feel fuller faster than does normal-sized plates.

vi.               Chew slowly

Making your weight loss a dream extends to how you chew. You have to go really slow on chewing if you are serious about losing weight. As off the practice may sound, studies suggest that increasing your chewing times by 150% and 200% can help promote weight loss by 9% and 15%, respectively. Remember, the slower you chew, the faster you get full, and the faster you get full, the fewer the total calories you take in.

vii.             Kick-start your day with some healthy breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will definitely work to help you lose more weight. Studies show that eating a proper breakfast will likely help you stay full all day long, and the fuller you feel, the more reduced your starvation and need to eat will get. Besides, focusing on proteins as part of the breakfast helps you feel fuller and energized, reducing the risk of binge eating and the need to eat every hour.

viii.          Try intermittent fasting

Although researchers think differently about intermittent fasting, it is generally agreed that this alternative eating and fasting pattern can help you lose weight. Fasting periods vary and can be anything from 14 to 24 hours. Why not look for a pattern that works best for you? You might be surprised at how much weight you will lose, besides other health benefits, including reduced fasting sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity.

ix.                Go slow on added sugars

Added sugars are truly sweet, but the sweetness does not come without side effects. Added sugar promotes unnecessary weight gain, yet it lacks vitamins, antioxidants, and other critical nutrients that your body requires to function and thrive. As such, going slow on soda, candies, fruit juice, and the likes will help you realize your weight loss dream.

x.                  Cut back on processed foods

We enjoy processed foods because we snack easily with them, and they are also ready-to-eat. However, if you want to make weight loss real, you must go slow on these foods. They are heavily packed with carbs, sugars, and calories, adding on to unhealthy weight gain. As if that’s not enough, they are extremely low on proteins and fibers, two dietary components you need to be full of. Additionally, they feature many artificial flavors and colors, most of which can harm your body. Going slow on them will definitely make weight loss real.

xi.                Manage stress more effectively

We live at a time when stress is inevitable. Everything from the Covid-19 pandemic to loss of a job to family aspects stresses us. Yet, you need to keep stress in control to lose weight more effectively. Studies have confirmed that when stress takes a toll on you, you are more likely to overindulge, give in to healthy cravings, and find yourself indulging in binge eating. Thankfully, biking, meditating, and confiding in a trusted friend are some of the effective means that will help you manage stress, increasing your chances of losing weight.

xii.             Sleep enough, boost your sleep quality and have a steady sleep schedule

Boosting your sleep by increasing your sleep hours will help you lose weight. Studies have shown that you are more likely to eat more when you deprive yourself of sleep. This is because ghrelin, the hunger-inducing hormone, seems to rise with sleep deprivation. Turn off lights and music in your room at night and establish a regular sleeping schedule to enjoy high-quality sleep sessions.


Weight loss can become a nightmare, especially when you are a woman and have many intervening factors. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to lose weight as a woman. This article suggests different methods that have worked for many people who wanted to lose weight. It’s as simple as going slow on refined carbs, cutting back on added sugar, using smaller plates and doing smaller portions, getting routine exercise in the mix, and many other techniques. You can do it!

For the past years, Tatyana has worked as a sex blogger and a relationship advisor. She has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue. Vice, Tatler, Vanity Fair, and many others. Since 2016, Tatyana has focused on sexology, attended various training courses, participated in international conferences and congresses. “I wish people would address sexual issues in a timely manner! Forget shyness, prejudice and feel free to see a sex doctor for help or advice!” Tanya enjoys pursuing her flare for creativity through modelling, graffiti art, astronomy, and technology.

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