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The online equestrian shop – We ride, we sew unique clothes for horse riding, as well as those for use during photo sessions, that I take as an amateur photographer

The online equestrian shop - We ride we sew unique clothes for horse riding, as well as those for use during photo sessions that I take as an amateur photographer

Ladies and Gentlemen,

once very prudent, now more spontaneous. I was very good at high heels in the world of targets and plans, with asap for breakfast and deadlines for dinner. A wonderful springboard that prevented me from getting stuck in the corporate world for good was horse riding and time spent with horses. This hobby made me take off my elegant shoes more and more often and put them on for horse riding. Until finally I found out that they are much closer to my needs and nature.

I packed my baggage of experiences, switched the mode from “prudent” to “spontaneous”. I launched my energy reserves and became a supporter of making my dreams come true. An untamed optimist who has always loved animals and nature. I started building my new world. I saw that you don’t have to be part of something big to work for great ideas.

The voice of reason

Dogs and cats, usually stray ones, were my constant companions in my childhood games. That’s probably why I wanted to become a vet as a little girl. Because what could be more beautiful than helping the pets that need it most? However, life turned out differently. My high school math teacher and the influence of my parents, made me choose to study at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the Technical University and became an IT engineer. Hard work, ambitions and perseverance allowed me to gain a prestigious position. As a board member in a well-known Polish cartographic company, I was moving forward dynamically, which was not easy, especially in the highly masculine industry. Business travels around the world, conferences, meetings and further successes. Although my professional satisfaction was immense, my internal lack of fulfillment was haunting me. I was thinking about change more and more often, but I knew that only a radical solution was possible.

Behind your heart

It is said that it is never too late to make your dreams come true. That’s why I finally found the courage and said goodbye to business uniforms, high heels, conference rooms and luxurious office buildings. The spark that lit this flame of change was my daughter Zosia. It was she who started horse riding first. And it was thanks to her, that I got hooked on the horse riding bug. In stable, among horses, where cats and dogs kept everyone company, I felt great. The peace and balance I felt there helped me make a decision that follows my heart. This is how I started business,  related to what I love. So my hobby and passion are no longer an addition to life, and have become a lifestyle. The online equestrian shop that I opened has become our family business. Now our everyday life revolves around horses. We ride, we sew unique clothes for horse riding, as well as those for use during photo sessions, that I take as an amateur photographer.

Business idea

When Zosia was getting ready to start in the competition, I noticed that the clothes available on the market are not of the highest quality, and that their prices are too high. There were also problems because Zosia rode side saddle and competed in the Polish Championships of Amazons. Today, this art is practically forgotten and practiced by a small group of enthusiasts. Therefore, it is very difficult to buy an original outfit. Seeing that, I thought it was worth filling this niche. This is how the business idea was born. The first was an side saddle habit. It was made of wool from which amazons in Great Britain are sewn. We have created it according to the rules applicable where the most important are comfort and safety. Both this and other outfits are always signed, receive a certificate of authenticity on handmade paper and a number stamped on the leather insert. Another was a tailor-made men’s equestrian show jacket. This time my son became the model, he also fell in love with horse riding. The store’s assortment began to expand. Numbered saddle pads, each of which is different, knitted hats and even dog clothes made of merino wool. In addition to excellent products of English and Italian brands, we also cooperate with Polish factories producing high-quality coat and suit wool. We use them to produce our clothes, which are sewn in a small Polish manufactory. However, my passion for needlework resulted in the fact that in our equestrian shop you can find a lot of handicrafts: jewelry, dog sweaters, hats, fancifully woven halters, or unique saddle pad decorations.

The name of our store, First Horse On The Moon, proves that we are not afraid to aim high. Our business is not designed to make a quick profit, but to build a trustworthy brand. A place where proven things are bought. A trusted place you want to come back to.

For the love of nature – only environmentally friendly solutions

The products we offer are always carefully refined and made of the highest quality materials. And what is extremely important to us, they are created in the spirit of proekological. We focus on the durability of our products so that they can serve many seasons. Always pack items responsibly. We use as little foil as possible and only the one, that comes to us from suppliers. We only use paper packaging, adhesive tapes and fillers (recycled chaff). Undyed cardboard boxes are always optimally matched to the content. And to the packages we add letters printed on corn paper, which allows us to reduce the use of wood. On the other hand, the contents of parcels that may be damaged are secured with hay or recycled chaff. We also reduce the consumption of plastic as much as possible. We believe that this way of thinking and approach to business will gain more and more followers over time. Respect for every life, for nature and the environment is part of our approach to business. And since we care very much about the welfare of animals, we donate some of our revenues to a small association that runs a sanctuary for rescued horses. That is why we cooperate with the Lucky Horses association, which is not a great organization, but consists of people with great hearts.

Dreams for the future

We have a lot of dreams, because running a family business, everyone adds their little ones. However, there is one thing that we would like to fulfill as soon as possible. We want to buy older horses from the nursery after recreation. We want to give them a safe haven. And if we succeed, we plan to go on a horseback march from Wolbórz to Grunwald in the summer, along the route of King Jagiełło in XV century, with Zosia. For us, it will be our First Horse On The Moon.

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