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Many CBD companies are on the market today. These companies produce different products to target different groups of people. However, there are many concerns regarding some products, especially concerning their effectiveness. Certain individuals are stranded after purchasing some ineffective products, and have lost trust with these companies. However, certain companies manufacture effective products. One of the legitimate and renowned brands is the Tonic CBD company that offers the best services to its clients. This CBD company uses regenerative and sustainable farming to deliver effective and high-quality CBD products filled with adaptogens. In addition, the company embraces transparency, especially on its website.

What’s more, the NFC codes on each product can be easily scanned, which relates to their independent third-party examination. However, a few of their products have higher CBD levels than the standard 10 percent. Also, not every batch is examined for impurities. As already established, Tonic CBD brand company has several benefits and assurance of the best products. 

About the Company

Tonic CBD brand aims at sustainable and conscious CBD products. This company was established by Brittany Carbone, a health coach and personal trainer, in 2017. She was looking for strategies to fight her depression and anxiety, where she applied her adaptogens knowledge to develop CBD adaptogenic mixtures. Brittany began by investigating the impact of CBD on specific endocannabinoid systems and their synergistic effect with adaptogens. Towards the end of 2017, Brittany Carbone started Tricolla Farms, a hemp farm located in New York. This farm became the leading authorized private hemp farm in America. In 2018, Tonic CBD upgraded from home-based to a processing facility.

The quality in manufacturing and hemp farming in this company is apparent. The company has sustainable farms and utilizes regenerative, non-chemical farming practices. Each formulation performed in this company is conducted by professional chemists who examine products and raw ingredients for potency and purity. All Tonic CBD products also undergo third-party laboratory testing. To access third-party laboratory reports, one needs to scan the NFC code on the product. For instance, the CBD Chill Tonic code was scanned, and the results found 869.6 milligrams of CBD per bottle, equivalent to 69.6 milligrams higher than the labeled amount, resulting in a 9 percent CBD variance. However, this variance is lesser than the allowed 10 percent. Also, there was 0.1 percent THC in this product which lies within the allowed 0.3 percent. Therefore, the product was confirmed free of microbial, although other contaminants were not tested. Tonic CBD provides various products, including pet products like vape products, tinctures, and edibles. However, CBD capsules or isolates are not offered.

This company’s customer services assure comprehensive support by attending to every query arising from the clients in detail. Also, the quiz provided on the website aids clients in deciding which products are appropriate for them, according to their various needs. The FAQ page on the company’s official website is broad. It addresses different shipping, refunds, and products queries. What’s more, the product pages contain detailed information concerning the CBD variety, product usage, third-party laboratory tests, price, and ingredients. Whenever communicating with our customer care, the message box, email address, and phone number are provided. However, the headquarters’ physical address is not provided on the website. 

Manufacturing Process

The Tonic CBD manufacturing process is a seed-to-sale conducted in Bardo laboratories. This implies that every step of the manufacturing, growing, and marketing process is conducted by one firm, thus regulating the consistency and quality of every step. The licensed Tricolla farms (hemp farms) are in New York, where they conduct regenerative and sustainable farming. These Tonic CBD farms do not allow waste and are biodynamic. This ensures that their farming uses no synthetic ingredients. All the company’s CBD is manually extracted through carbon dioxide to develop full-spectrum CBD. 

Immediately after extraction, the products are distilled and filtered to eliminate particulates and contaminants. The company ensures that every step is investigated and validated by professional chemists who understand the functioning of the ingredients in the body and the procedure for mixing to produce stable and high-quality products. Tonic CBD’s extracts are formulated using herbs like black seed oil, passionflower, lemon balm, and ashwagandha. Lastly, an independent third-party laboratory must test every product batch for potency, purity, and impurities, such as residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. The laboratory results are provided on the company’s website, and each product contains a scannable NFC label that links to a legitimating analysis produced by a third party. 

Range of Products

Ghost Pepper Caramel CBD Chocolate 

This product is contained in a black cardboard wrapper. The product list provides full-spectrum CBD, usage instructions, nutrition facts, ingredients, size 54 grams, variety of CBD (carbon dioxide extracted), and quantity of CBD per 120 milligrams (bar). This chocolate CBD is manufactured with non-chemical ingredients like caramel, ghost peppers, and 70 percent dark chocolate. Although the chocolate product is not approved, it is edible. The clients discovered that scanning the products’ QR codes led them to third-party laboratory reports. The results found 135.2 milligrams of CBD per bottle, equivalent to 15.2 milligrams higher than labeled, causing a 13 percent variance. This variance supersedes the allowed 10 percent limit. Also, the product had 0.26 percent THC, although the impurities were not tested. The chocolate produced is flavorful, rich, and dark. The spiciness and sweetness combine to form a tingle, particularly on your tongue. 

Zone CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

This product is marketed in a cardboard cylinder with a pen, vape cartridge, and battery. Often, the label shows the CBD quantity per kit (600 milligrams), usage instructions, ingredients, size (1milliliter), and CBD variety (full-spectrum CBD with carbon dioxide processed). The company suggests that this vape oil is produced with pinene, limonene, and terpenes. In addition, the company has included a USB charger to recharge the battery. The vape oil is meant to be inhaled, and every inhalation is conducted for seconds. However, it is important to understand that these claims are not verified. Some customers scanned the NFC code on the product, leading them to third-party laboratory reports. Also, the laboratory report revealed 524.9 milligrams of CBD / per bottle. This amount is 75.1 milligrams lower than the indicated one, representing a 13 percent variance. This variance exceeds the allowed 10 percent variance. The product also contained 0.2 percent THC, and that amount did not indicate any microbial, heavy metals, or solvents. However, other impurities were not tested. Generally, this oil has a dark amber coloring. Moreover, the smell and taste are minimal when utilizing it, apart from the pine and citrus undertones produced by terpenes. 

Chronic Tonic

This CBD product is meant to be used on the skin. The company markets it with a cardboard tube having an amber glass bottle. The bottle contains a metal roller intended for releasing the product. The bottle also indicates the quantities of CBD per 300 milligrams or bottle, usage instructions, ingredients, and the CBD variety (carbon dioxide manufactured, CBD isolate). Generally, Chronic Tonic is produced with essential and MCT oils, including thyme, rosemary, juniper, peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, and lavender. The manufacturers have designed this oil for topical utilization and are used only on the affected parts of the body. Some clients scanned the QR code on the bootle that directed them to third patty laboratory results. The reports indicated 480.4 milligrams of CBD per bottle. This amount was 180.4 milligrams greater than indicated, resulting in 60 percent of CBD variance. This variance was above the allowed 10 percent. They further found that the product had 0 percent THC and verified the absence of microbials. Nevertheless, other contaminants were not tested. 

Generally, this oil is clear and rolls easily. Moreover, it contains a sweet lavender scent, peppermint, and chamomile. 

What we Like About the Company

  • Tonic CBD brand company upholds regenerative and sustainable farming practices.
  • The formulation team includes experienced chemists
  • This company encourages partnership and contributes to non-profit-making companies. 
  • The website provides ample details concerning its manufacturing process and history. 
  • The company helps clients save 10 percent of their money with free delivery after subscription.
  • The NFC QR codes link the customer to the product’s third-party laboratory report.

What we Dislike About the Company

  • Some products contain extreme CBD variance amounts.
  • It is noted that the samples are not examined for all impurities.
  • The products have higher prices per milligram than the average

Overall Verdict

Tonic CBD offers an analysis certificate for each of their product. This company is aimed to offer the best quality products that serve the clients accordingly. Also, on their website, a client can search for particular batch numbers used in manufacturing to guarantee the safety of those products. Most CBD products marketing might have imitators and illegitimate products, but Tonic CBD is extraordinary since it adds the ashwagandha plant. Unlike many CBD brands, Tonic helps clients save 10 percent of their cash by subscribing to its products. Most reviews from different consumers have shown positive feedback. Many people have tried Tonic CBD and have reported that they had a great experience. What’s more, the customer care services effectively ensure that all questions regarding the products are addressed. 

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