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Tylza – providing solutions cooling for all types of drinks

Tylza - providing solutions cooling for all types of drinks


A cooler is a cooler if it keeps our drinks chilled, right? Well, not quite. Through our nearly decade-and-a-half-long experience in the refrigeration industry and exhaustive research, we have learned a lot of fascinating facts. But chief among the core pillars of our knowledge is this: Every drink requires has a different optimal temperature. Drinking anything, not at its ideal temperature degrades the quality of the experience you have of consuming your beverage. 

TYLZA: Who We Are And What We Do

At TYLZA, there is a core belief in the entitlement of everyone to enjoy their favorite drink in an optimal manner. Regardless of your beverage of choice, once you have a sip, it should taste as rich and flavorful as possible. The change in temperature between drinks and the nuances may be subtle at the time, but they are critical for getting the best out of your beverage. 

Our specialty circles around providing refrigeration solutions to account for the differences that our customers require in the consumption of our products in their most optimal state. Our refrigeration solutions provide cooling compartments for all types of drinks. We recognize, for instance, that wine should be chilled at a different temperature than your favorite beer, or perhaps a non-alcoholic beverage like a can of Coke. 

It’s true, coolers are sold in almost any major outlet that sells kitchen-based electronics, and they are certainly convenient. The difference with TYZLA is that we have made optimal refrigeration our specialty, using years of research and evidence-based information to provide the optimal chill to your favorite beverages, even if you happen to keep them in the same cooler!

In a more broad sense, we believe that if customers purchase products, they should be getting what they want and what they need in order to keep them happy with their investment. We strive to provide just such quality in the refrigeration sphere. On top of it all, we believe that our products should not only function optimally, but their look should match the quality. In a sense, we see our products as forms of “art.”

The TYLZA Story

Back in 2007, we put together a team of 10 expert engineers and set off on a long term research and development mission. Our focus was on developing refrigeration equipment that was both high in quality and financially affordable for customers. Our research involved extensive consideration of the materials needed to design our refrigeration units, the specific functions required for optimal performance, and the performance levels expected of us from the customers in our niche market.

Our research led us to the design of our primary products: wine and beverage coolers. For most people who do not think as deeply about the topic as we do, this may seem like overkill. Based on our research and commitment to refrigeratory perfection, we respectfully disagree. In 2020, we set up a United States based support team, and register TYLZA as our trademark, confident that our wine and beverage cabinets would give the customers the best experience in keeping their refrigerates chilled to just the right temperatures.

Our efforts were not without merit. We have received fantastic customer feedback, and while we glow with pride at the positives, we use any concerns as a way to improve and make us better at the manufacturing of our products. What we heard back indicated that our customers did, in fact, agree that our products provided them with drinks that had a tremendous taste, especially in the hot summer months. 

The Challenges Of TYLZA’s Business

Every market faces challenges in a certain respect. The one area where all industries overlap is in terms of concerns about satisfying the customers. We at TYLZA recognize that our customers are the backbone that keeps us operational, allowing us to serve clients performing the service for them in an area that we are passionate about and have spent a lot of effort crafting the best possible products for.

It is clear that we are serving customers in a particular niche. As in its nature, there is a somewhat finite reach inside a niche. However, we feel that the refrigeration industry is quite a wide niche. After all, everyone has things they need to keep cool. Let’s face it, our kitchen refrigerators can only hold so much, no matter how big they are. Plus, seldom do they have compartments that chill various products to various degrees. Some contain trays for meat, vegetables, and fruits, but one would have to go pretty high-end to get specialized compartments for particular beverages. 

Many of us, however, do keep beverages, and if we consume them, why not have them taste their best? One of the biggest challenges for TYLZA, and the refrigeration industry, by and large, is convincing the customers that this is a worthwhile solution. Since this is already a challenging sell when many might be happy to “settle” for their standard refrigerators, the burden is on us to prove that it is worthwhile. Saying it isn’t enough, we need to back our conviction with tangible, quality results. That means we must always be on top of our game, keeping an eye out for the latest research and scientific facts that can help us more optimally provide great refrigeration products for our clients.

Another obvious challenge is the growth of need. Even with the expanding demand for our type of refrigeration technology, customers who choose our products will need one (possibly two) units in their homes. However, while they would be happy to come back to us, we know our products are well-made, meaning that they will stand the test of time. We do have to continue to sell products, however, which means growing the client base is key. Luckily, we believe that the satisfaction of our customers will lead them to purchase our products as gifts for their friends and loved ones, or recommend our products to others, helping to continue our sales and exposing other prospective clientele to our product lines.


The Opportunities Of The Refrigeration Industry

In very broad terms, while the concept of refrigeration isn’t new, the idea of optimal refrigeration is. As with anything new, there is always the opportunity to make things better. But the opportunities are not just limited to product and service optimization but company and industry growth. We foresee that keeping an affordable, fully-functional wine or beverage cabinet will become more common in many homes. 

Currently, TYLZA has a 100,000-square-foot factory that houses 100 production lines. We employ over 1,000 people whose tireless efforts help produce over a million beverage fridges and wine coolers annually. While that is a massive production undertaking, we also assure that our products conform to all American and European safety standards, passing all ETL and DOE certification benchmarks. 

Our commitment to creating the best possible refrigeration products is a constantly involved factor in what we do, and while we are thrilled with and confident in our products, we know that nothing is perfect and that everything can evolved and be improved in some respect. We do not rest on our laurels just because we have a fantastic product to sell, we always want to assure that we are outputting the best possible quality, and that means keeping track of the latest technology and research. 

We believe that our commitment to always improving and continuing to satisfy our customers, along with the changing landscape of popularity of beverage-specific coolers in the home will result in the industry expanding its parameters, which in turn will help us grow our business as well. We see opportunities to not only build more production facilities expanding our reach to parts of the world we currently do not do a lot of business with but also to produce more products, all specific to satisfy the various needs of consumers everywhere. 

TYLZA’s Advice To Others

At TYLZA, we do not regard the success of other businesses as detrimental to our brand. We believe in our products and are confident that our customers will be satisfied, so they will choose us. Yet we feel strongly that a rising tide lifts all ships, so we are happy to impart any advice we have gathered to others striving through the same challenges and struggles TYLZA faced in coming together to what we are today.

While we have many pieces of advice that would be helpful to offer, we believe that the key component to everything is to keep the customer at the center of all operations and development. We understand refrigeration very well, but we do not pretend that we have all the answers to everything our customers need. Therefore, we are always open to questions and feedback from our clients.

The advice we would impart is to listen to this feedback as your customers are the best source of information that you will get for bettering your products and your business. While we feel great about positive feedback, we’d argue that negative feedback is even more useful as it helps us hone in on areas that are perhaps weaker and improve them. It also helps generate new product ideas when we find out what clients would like that we may not yet be providing them. We like to think that too much feedback is not enough as it helps generate ideas and bolster our diversity of production, as well as our quality and productivity.

For the past years, Tatyana has worked as a sex blogger and a relationship advisor. She has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue. Vice, Tatler, Vanity Fair, and many others. Since 2016, Tatyana has focused on sexology, attended various training courses, participated in international conferences and congresses. “I wish people would address sexual issues in a timely manner! Forget shyness, prejudice and feel free to see a sex doctor for help or advice!” Tanya enjoys pursuing her flare for creativity through modelling, graffiti art, astronomy, and technology.

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