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Spotlight on Hyperion Tiles: floor tiles, wall tiles, panels & wood flooring

Spotlight on Hyperion Tiles floor tiles wall tiles panels & wood flooring

We speak to Richard Skeoch, the founder of Hyperion Tiles, who reveals his story, the challenges & opportunities in the floor tiles & wall tiles industry & more

Hyperion Tiles is an independent tiles specialist, which is renowned for transforming residential and commercial projects with distinctive, bespoke wall and flooring solutions inside and out.

Floor tiles, wall tiles & panels and wood flooring: a brief overview

We offer comprehensive collections of porcelain and stone floor tiles, wall tiles and more. These include Ca’ Pietra, Bert & May, bespoke Mother-of-Pearl Siminetti tiles, engineered wood flooring and luxury Mikodam wall and ceiling panels. Each range has been designed to reflect quality, style and functionality and is competitively priced. From timeless classic designs to the latest trends with longevity in mind, inspirational, unique surfaces are available for both private and professional clients. Based in Ascot, Berkshire, we offer expert advice and technical detailing in our dedicated showroom or you can simply buy online.

Some of the brands we work with

We specialise in providing bespoke wall and flooring solutions with porcelain, stone and mosaic tiles, engineered wood flooring and luxury wall panels for every project, large or small. We offer a bespoke experience for large projects, which includes working closely with the client and unlimited private viewings.

Ca’ Pietra

We work closely with the UK’s most discerning tiles manufacturers, including Ca’ Pietra. They are renowned for their distinctive designer tile collections, ranging from decorative statement and patterned styles to natural stone. Many of the tiles from Ca’ Pietra are available for indoor and outdoor use, making these tiles highly versatile, too.

If you are looking to create a serious style statement in a home or commercial project, inside and out, our Ca’ Pietra porcelain, ceramic and natural stone collections could be perfect. With thousands of exceptional-quality tiles to suit contemporary and classic living styles, you’ll find a comprehensive range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit your individual needs.

We are a platinum Ca’ Pietra retailer, which means you can also benefit from our expert advice for every project, whether you need help in choosing the right materials and layout options to discussing pattern ideas for a more personal touch and how to source the right numbers of tiles.

Bert & May

Bert & May have been producing tiles and collaborating with artists for several years, including collabs like Little Greene; the company will use the paint brand’s enticing palette to create stunning tiles for your home. Working with Bert & May is one of our latest collaborations for fans of muted tones and chalky qualities or a reclaimed tiles look. This distinctive brand designs and creates some of the UK’s finest hand-made tiles from reclaimed pieces they have salvaged over the years to provide unique additions to your home or project.

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For the world’s finest Mother of Pearl surfaces and luxurious finishes to be used both internally and externally for wallcoverings, flooring, swimming pools, shower rooms, spas and inlays for furniture, choose our Siminetti collections. All of our Mother of Pearl is handcrafted from sustainable sources, utilising both freshwater and saltwater pearl. Our mosaic tiles and wall panels are available in unique collections of colour, styles and patterns and we can work with you to create bespoke designs.


Hyperion Tiles has a long relationship with Minoli Tiles. We are one of the main premier retailers offering this extensive range in the Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey areas. Minoli Tiles was founded in London in the late 1940’s and is one of the original tile suppliers within the UK. Production is predominantly in Italy and the Minoli Tiles range consists of both luxury and commercial porcelain and ceramic tiles.

We have chosen to work with Minoli Tiles due to design, quality, durability and overall performance of each Minoli Tile. We are able to obtain orders from the plentiful UK stock. As a premier supply partner of Minoli Tiles, this is normally with 48 hours.  

Original Style

We are a successful retailer for Original Style, which has more than 30 years’ experience as a successful tile manufacturer and distributor. They have been producing tiles in Exeter, Devon since 1986, using a combination of quality raw materials, traditional techniques alongside new technology, and a skilled and dedicated work force.


Working closely with Woodpecker as a dedicated engineered wood flooring retailer, we can help you find your dream floor and we offer aftercare support. We understand that choosing the right floor is a big decision.

We can assist you in transforming your home with beautiful, real wood floors. This way, you can combine the distinct character and style of a solid timber floor with all the benefits of engineered wood flooring. It’s ultra-durable, which makes it ideal for residential and commercial environments. This floor type is also more cost effective when compared to a solid wood floor.

Who are we?

Hyperion Tiles is a family-run business with a passion for innovative wall, floor and ceiling surfaces. We are committed to providing an unrivalled service with our exceptional knowledge of the latest trends coupled with technical know-how. Our expert team of skilled professionals are available to help you find high-quality products. These include floor tiles and wall tiles at exceptional value for money for every project, large or small.

We work with interior designers, architects, building developers, decorators and homeowners on residential and commercial projects. These projects include offices and hotels in the UK. Our team has helped design and source ranges of products, including floor tiles and wall tiles, for housing projects, swimming pools and self-builds. You can expect competitive trade prices, which are available on an individual project basis.

Our Ascot showroom

You can easily buy online or visit our showroom in Ascot (Berkshire), which showcases extensive ranges of inspirational surfaces for our professional and private clients. We are very much a design-driven company and we meticulously source products, which encompass the latest trends with longevity in mind with our timeless, classic collections.

 Step inside our showroom to enjoy a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you can browse our comprehensive ranges of upmarket, super stylish tiles and paving stones. You will also benefit from creative advice and insights from our expert team, who will happily share their extensive knowledge of our diverse product ranges, design and fitting services to suit your individual project needs.

Our story

I have always been attracted to tile design – I love their versatility. Tiles can instantly transform a room, whether they are for use on a floor or wall, or perhaps to highlight an aspect within a room, such as a fireplace or island unit. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless, because you can apply tiles outdoors too, from your patio to your doorstep. So, you can use them to create your own personalised, bespoke work of art in your own space.

I launched Hyperion Tiles because I’ve always loved the beauty and practicality of tiles, when they are applied to both residential and commercial environments. I also wanted to ensure I could offer every customer products of exceptional quality coupled with our expertise, skills and in-depth knowledge of tiles, from the installation process through to design ideas.

The importance of quality in floor tiles, wall tiles, wall panels & wood flooring

Quality is very important to me, so I always take care to source and provide the best possible tiles I can. These has always been, and continues to be, a key principle for Hyperion Tiles. Also, I believe in having the expertise to specify the right tiles for the job and the extensive knowledge and ability to understand an entire installation. Over the years, I have carefully hand-picked a dedicated team to work with me to continue to help me build the business.

The challenges in the floor tiles & wall tiles industry

Tile availability appears to have become an ongoing issue world-wide this past year, however we work with a carefully curated collection of UK and European suppliers who continue on schedule with their production processes. This is despite the problems with natural gas supply due to the war in Ukraine, which many factories use to produce their tiles. Rising gas prices have also naturally affected the cost of making tiles, which has resulted in some factories having to cease manufacturing. There is also an issue with clay, which has been sourced from Ukraine. So, these challenges have impacted availability and resulted in increased prices.

Opportunities to grow

There are so many online opportunities now available, which can facilitate the buying process for trade and consumers. This is why e-commerce websites are becoming so popular. Everything in the tiles industry embraces visual impact indoors and out. So, we constantly evolve the look of our website. In fact, we strive to update the look and feel in order to appeal to our customers.

The Covid effect

Despite the challenges due to the war in Ukraine mentioned above, which we also found we couldn’t control lockdowns during the Covid peaks. This is why we began carefully curating our e-commerce website to inspire our customers. Covid also helped to highlight why hygiene is important. This has, in turn, increased a customer desire for hygienic floor and wall solutions. As buyers become more health conscious and want to protect themselves against germs, tiles demand continues to increase. After all, tiles are one of the most hygienic surfaces on the market.

Allergies at home & in the workplace

Research from the London Allergy and Immunology Clinic demonstrates that allergies in the UK are growing by 5% each year. So, tiles make the perfect choice. Pet hair, dust mites and pollen are unable to penetrate the texture you might find in a carpet or rug. Put simply, tiles provide an ideal hypoallergenic solution. Solid surfaces are always going to be the best option to help combat allergies and this includes engineered wood flooring. This is a luxury flooring choice we also offer at Hyperion Tiles.

The importance of diversification

This brings me on to the opportunity for diversification and innovation in the industry. I began my business with a portfolio of tiles. However, since this, I have diversified into wall and ceiling panels, some of which have acoustic qualities. As mentioned, engineered wood flooring has been our most recent addition to the business, too. You can simply buy all of these products at the click of a button. However I still have my Ascot showroom for those who want to visit us. They can also benefit from a more personalised approach with regards to their purchasing decisions.

Our personalised service

Our showroom still plays an important role in my business. This is how customers can get the chance to peruse a vast variety of tiles, wood flooring and wall panels. This way, they can really appreciate the quality we are offering as soon as they step inside our showroom. Some of our clientele will have been elsewhere first. However, they have not found what they are looking for because the quality simply isn’t there. We are also driven by a passion for everything we do. I think this is clear with the opportunity to visit our showroom. This is where you can benefit from our dedicated, personalised 1 to 1 service.

Best business advice: floor tiles & wall tiles

My best advice is to keep pushing yourself to be different. Don’t rest on your laurels and always stay one step ahead of your competition. It’s vital to keep pushing forward. Make sure you’re leading the trends and you have the knowledge and expertise to handpick which ones will stand the test of time.

These days, I believe if we couldn’t offer our comprehensive portfolio online, we probably wouldn’t be here. Initially, our website performed as a portfolio until we changed to an e-commerce site. So, we can now successfully reach and deliver to clients nationwide. As mentioned, we’ve had to make a lot of changes online. So, the design keeps our customer experience in line with the way in which we want to present ourselves.

Above all, Hyperion Tiles is a family-run business. So, we pride ourselves on listening to and caring about our customers. Ultimately, we want to offer them a really smooth journey.

For more information on the leading tiles specialist Hyperion Tiles, you van visit their website.

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