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The AVIS Project-important player for high-tech and green environment solutions

The AVIS Project - important player for high-tech and green environment solutions

The founder of the AVIS Global Energy  

secured the company’s name through

a  spin-off corporate arrangement with a  

member of AVIS Rent a Car. In an ICC  

proceeding he patented the AVIS Name.  

About the excessive burning of petrol at 

his mega yachts and private jet the  

founder searched a sustainable solution  

and invested already in 2007 into  

alternative energy technologies.  

With a team of engineers based in 

Munich, Germany, the founder of the  

project launched the worldwide  

adventure journey of AVIS Global. In  

London centralized the founder together  

with a bank brokerage organization the  

finance of the project. Soon turned out  

that green technology support at that  

time has not been much welcomed by  

the energy industry and polit lobby.  

Particularly as the founder could join  

heavy monies required for the expansion.  

In 2008 the lobbyists indented to destroy  

the worldwide project by declaring that  

a technology for converting waste to  

energy is not existing and it is a basic 

fraud at the population. Bribed officials  

and mafia structures hacked tightly 

themselves in for wind down with  

incredible and scruples powers the  

founder for going forward with the project. Sor far later investigation transpired, a large energy  lobby out of Germany paid a so-called “contract” against the founder for shooting him. A US  friend of the founder trained in military special forces flown in as he got informed that there  was such a contract out in the grey markets and brought the founder and his team in a save  harbor location. ( 

And they struck ruthlessly with their powerful mediums. Somehow with luck the founder survived. These life-threatening push backs had a upside as well. The growing of a unique green project  structure, and the founder experienced a roadmap into an alternative life forming. Outside of  the today standard life environments grown over decades whereby the populations are kept  in regulations, rules and consumer habit not all good for people, moreover for the polit mafia  structures and consumer industry.  

The founder launched a franchise formatting as the solution in how such a life change could  be formed outside of the lobby and politic and industry driven world powers. 

After some years of combat against the corruption the founder with his team escaped to  Canada from where he reformatted the project expansion. With the help of green oriented  people and a large insurance corporation. They valued the project as a wealth for support in  its venture. 

Ones cleared in its roadmap the project started to be distributed. Maybe by search of a reason  why such incredible project could find open arms in so many countries, are possible the  fundamental wish of a general change in our all life’s. Or maybe people are tired about all  surroundings regulations. However, the founder ones just have been interested to find an  alternative source of energy for its toys, find himself in a hurricane center of a battle for the  creation of a new lifestyle and modernized systems.

The proper dynamic of the project gained, driven it ahead challenging many requirements.  New technologies needed to be attracted. But how they are findable and why an inventor or  owner of a patent or invention should join the AVIS project. The founder born a genial solution.  He reformed the project into an umbrella organization. Providing to all technology inventors,  owners or scientist an environment of solutions for research, finance, and prototyping until the  industrial production for distribution of its technologies to the population.  

In 2016 the founder and its teams decided in stopping all waste to energy technologies. Why?  Well, it is the nature result for going ahead with better technologies and improving of old  lifestyles and not going backwards. All what burns is nothing else as stone age technology.  Any burning motor is simply stone age. Regardless how sophisticated he is. It’s a leftover from  the time of fires. Not important it is a jet or a rocked going to the stars. Or we are firing our  homes or fire in the industrial manufacturing, or we are generating electric power. Still are stone  time technologies used. And we did find our solution and turned out a unique. We got involved  into the VORTEX technology and similar high-tech for converting all materials into nano  powders. An entirely new world turned out overnight in change. Nano powder could be used  in the 3D adjective manufacturing. Means forms and technology structures are not anymore, a barrier in any prototyping and industrial production of absolute any product.  

During a good year the founder  

with his team finetuned the  

project and pushed it out into  

the sovereign markets.  

Carefully the founder  

maintained silent in all the  

industrial countries for not hiding 

again against the Chinese wall  

of the lobbyists.  

In controverse in the sovereign  

countries the success was  

incredible. The type of solution  

was the ultimate for all the villages and cities in all these countries searching a help in environment solutions and energy, jobs, and business infrastructures. Hundreds of applications  for constructing of such technology centers arrived at the desks of the AVIS teams. 

The team collected endless franchise contracts and new partners, thousands of hectares of  first-class constructions grounds with licenses in many countries worldwide arrived.  

Based on the financial model the AVIS Group followed up during years, the finance was always  secured. Not easy but the founder managed it. But time has been dramatically after 2009  changed. Means, the bank systems were just a disaster of an over regulated nirvana.  

The founder learned the bank business from scratch in Tenerife where he constructed  thousands of villas and apartments. At that time around the 1980 in Spain finance of  construction was a heavy challenge. The banks are not well organized and the high interest  rates are really a problem. In 1996 he started looking out of a solution and he got to learn  banking in its foundation. Two years along he travailed in an endless journey through the world. And he got what he outlooked for. He did find new friends and endless new contacts and at  the end he participated in a rural bank “CAIXA”. At that time was a conglomerate of many  small banks. In search of construction finance sources, he re-structured that bank for the needs  he searched for. 

The journey ended in London and St. Moritz. Great peoples like Fraser, Heineken, Dupont, Moet  Chandon, Trump, Von Eichberg Leeds, Enzo Ferrari and many others upper class peoples  engaged. The founder got a new job as vice president of Arab Bank London. Worked as 

external manager for Deutsche Bank Zurich and Credit Swiss. He learned how a financial  institution must be structured and where are the weak points.  

He wrote several books about the adventures he went through and created endless artworks  for a fashion collection. He invented a reverse Tesla engine and a number of technology  systems. 

In 2016 he started developing a new high-tech bank system. The AVIS Project expanded at his  own without a real plan to follow. In fact, the project created a proper dynamic at his own.  We have become the important player for high-tech and green environment solutions. 

The founder and his team learned years ago the facts that such a project development could  never be financed by the standard banking systems. Futuristic technologies assembled in an  industrial park for environment improving never has been done before. For such technologies a bank could never deliver funds in any form as there are no measurements in valuations nor  experience, as the banks understand, and their politics are.  

The founder tested endless core banking softwares and payment environments. He tested  transfer systems and learned off balance monies handling. The international credit card and  bank card systems and its processing methods. And last not least the exiting broker markets  and the risk involvements and how to prevent. At the end AVIS Bank got formed and has and  will find its destination as the first real alternative green bank with virtual reality accessibility and  the AVIS Greens coins has been created. A hard assets real alternative money, considered as a save harbor currency., even if the USD and Euro get burst the  AVIS Greens will keep its value, based on Gold with Graphene coverage and in partnership  with green projects. 

In summertime 2017 the funder with his team expanded its Mexican development with a new  member. From several locations in Mexico the Group received seams 2008 important  applications for green constructions. The new shareholder was a family member of the worker  syndicate, responsible for several projects all over the country. There was a Turkey intermediary  from Germany somehow involved and someone from Zaragoza and another intermediary 

from Florida. The founder investigated the offered transaction and interviewed the bank  involved. He discovered that there was much more behind as initially expected. After months  of processing the involved bank HSBC from Mexico transferred 5 cash accounts with a total  value of 19,6 Billion US Dollars to the founder against a shareholding and the payment of  several principal green constructions in Mexico.  

Some months later the Turkey guy had the impression he should play an important role in the  AVIS Group and tried by heavy blackmailing moving the steering of the project towards Turkey and pooling out monies for him. The aggressivity of the Turk increased dramatically and one  day in December hijacked a group of Turks and Poland peoples the Founder in his hotel he  had at that time under development in Palma de Mallorca. The gang tortured the founder  heavily, broken him rips and legs and warned him if he will not work with the AVIS Group for  the Turk and the Turkey Government he will get killed. He made a video about the scenes and  sent it to other directors of the AVIS Group as a warning, if they will not be following his  instructions. The anti-terror squared got involved and the gang got arrested after months.  During the investigation and search time the Turk terrorized the family of the founder. The  gangster-group has been captured but the head of the gang he escaped to Turkey.  

Several months later the son of the shareholder has been in Mexico kidnapped. The family  paid the monies requested. At the time of payment, the shareholder of the AVIS Group has  been shot dead and at the same night his son beaten to death.,,

Seams then the founder and team member are secured by private military organocations and  special force authorities.  

Time passed and many adventures the team had to fight. The own dynamic of the project  gained and pushed ahead sometimes without any clear control. Like a heavy transport train  always into same direction, unstoppable. Every day from somewhere arrived some new  ventures. New experiences and new attacks. Form people trying to participate or just in search  for getting a piece of the cake.  

AVIS Bank got formed and reached all licenses needed for functionality. The tools of the AVIS  Bank as supporter of a heavy green industry made it interested to the institutional broker  market and the off-balance business coming out of the principal banking industry. These years  in fighting and ventures was for the founder the source for filling several books. All talking about  these endless adventures and the film industry requested to be part of. He understood that the  writing of books is like the outsource or memorize a part of the brain. Overloaded with  unbelievable stories. In reality, he wrote partially the books as a future story in advance  describing the what will happen next. 

The project itself it is an endless future story with technology coming to us in nearby future. The  form how the AVIS Project is structured it’s an invitation to all future thinking peoples. Professors,  engineers, doctor’s inventors, scientists, and an invitation for all these peoples having earned  in their families some technologies. All these peoples no heaving an infrastructure. Means no  facilities, no finance, and no surrounding help, nor secured lifestyle for themselves and families.  All these people are welcome by AVIS. The 3D printing technologies makes it happen. And the  source for the nano powder cost AVIS in reality nothing. Opposite AVIS get paid for taking raw  waste materials in for converting to nano powder. Powder in its clean form is a real valid  product for all adjective manufacturers. 

In fact, the AVIS project is a roll up of  

pieces capable changing something  

in our all world. The founder fitted the  

pieces like a puzzle together at the  

right places for interact between  

each other towards production. And  

that at the right time. After all that  

what happen in our world. Even the  

fashion collection is at its own a world  

wonder. Luxury fashion in graphene  

3D printed fabric it’s as a product on  

its own a revolution. An own TV  

Channel ( newspapers, up to the  

production of new styles of futuristic cars  

in graphene. Building constructions and  

new form of computer understanding  

and the forming of real artificial  

intelligence. Not about for creating a  

new computer. No, it is needed for  

managing the AVIS project at all the  

locations where AVIS has a  


The German engineers always expressed when they are visited the founder’s location. They are going to Leonardo. Why? Yeeha there is something in commune. Endless artwork and the  invention of many futuristic gadgets up to futuristic cars. 

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