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Soul journey coaching for entrepreneurs

Soul journey coaching for entrepreneurs

“Your business is a reflection and energetic extension of you.” 

This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur, sole proprietor or work in partnership where your energy is a significant part of the business energy.

This means that your limiting patterns, belief systems and energy blocks etc become the limiting patterns, belief systems and energy blocks of your business too. 

It is not only your gifts or talents that transfer, unfortunately. This truth is the foundation of specialist Soul Journey Coach Melanie Britz’s offering to entrepreneurs.

What is Soul Journey Coaching

Soul journey coaching is different from normal business coaching (which focuses on helping you improve your business skills and achieve your business goals) or even life coaching (which focuses on helping you clarify your vision for the future, set achievable life goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them). It goes much deeper into your energy field and soul aspects.

Soul journey coaching focuses on helping you understand your personal spiritual and emotional journey, which includes your experience across multiple lifetimes recorded in the Akashic records and your alignment with your soul’s goals for this incarnation.

What are the Akashic records?

The Akashic records are a storehouse of information about the soul’s journey and experiences. The records contain details about the soul’s past lives, karmic patterns and life lessons.

By tapping into this aspect of your soul’s journey you can gain insights into the reasons for certain experiences and patterns in your current life and business, and be able to release limiting patterns and emotions.

But that is only one aspect, although a very fundamental one.

Alignment with your soul’s goals is key in life and business

This specialised coaching process also focuses heavily on alignment. By using ancient methods linked to Hebrew gematria and spiritual numerology to determine your soul path, we can uncover insights about your soul’s current life journey and potential, says Melanie.

This is a crucial aspect that is often the missing link for abundance and success.

• Is your current business and business practices aligned with what your soul incarnated to do? 

• Is it in alignment with your soul goals and purpose?

If it isn’t, growing that business will be like pushing a heavy rock up a never-ending hill.

• Are you fully embodying all the energy strands that are woven together to make you, you?

• Are you activating your innate talent energies and using them in your business?

• Are you consistently and with awareness, working on transmuting your challenge energies to move the needle to a more positive expression and manifestation?

It is hard to do this if you don’t know what these energies are. This was exactly the case for Melanie  too.

Melanie’s own Soul path reading opened her eyes

She explains how her own Soul path reading opened her eyes to where she was out of alignment and blocking her own flow of abundance and soul expression. 

“I never realised that my reluctance to unapologetically claim who I was and what I did, in fear of what people of different belief systems would think, was holding me back.”

 “I just thought that due to my upbringing in the more conservative environments, I find myself in, I was naturally reluctant to try to explain stuff to random people who would not understand and judge me for it. It wasn’t a big deal.

“Then I did my Soul path chart and I understood for the first time that every time I watered down what I do and who I am to make other people comfortable, I am stepping out of my soul destiny and negatively impacting my flow of creativity, abundance, and worldly impact.

“The moment this penny dropped was life changing. So was the new understanding that I got from doing my own Soul Path chart.

“My Soul destiny is 5-5 – which is to step into the world to be a courageous pioneer expressing my truth and experiencing new spiritual material from intuitive channels.

“Stepping into alignment with that, unapologetically, has been the greatest leap forward in my business since I started on this path,” she says.

Her journey to becoming a Soul Journey coach started by writing a self-help memoir called Dive in, in 2015, which was challenging in itself due to the vulnerability it required. 

She became a practical facilitator in mindfulness due to her own struggles with being present, which resulted ultimately in a highly rated course called Practical Mindfulness for Business Success on Udemy. 

Along the way she was led to discover the power of the Akashic records and her talent for accessing them and later Soul Path readings. 

She started using these tools full-time in 2020 to help her clients unlock their full soul potential, something she is passionate about.

“Both the Akashic records and Soul Path readings help you to get crystal clear on your purpose and next steps, like a personal roadmap for your life and career – one you probably didn’t even realise you needed,” she says.

Client stories

For example, one of Melanie’s clients did not realise that not grounding her more ethereal 5-5 energy (which needs to be fully embodied to make an impact on the density of the physical everyday world) was contributing to some financial woes, like a lightning bolt that had nowhere to go because it wasn’t earthed. It was a big aha moment during her coaching sessions. 

Scattered creative energy

The same client was also scattering her highly creative 6-6 energy, which appears as both a spiritual challenge and talent in her chart, exacerbating her feelings of aimlessness and being pushed about by life and the people around her. She wasn’t focussing on one thing at a time.

All of this was also keeping her from creating the sacred form or mould for sharing her considerable wisdom and spiritual understanding, as she was destined to do.

Not blocked

Another client said she found it very comforting to realise that the 4-4 energy (Duplication, fertility and abundance), that appeared in her chart as a worldly challenge and that she had been struggling with for so long, didn’t mean that she was blocked, unworthy, abandoned or rejected by life, Source and the greater flow or doing something wrong. 

It was freeing to understand that this simply meant that she came into this life to explore the polarity of fertility/infertility so that she could learn to step fully into trusting the flow of God/Life/Universe, trusting that all things will eventually come and to learn how to duplicate that abundance into the world. 

A sacred container

The 19-1 energy that flows in her chart confirmed that part of her purpose is to bring spiritual energies down to the earth plane and manifest them into material form (in the form of an actual physical structure) to hold space for others to understand and achieve their goals. 

Suddenly the client’s lifelong dream to start a centre for women to come together, do art, learn, and grow together was confirmed as more than just a dream. It is a valid soul path and her destiny calling. To do this though, she has to unlock the 4-4, which for now means working on her self-esteem and spending as much time as possible in the sunshine.

Balancing sexual energy

A third client’s soul’s Spiritual goal of 12-3 carries with it a yearning to learn how to balance sexual energy and to share that knowledge with others. She carries a Soul destiny energy of 10-1 which means that being of service is her highest potential and overall purpose. 

Her job as a Relationship and Sexual health advisor makes perfect sense in this regard.

Something of value to say

To align with the laws of abundance and attract the clients she needs, she however must fully align with this energy pattern and achieve balance in all physical and spiritual aspects of her life. She has something of value to say and must step into saying that in a powerful and focused way, which she has not yet been doing.

Missing piece of a puzzle

Another client, Di Atherton explains how her Coaching session helped her:

“My reading with Melanie felt like the last missing piece of a puzzle.

“I now have a clear blueprint with the talents, goals and challenges that I came into this lifetime with and a greater understanding of my purpose.

“I was completely blown away by how on point it all was.

“Melanie takes great care and time to thoroughly explain the reading which I really appreciated.

“I refer to my Abundance Key regularly to remind myself of my challenges and how to overcome them, in fact it stays in my Planner so I have easy access.

“For the first time ever I have focus and clarity and have made some big decisions about my work and my offerings. Since the reading I have started implementing the changes. 

“I have a lightness of being and an inner knowing that I am finally on the right track!,” Di says.

The Abundance Key method

The Abundance key Di refers to is the end-product of a Soul Journey coaching session, and it is one of those intuitive downloads that characterises Melanie’s work. 

A key works to unlock the tumblers of a lock by fitting perfectly into the lock and interacting with the tumblers or small pins inside the lock.

A key has a unique, specific shape that corresponds to the shape of the lock that it is designed to open.

Working with the challenge energies in your creation energy DNA successfully, activating your talent energies and aligning with your destiny energies is like creating the perfectly shaped parts of a key, Melanie explains.

Some parts of the key will already be working, others not.

Following a Soul path session you will receive your own personal Abundance key, based on what was discussed.

The key is, well… the key to unlock specific pins in your life so that the door to inner and outer abundance will open.

Then you can focus on the specific parts of your key where the pins or tumblers of your life and business are not yet in the right position and watch the magic unfold. It is practical, personal to you and highly empowering, she says.

Common challenges

Some common challenges that Soul journey coaching client entrepreneurs and business owners who work with Melanie are experiencing include:

• Self-esteem

If you don’t value your own contribution and wisdom, you are unlikely to step into your business or calling in a powerful way.

• Expression

Some clients are here to express their knowledge, and wisdom and share that with others. If you have the energies of expression in your chart but you don’t express and let the energy flow out of you, you are blocking your own flow of abundance. (Interestingly, some of these same clients have had past lives where they were punished or killed for expressing their truth, leading to a resistance to it in this life, creating a subconscious trauma pattern that first needs to be healed.) 

• Value

Not charging enough for your services because you struggle to own and step into your own value is another common problem.

• Hiding

Running a business while you are afraid to be seen means that you won’t market yourself as you should, your communication won’t have the ring of authenticity and you’ll struggle with attracting enough or the right clients.

• Lack of Direction

Being unsure of your best direction, life purpose or soul calling and how to express and step into your highest potential can make you feel lost and purposeless. 

Melanie’s message to entrepreneurs and business owners

One of the most important things Melanie would like entrepreneurs and business owners to understand is that their personal energy affects their business more than they know.

“Your limiting beliefs, energy blocks and patterns get inherited by and embedded into your business.

Understanding what these are, and working on transmuting them is one of the most important things that should be on your to-do list as a business owner,” she advises.

The second thing is that your soul came here to achieve certain masteries and goals. If what you are doing currently is not aligned with achieving those masteries and furthering those goals, your business will struggle.

Abundance and flow come from aligning with your soul purpose and destiny, activating your soul talents, and overcoming your soul challenges so that they become your greatest sources of connection and inspiration. 

By doing this you will unlock your highest potential and step into true happiness and fulfilment, in business, and in life, Melanie says.

Melanie’s website:

Nutritionist, Cornell University, MS I believe that nutrition science is a wonderful helper both for the preventive improvement of health and adjunctive therapy in treatment. My goal is to help people improve their health and well-being without torturing themselves with unnecessary dietary restrictions. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle – I play sports, cycle, and swim in the lake all year round. With my work, I have been featured in Vice, Country Living, Harrods magazine, Daily Telegraph, Grazia, Women's Health, and other media outlets.

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