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Water filters from YVE-BIO

Water filters from YVE-BIO

The Foundation

Ultimately, the company YVE-BIO was founded due to severe skin problems of the owner Herbert Decker. Since 1998, no doctor, ointment or medicine could help him with his problems. It was only during an Ayurveda cure in India in 2001 that there were significant improvements in the skin, which however became worse than before when he returned to Germany. Soon after, he travelled back to India to the smallest state of Goa. Here he drank pure water, breathed clean air and ate organic food. Like the Romans, the inhabitants of Goa irrigate their fields with water pipes from the mountains. Wheat and rice are still preserved in their original form, fish is caught locally, meat is only available from goats, sheep and chickens, milk in the traditionally way from water buffaloes.

Back in Germany, the disease struck again, whereupon he spent the following years intensively dealing with the subject of water, and, among other things, took part in a seminar at which water filter systems of today’s competition were presented. He bought one, but this product did not convince him. During a visit to London, he saw and bought an identical filter system in a large organic department store in Kensington. He then marketed it himself and obtained the Austrian and German marketing rights. However, as the manufacturer rejected all suggestions for improvement, he developed his own brand, YVE-BIO.


Building up the company and the water filtration systems was rocky and difficult, but Herbert Decker worked diligently to achieve his goals:

– have tanks made of glass

– improve the content of each stage of the filter cartridges

– use high quality activated carbon

– offer stainless steel taps

– produce own EM-Ayurvedic care products

– have products tested by recognised, accredited laboratories

He wanted to learn from his competitors’ mistakes. Therefore, he always sent the complete water filter for testing and not just a water sample like other suppliers.


In the meantime, Stephanie Helliger has joined us as a partner and together we are constantly trying to improve our products. After being responsible for customer service for many years, she took over as managing director in 2021. Thus, it is our greatest concern to only sell products that have a high level of quality and that we use ourselves. We are also trying to source more and more filter products from Europe.

Stephanie Helliger

Geschäftsführung / CEO

We have also expanded our product range: an exclusive Ayurvedic skincare range is being handmade for us in India. This range fits in very well with our concept, as only completely  natural ingredients are used and the EM-X® ceramic powder provides the skin with antioxidant protection. The range includes also an aloe vera gel, a fluoride free toothpaste and a day and night cream – all made from natural ingredients, without animal testing, palm oil free and vegan. The care series is handmade for us by an Ayurvedic doctor. Herbert Decker became friends with him during one of his visits to India.

Because we not only drink the pollutants in water, but also absorb them through our skin, we have now added hand showers to our range. They not only reduce residual chlorine and heavy metals, for example, but also save 30% of water with 50% more water pressure.

We are particularly about our cooperation with an English company from which we obtain ceramic filters that can filter out hormones, drug residues and pesticides, for example. Over the lifetime of the filter, which is approximately 6 months, more than 99% of these unwanted contaminants are filtered out. With conventional ceramic filters in combination with activated carbon filter cartridges, the filter performance decreases significantly over time, but with our DOME-FILTER®, the customer can be truly assured of cell-available, pure water for the entire filter life.

Since we want to offer only high quality goods, it is a matter of course for us to obtain test results from the manufacturers or to commission laboratories to test the water or materials ourselves.

In addition, we do not only want to be a customer-friendly company, but also promote each individual employee according to his or her personal strengths and adapt his or her field of activity according to his or her interests. YVE-BIO is only as good as each of its employees. Therefore, it is our great endeavour to create a harmonious climate and to focus not on problems but on their solutions. This leads to our employees working with us for a long term and going far beyond what a company could expect in their commitment.


One of the big challenges is to be transparent. Nowadays, there are countless water filters on offer and everyone claims that theirs is the best. Here we try to create clarity and show the customer what advantages the individual filter systems have. In doing so, we advise the customer individually, because there is no such thing as the perfect system. Or rather: every customer has his own filter system that fits his needs and is perfect for him. We don’t talk our customers into anything just to sell something and later they are dissatisfied with their choice or our recommendation. We listen to our customers’ wishes and help them make the right choice.

The current challenge is to find new glassblowers. Due to skyrocketing gas prices, many glass manufacturers (including ours) have gone bankrupt. We do not want to offer pressed glass, of course it has to be lead free and preferably mouth-blown from Europe. We are well on the way to finding new partners to be able to offer glass tanks again very soon.


People are becoming more and more health-conscious and understand that it is not only important to drink enough but that the quality of the water is also very important. While the classic mineral water that most people drink is destroyed in its structure because it is pumped to the surface under pressure and the cells cannot absorb the minerals it contains and deposit them in, for example, the veins or connective tissue. (Only when it rises to the surface on its own is it “ripe” and has its natural hexagonal shape. In these cases, this is known as an artesian spring). This can cause, among other things, premature ageing, cellulite but also heart attacks. As early as 1845, Mr. Abel Haywood warned people of the deadly dangers lurking in water: The substances which accumulate in the body and cause senility or stiffness consist mainly of calcium carbonate or lime.

Another pleasure is the cooperation with a company from Germany that will produce lime pads for us. Previously we sourced them from China and are now very proud to have a local partner.

The challenges

The market for water filters is large and just because a company has a household name does not mean the product is good. There are many filter systems available in supermarkets or even health food stores because of the influence of the companies. They know how to sell their product well and have the capital to do so, but potential customers should not be fooled and should look carefully at the test results. When was it tested? Once with a new cartridge or continuously throughout its life? What unit of measurement was used? Are the results given in milligrams, even though the measured value is so harmful that even an elevated value in the microgram range would be toxic? Who did the testing? A one-man company that received only the (supposedly) filtered water, or an accredited laboratory that received the complete water filter and tested the water before and after the filtering process? Many companies write about filter performance in their product descriptions but have no tests to back it up. Be careful and read everything carefully.

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