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Zadaka is a California-based CBD brand with only two product lines; topicals and tinctures. It claims to be committed to giving back to nature, customers, and the community. As such, it uses premium quality hemp and the clean supercritical CO2 extraction method to process hemp and separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. Its products cost $14.99- $49.99 and pose an average price point of $0.05- $0.06 per mg CBD. Consequently, the company shines because of its affordable pricing, although it has only two product lines in its CBD inventory. The topicals and tinctures in the company’s inventory have a narrow CBD concentration range of 150- 1000 mg, which do not allow in all CBD enthusiasts with various concentration needs. To reach the brand, one has to text the customer care desk via the message box on the website since there are no phone numbers and email addresses for now. Like most CBD brands, Zadaka offers a money-back guarantee (30 days) clients can take advantage of to file claims and free shipping for orders above $75. For any orders below the $75 free shipping threshold, a flat fee of $5 applies. Zadaka’s website is fairly informative and includes vital data in the Blog, Research, Science, Deeper Dives, and FAQ sections. Although the company lab tests its products, it does not post the lab results online.

About the Company

According to its website, Zadaka originates from ‘tzedakah,’ a word that means ‘righteousness.’ The company claims that based on its name, it is committed to offering or giving back to the earth, community, and clients. As such, it ensures that it provides its clients with premium CBD products that they access affordably. It employs the clean CO2 extraction method to process its hemp, stripping the CBD oil from its surfaces. According to its website, Zadaka intends to be as transparent as possible with its clients by conducting rigorous 3rd party tests, but the results are not availed online on its website.

Zadaka has a simple website with Shop and Learn as the main components of the main menu. The Shop button collapses into topicals, drops, marches, and bundles as what one can choose from. The Learn link has many other sub-links, primarily informational, and include Blog, Science, Research, Ingredients, and FAQ, which answers general questions and concerns narrowed down to the brand. The Contact Us link has a message box as the main means of reaching the company’s customer care desk, and no email address or phone number is offered. However, checking the bottom of the website, you can find an email address and a phone number for reaching out to the brand’s customer care desk.

Zadaka has a narrow CBD product inventory with topicals and drops only, and they are offered in broad-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect without the psychoactive THC. Although its catalog is that narrow, the brand shines because of its fair prices. The tinctures and topicals sell for $14.99- $49.99 and have an average price point of $0.05- $0.06 per mg CBD, which is way below the market average. Besides, the company has 150- 1000 mg as the range for the products’ CBD concentration range. The range is narrow and does not accommodate many CBD enthusiasts. Still, the company has its plus that neutralizes these shortcomings, and this is its free shipping arrangement for orders worth $75 and above and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Apart from being educative through its website, Zadaka indeed makes steps to pay pack to mother earth. For instance, it liaises with Eden Reforestation, a non-profit making conservationist body to plant trees. By promoting reforestation drives, Zadaka helps reverse the negative effects of deforestation, and this is one reason it stands out, despite its narrow product inventory.


According to its website, the following specs are true about Zadaka;

  • The total CBD concentrations in the CBD products range from 150 to 1000 mg
  • The brand offers free shipping for orders worth $75 and above
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies to all sales
  • The brand uses the clean CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • The company has an average price point of $0.05- $0.06 per mg CBD for its products
  • The brand’s extracts are available in broad-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect
  • The extracts are available in topicals and tinctures
  • MCT oil is featured in the brand
  • All-natural ingredients are used to manufacture CBD products
  • The company sources its hemp from the USA, particularly Southern Oregon

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the hemp space since it determines the quality of the CBD products a brand produces. As such, reputable CBD brands grow their own hemp that meets their standards or liaise with farms that uphold their standards, and Zadaka is no exception. It sources its hemp from the Southern Oregon region, which is among the largest hemp-growing zones in the USA. The farms ensure organic farming practices, minimizing or eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in the cycle, which not only conserves the soil but also prevents contamination of CBD products. The company uses the clean CO2 extraction method to isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, a technique preferred in the hemp space for its safety and efficiency.

Buying Experience

Shopping at Zadaka’s website is an enjoyable experience since the website is straightforward and easily navigable. The Shop button collapses into Topicals and Drops, which are the two lines of products the brand currently offers. Clicking on any of the two options presents subcategories that one chooses and adds to the cart. After completing your selection, you need to check out to key in billing and physical location details. With everything set, the order is processed, and shipping starts. According to its website, Zadaka offers its clients free shipping for all orders worth $75, but a flat fee of $5 applies to all orders below the stated threshold. Moreover, a 30-day no-question satisfaction money-back guarantee, allowing dissatisfied clients to file claims, return products and seek exchanges or returns.

Manufacturing Process

Zadaka is a legal, authorized grower and processor of the US hemp sourced from the Southern Oregon farms. The farms are small but diligently uphold safe farming practices via their organic farming methods. Such ensure no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are utilized throughout the cycle, minimizing soil contamination and defiling CBD products. Although Zadaka is not USDA-certified for organic practices, it uses organic hemp sustainably and organically grown, which is a plus.

Like many other CBD brands, Zadaka uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip or isolate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. This technique is the most preferred extraction method in the hemp surface, primarily because of its efficiency and safety. It carefully pulls out all the oil, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make CBD more versatile and does not unnecessarily attach solvents to the extracts. Zadaka uses low-temperature and low-pressure conditions, which are ideal for removing the oil. The resulting extracts are in broad-spectrum formulations, allowing a full entourage effect without the psychoactive THC, and they can be made into topicals and drops the brand boasts.

The next stage in the manufacturing process is the independent 3rd party testing, a quality and control strategy Zadaka executes to ensure its products are consistent in the CBD and THC values indicated in the labels and actual contents and that they are free of standard contaminants, including heavy metals, microbials, and residual solvents. Unfortunately, unlike most CBD brands that post lab test results on a centralized online hub, Zadaka does not. Rather, its FAQ section indicates that one has to inquire from the customer care desk about the lab results. Even when we reached the desk for this information, we got the results, but they lacked batch numbers, making it hard to match them with the products.

Range of Products

Zadaka has a limited CBD product inventory with the following products;

i.                    Zadaka CBD Oils

The brand’s main product line is CBD oils, which come in five varieties for Strawberry, Calm, MCT, Olive, and Relief. All the oils feature 33.3 mg/ml but come in two CBD concentrations; 333 and 1000 mg in the 10- and 30-ml bottles, respectively, and are made from CO2 extracted CBD oil. The CBD drops contain broad-spectrum CBD, allowing a full entourage effect without the psychoactive THC. They sell for $19.99- $49.99, revealing a $0.04- $.06 per mg CBD price point, which is well below the market average. According to the website, Zadaka oil drops are taken orally or sublingually for maximum absorption.

ii.                 Zadaka CBD Topicals

The company offers four varieties of topical CBD products, including Smooth Operator, Calm Balm, Ice, and Ice Baby, which are all made up of broad-spectrum CBD. According to the website, Zadaka uses CO2 extracted CBD oil for manufacturing its topical products. They sell for $15.99- $39.99, posing an average price point of $0.08- $0.11 per mg CBD, which is low to slightly above the market average. The topical items are either 10 or 33. 3 mg/ml potent, and come in two CBD concentrations; 150 or 500 mg for the 15- and 50-ml bottles, respectively.

What We Like About the Company

Our review appreciated the following about the company;

  • Zadaka has a narrow CBD catalog with broad-spectrum CBD topicals and drops
  • Some products in our orders posed high variances than the 10% acceptable variance
  • The lab results are not available online and must be requested from the customer care desk, which offers the data without batch numbers, making it hard to match the results with CBD products

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite Zadaka’s pros, the company has a few kinks, including;

  • Zadaka deals in unique blends of CBD oil
  • It uses all-natural ingredients in manufacturing CBD products
  • The clean CO2 extraction method the brand employs to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces ensures no solvents are attached to extracts
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file complaints
  • Free shipping for orders worth $75 and above helps clients save on cost
  • The brand gives back to nature by planting trees, increasing the total carbon sinks in the space

Our Verdict

We were impressed by our review for Zadaka since the brand uses all-natural ingredients and organic hemp for manufacturing its CBD products. It also offers free shipping for all products and a 30-day no-question money-back guarantee, which, together with the $0.05- $0.06 per mg CBD average price point, make the brand shine. However, the company has a narrow product inventory with only two product divisions for topicals and drops, and it needs to expand its catalog to feature more items and CBD formulations. Otherwise, it is a great brand and working on its kinks only helps it become better.

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