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Our review for Urth CBD was fair, with many kinks the company needs to straighten to do better in the hemp space. Its narrow CBD product catalog comprises hemp flowers and vape cartridges, all featuring full-spectrum CBD formulations for a full entourage effect. Its products sell for $24.99- $89.99 and pose a fair price point of $0.07- $0.14 per mg CBD, well within the market average. It seems like Urth CBD only sells its products in physical stores and not online through its website since the respective product pages lack the ‘add to cart’ link. Unlike most CBD brands that want to hold customers, Urth CBD does not seem to offer free shipping or a money-back guarantee. Moreover, if one wants to reach the brand, he has to look it up on Facebook and Instagram since the website lacks information on contacting the company. Does the brand measure up well enough to deserve your pence? Our full 2022 review of Urth CBD answers the critical question.

About the Company

Urth CBD takes pride in identifying itself as the company that helps people live better. Logging in to its website, you will vividly see the line, ‘whether you want energy or better sleep, you deserve it all,’ and it goes ahead to invite the web visitor to get any Urth CBD shop around him to get the brand’s items. Its mantra is to offer its clients the best CBD products in the industry. Unlike the big giants in the hemp space that boast a wide range of CBD products, Urth CBD has two product divisions for vape cartridges and hemp flowers. Although these are only two lines, there are various products per category.

Urth CBD’s website is straightforward and easily navigable. However, it does not have all the information any web visitor interested in the brand would like to know. For instance, other than mentioning its mantra or mission in passing, it does not reveal who founded the brand, when it was launched, or the team behind it. Besides, it does not have a dedicated FAQ link that discusses people’s commonly asked questions about CBD or the brand. Moreover, it does not state its shipping terms, probably because it does not sell its products online, and purchases are limited to physical Urth CBD stores.

The total CBD concentrations of CBD products offered by the brand are 300- 1000 mg, quite narrow to accommodate novice and veteran CBD enthusiasts with varying CBD concentration needs. At a price point of $0.07- $0.14 per mg CBD, the company sells products that cost $24.99- $89.99 affordably. To reach the company or its customer care desk, you might have to check them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where they have a good online presence. It has about 5,000 followers on Instagram and 500 likes on Facebook but lacks a Contact Us link on the main website that would detail information on how to reach it. The brand does not even state its terms and conditions of operations, so we are not sure if it offers a money-back guarantee or a military veteran. However, since it seems not to sell products online, it does not have (or does not say a thing about) a free shipping arrangement.


Based on its website, the following specs are true to Urth CBD;

  • CBD extracts feature full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect
  • The clean CO2 extraction method is used to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • The total CBD concentration in the products is 300- 1000 mg, quite narrow to accommodate all enthusiasts, novices and veterans
  • CBD products in the company’s catalog cost $24.99- $89.99
  • The company sources its hemp from the US
  • Shipping is available to all the US states and not internationally
  • The average price point of $0.07- $0.14 per mg CBD for Urth CBD products is within the market range

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is critical in the cannabis space since it is the ultimate determinant of the quality of the products a company specializes in. consequently, reputable CBD brands go to all heights possible to source premium quality hemp for manufacturing the high-quality CND products they boast. Sadly, we could not tell what type of hemp Urth CBND uses to manufacture its products since such information is not available online, nor did we find details for reaching its customer care department to get such information. Even when we inboxed the company through Facebook Messenger or Instagram, we still did not get any response. Still, we hope it uses high-quality hemp, considering how it boasts on its website to be ‘offering the best CBD products in the industry.’

Transparency and Accuracy

Since the FDA does not regulate the production of CBD products, transparency and accuracy of a CBD brand are gauged by the presence of lab results for 3rd party tests. Urth CBD is fairly transparent since it liaises with a reputable modern lab to conduct 3rd party tests, examining its THC and CBD potencies products. It then posts the results online on a centralized hub, and one can easily view them. However, there is a limitation to these results since they do not feature standard contaminant purity. The products generally passed CBD potency tests but posed higher THC concentrations than the 0.3% allowable by the FDA.

Range of Products

Urth CBD has a narrow CBD product catalog made up of;

Urth CBD Vape Cartridges

If b you like vaping CBD products, you might be interested in Urth CBD’s full-spectrum vape cartridges. Although they contain delta- 9 THC, the website indicates that the total concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid is less than 0.3%, in harmony with the 2018 Farm Bill. The cartridges are inhaled and not taken otherwise, and the site indicates that they render soothing and euphoric effects. They are made from non-GMO, organic hemp, and the oil therein is stripped from the hemp surfaces using the clean CO2 extraction method. The vapes are prepared with Big Bud and Purple Urkle; hence the purple bloom they guarantee. The vapes have 300 mg CBD and terpenes and feature two flavors, berry and grapefruits. However, they have no gimmicks, artificial flavors, or additives and only feature all-natural ingredients. They are available in OK Kush, GSC, Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express, Diesel Sour, and GDP strains for a good vaping experience.

Urth CBD Hemp Flowers

The brand’s other line of products comprises hemp flowers for a great smoking experience. They come in various types, including Liter-1, Hindu, Special Sauce, and more. Besides, the hemp flowers contain CBD or hemp cannabinoids and do not undergo any extraction method, just harvesting, and drying. As such, they are not exposed to solvents that would render them contaminated. They come in 1.5, 3.5, or 7 g in 1 or 10-count packs. Although Urth CBD claims that all its products have less than 0.3% THC concentration in harmony with the 2018 Farm Bill, the lab results available on its website indicate that the THC concentration in some of the hemp flowers is as high as 0.5%.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing the Urth CBD brand, we liked the following about it;

  • The brand uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surface, ensuring it does not unnecessarily attach solvents to the extracts
  • It vigorously conducts 3rd party tests in liaison with modern technological labs to test its products for CBD and THC potency and purity for moisture
  • It boasts a centralized online hub where its posts the lab test results for an easy one-and-all viewership by consumers and web visitors
  • The average price point of $0.07- $0.14 per mg CBD is well within the market range
  • The vape cartridges offered by the brand are available in various flavors for a wonderful vaping experience
  • The company’s website is simple and allows a smooth surfing experience

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although we liked several aspects of Urth CBD, we identified several areas that require straightening. For instance;

  • The website lacks important links like About Us, Contact Us, and FAQ
  • The website does not say a thing about the brand’s founding, including who founded it, when it was launched, and who is behind the team running it
  • It has a narrow product catalog featuring hemp flowers and vape cartridges only
  • The narrow CBD concentration of 300- 1000 mg in the CBD products cannot meet the need of veteran users who prefer strongly concentrated products
  • The brand only focuses on full-spectrum CBD formulation in its products, no isolate-based or broad-spectrum products
  • The site says nothing about whether the brand has a money-back guarantee or such arrangements
  • Urth CB seems to be selling in physical stores only and not online since the product pages do not have the ‘add to cart’ links for shopping online


Our review for Urth CBD was not quite impressive, and the brand has a long way to go to make it in the cannabis space. It only offers CBD vape cartridges and hemp flowers in full-spectrum formulations, revealing that the product catalog is narrow, features few items and only one formulation. However, its products that sell for $24.99- $89.99 have a $0.07- $0.14 per mg CBD, revealing fair pricing. Urth CBD partners with modern labs for 3rd party tests, but it focuses on THC and CBD potency only, leaving out purity for standard contaminants like heavy metal, microbials, mycotoxins, solvents, filth, and foreign matter. However, we appreciate that it extracts CBD oil using the CO2 extraction method, allowing no versatile solvents into the extracts. Although the brand’s website is simple and allows an easy surfing experience, it lacks a lot of information, including the brand’s founder, when it was launched, and who is behind the team. Unlike most CBD brands with dedicated FAQ and Blog links, Urth CBD does not have such things. As if that’s not enough, its products passed CBD potency tests but had higher THC concentrations than the 0.3% acceptable threshold. It was also quite disappointing to learn that one cannot buy Urth CBD products online since the product pages lack the ‘add to cart’ option, implying that one can only buy products from the company’s local stores. Lastly, the company’s website says nothing about if free shipping arrangements and a money-back guarantee are there. As such, we recommend that Urth CBD straightens its kinks to expand its territories in the hemp space.

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