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Liver is an internal body organ performing many roles including storing iron, glucose, vitamins, processing food that has undergone digestion out of the gut, detoxification, deamination, etc. it is also used as food.

There aren’t many food options that deserve the superfood title. The liver is among the foods that are regarded as such due to its amazing nutrients. It is essentially a nutritional powerhouse for its high protein content, low calories, minerals, and vitamins. Although its popularity has been slowly dwindling, it’s still one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. There is a need to explore the liver’simportance for people to reap the best. This article will discuss the liver as a superfood.

A reliable source of numerous nutrients

The liver contains an exceptional nutritional profile. The following are the nutrients contained in 100 grams (3.5 ounces) serving of a liver.

  • Vitamin A- has 860 to 1100 percent of RDI. It is essential for normal immune function, reproduction, and vision. Also, it supports organs such as kidneys and the heart to function normally.
  • Vitamin B12-3460 percent of RDI. It anchors the production of DNA and red blood cells. Further, it boosts healthy brain functioning.
  • Riboflavin (B2)- 210 to 260 percent of RDI. It is essential for developing cells and functioning—further, it aids in the conversion of food into energy.
  • Iron- 35 percent for menstruation age women or 80 percent of RDI. It is an important nutrient that aids in transporting oxygen to the entire body. Its type contained in the liver is heme iron which is convenient in being absorbed.
  • Folate (B9)- 65 percent of RDI. This nutrient is important and serves in forming DNA and cell growth.
  • Choline. The liver supplies every Adequate Intake (AI) for men and women. It is utilized since there are inadequate pieces of evidence in setting up RDI. Choline supports liver functioning and brain development.
  • Copper-1620 percent of RDI. It functions as a key in stimulating several enzymes, which serves in brain functioning, iron metabolism, and regulating energy production.

A source of protein of high quality

Protein is key in the life of people, and can be found in almost each body part. Proteins work to  produce energy, tissue repair, and make cells. The protein makes more than one-quarter liver. Furthermore, it offers all the necessary amino acids. These proteins are usually made up of building blocks called amino acids. Some are found in food while others are produced in the body. Moreover, high consumption of protein has been proven to aid in shedding weight since it reduces appetite and hunger. High consumption of protein improves metabolic rate in the body as it increases the number of calories the body uses to operate. Experiencing a greater metabolic rate implies that more calories are utilized, which are important in shedding weight, especially if tied with low-calorie intake. Additionally, it assists in building muscle and inhibiting muscle loss while shedding weight.

It contains a lower number of calories

The liver is among the foods loaded with nutrients and low calories. A 100 grams (3.5 ounces) lamb chop or sirloin steak has 200 calories and above. A similar quantity of beef liver has only 175 calories and still offers more of the most minerals and vitamin than either lamb chop or sirloin steak. When lowering calorie consumption, vital nutrition is likely to be missed out, and thus it is necessary to select foods rich in nutrients. While many diets are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, there isn’t any single available food that compares to the liver in amount or a variety of nutrients. Taking foods low in calories but rich in nutrients helps in reducing hunger. The liver has low fat quantities such that only 25 percent of calories are extracted from liver fat contrasted to 50-60 percent of calories in lamb and steak.


Due to increased concerns over the safety and efficacy of the delicacy, and the evolution of numerous diet plans, some people have registered their skepticism over liver consumption. Let’s look at some of the limiting factors and concerns over the use of liver in steak diets at home.

Expectant women

The concerns related to the safety of consuming liver in pregnant mothers has ballooned due to presence of Vit A in the food, which is said to be a variety associated with birth complications. There isn’t sufficient data to conclusively confirm these fears or dispel them. That’s why more studies on the subject need to be delved into. the recommended quantity of liver for expectant mothers is 30 grams or 100 ounces of beef liver.

People with gout

Gout refers to a certain type of arthritis resulting from elevated amounts of uric acid found in the blood. Its symptoms include stiffness, swelling, and pain in the joints. Also, the liver is rich in purines, which processes uric acid inside the body. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict your consumption in an event you suffer gout infection. There is no evidence that liver consumption leads to gout attacks.


The liver is highly rich in numerous nutrients, low in calories, and rich in protein. Consequently, it might offer several health benefits like supporting the nervous and immune systems. Nevertheless, since it contains specific vitamins, individuals might encounter toxicity if they consume high amounts of the beef. There are some side effects and limitations linked to its consumption especially for certain groups such as expectant mothers and gout patients. Thus, it is necessary to consume it in moderate amounts to avoid negative side effects. The liver remains a highly nutritious food with many benefits in the body when only consumed in the right amount and according to the body’s needs.

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