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Uprankd’s path to success

Uprankd's path to success

Uprankd is a two-partner company founded in 2020 with the primary goal of growing in the SEO industry by helping different businesses get on the first page of Google searches. By improving knowledge and learning new skills, the company has grown to 10 employees in two years and already serves more than ten different Latvian and foreign companies.

With each successful year of business, Uprankd increases its visibility in the Latvian SEO environment, helping smaller and larger companies grow through backlink building, SEO optimization, blog article writing, and other marketing methods. Since Uprankd agency is looking forward to enter Italian market, they have made their website available for Italian audience. As quality is essential in promoting visibility amongst other digital marketing agencies, it is important to provide the best solutions for their clients.

The story of the business name

The company name Uprankd came to the owners with wish for a domain with (.com) at the end. As ( was already taken and cost thousands, it was decided to go for ( as it could be purchased immediately. Uprankd consists of two words: Up + Ranked (rank), which stands for how the position rises. This means that the company helps to raise the position of keywords. Since the field is SEO, it fits very well together. One of the owners of the company is Mārtiņš Šulcs, who personally owns (, which has the same ending as Uprankd, so the name was not chosen by accident.

The story of the CEOs and the idea of starting a business together

The two founders met at an online SEO forum. Elvis Meisters, the other company owner, invited Mārtiņš to join the Skype group, which included other Latvians interested in SEO. For several years, the two now friends and company heads communicated and met at various events a few times a year. The two had the same ideas and desired their own company, so they formed it together.

Elvis was motivated to start his own business because he always wanted to be a business owner, to manage, teach and inspire his employees. In the first year, he realized he did not like it and did not want to do anything related to micromanagement. However, the biggest motivation to start something of his own was the freedom, because you plan your own time and, of course, the possibility to design projects as you want. Mārtiņš has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Before founding Uprankd, he had other businesses that were not as successful, so it was a search for himself to find his true calling in life. But he knew 100% that he would be an entrepreneur. Both had personal success in the digital sphere, so putting two heads together would help them earn even more.

Mārtiņš needed a technically good person in the agency, and Elvis needed a person to run the company and deal with all the finance, accounting, paperwork, legal side, etc. From the start, very little of what the two leaders knew was provided, and slowly regular customers started to appear. At the beginning, there was only knowledge, but no experience in how to serve customers, so they had to start from scratch. It took trying and taking risks to learn and develop a working style.

Mārtiņš had long wanted to have his agency, but lacked the confidence that he would be a leading force in SEO and that he could actually help companies, so it took many years to find a partner who met the requirements and expectations, so that you knew for sure that everything would be done to the highest standards.

That’s what it’s all about – doing everything at the highest level and doing your job perfectly, not just because you have to. Reputation in the market is essential, so the quality of the work on projects is especially important. It is also why clients choose to work together in the long term. The company wants to be able to charge more for its services, but it must always maintain its standards. It’s all about moving forward and improving skills!

Challenges that company is facing

In the beginning, the most significant challenges were the lack of different processes. It needed to be clearer how clients were serviced, and there were no templates for documents, audits, and other files. There was no Basecamp (project management platform) to communicate quickly among employees and the clients. It also needed to be clarified how much to ask for and what to give in return (from the beginning there were no SEO plan packages which would specifically describe main tasks in order to optimize clients website for a given price). Everything came with experience and ideas, allowing to help develop daily work process.

As digital marketing has no boundaries, the possibilities are very wide. There is room to grow internationally, and there are still plenty of companies in Latvia that the Uprankd agency could serve. Attracting clients is also one of the challenges, but the other is quality service and project management. If the service quality starts to fall, there will be no point in getting new clients if the old ones are lost. So there should be a balanced workload, project approach, communication with clients etc.

The lack of SEO specialists is also a significant challenge in the market. The SEO field in Latvia is relatively weak, and the specialists who are very strong in this field are either already working in good companies or working privately, so it is difficult to find a good workforce. So there are few people to choose from to build your team, but it should be mentioned that Uprankd is fearless in training young professionals.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

The SEO business has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, with companies of all sizes recognizing the importance of search engine optimization for their online presence. As a result, there is now an excellent opportunity for SEO professionals to capitalize on this growth and help businesses achieve their goals. With the proper skill set and knowledge, SEO professionals have countless opportunities to help companies grow their visibility on search engines and increase website traffic.

Both owners see great opportunities in this business. There are no limits as the internet is used worldwide, and this business can service companies in any country. It all depends on how well the team can manage foreign languages. So far, it’s been pretty good. For example, the big opportunity is to become a full-service marketing company, not just SEO, because SEO is fragile. Everything is based on Google, if it one day decides to change its business structure radically, then Uprankd’s business will have to change as well, so it has to go towards becoming a full-service marketing company.

Uprankd is also working hard to ensure its services remain highly competitive. They can deliver more efficient and effective results by utilizing new technology and innovative strategies. Uprankd’s mission is to be the best at what they do and push the boundaries of SEO into new territories, to become the go-to choice for digital marketing solutions.

Advice to others about business

SEO is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility and drive more traffic to their website. However, working with SEO can be extremely time-consuming and challenging to manage without the right tools and expertise. As such, it’s essential for business owners to have a thorough understanding of the associated challenges and potential benefits before making any investment in this field.

It’s essential to invest in experienced professionals who have the right knowledge when it comes to SEO. Not only will they be able to guide you through what needs to be done to see good results, but they won’t take shortcuts – search engines like Google rely on complex algorithms that require up-to-date knowledge and tactful implementation of techniques that work. But of course, such professionals are not always available, so sometimes you must invest time in training them.

Besides relying on an experienced team, another critical factor for success is patience and persistence – depending on the competitiveness of your market, it may take weeks or even months before you start seeing visible results from your efforts. With this being said, pushing for quality over quantity is essential for SEO – aim for slow yet consistent growth by creating high-quality content explicitly tailored towards your target audience rather than attempting numerous strategies all at once.

Finally, having a long-term strategy in place is invaluable when aiming for sustainable growth through SEO – search engine optimization is by no means a short-term task but requires dedication and regular maintenance if you want sustained success over time.

Advice to other entrepreneurs – try everything. If it doesn’t work, try again, because it might. The key is to experiment, invest in yourself and take risks. One in 50 times, it will work. Just find one! And remember that you don’t always have to run a business alone – if you know there are one or more people around who can bring something to the table, take advantage of the opportunity.

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