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Zzzopa Ball – “The Ball That Does It All”

Zzzopa Ball - “The Ball That Does It All”

Australian inventors   do it again ! “Lets do it until someone says we are Crazy”

“Zzzopa Ball “The Ball That Does It All”

Inventor Eddie Holden on a trip to Spain with his son for the Donosti Cup youth soccer event caught up with fellow Aussie mate and grandad on the trip with his grandsons playing in the tournament Steve Woods. Over a few drinks the pair discussed Eddie brain child and agreed to discuss further on their return to Australia agreeing the concept of “Spin it” “Bounce It” “Throw It” was very catchy and matched with they guys idea of Zzzopa “The Ball That Does It All”

At the time Steve’s dad was gravely ill from cancer and had held on until he returned from Spain so Eddie put of their discussion whilst Steve attended to his dad who eventually passed away. After a quick chat by phone the pair caught up and ran over a few ins and outs and both felt they had found a new and exciting concept for children’s fun play activity, they both agreed they would work on the project and at what ever stage it was thought by all they were crazy it would be put away and never to seen again so they hatched the Zzzopa business idea with the company to be called Mejjjet Pty Ltd.

This story is an inspiration to all new aspiring inventors on what can be achieved even when you think you have hit rock bottom nothing will take away the fact if your idea is a great idea and costings can be achieved at the right level and your research shows it’s a very usable  product by all then go for it ! the two mature aged “Aussies” set out stepping their way through what is huge volume of research, applying, designing, discussing the ventures path with all in many different fields in gaining drawings, design, Patent application Trademark registration and finally manufacturing, in all the venture had taken 4 years to bring a marketable product to the global sales level.

With Eddie financing the project from a mortgage loan on his home and putting in any available personal funds and Steve doing all the Patent, Tademark, and general business including searching for the right global toy company to take Zzzopa to the world it became a very costly and very time consuming business venture, with the two men agreeing who better them to be dealing with an  entirely new ball play concept of the Zzzopa never done before

 Both knew it would never be easy and yes they did get caught up in all the wrong mistakes in engagement of various groups at enormous cost which pushed it way over the top in cost. The cost of Patents and Trade marks the both men felt were needed to protect their idea once it reached the market which by the way see’s the Zzzopa ball successfully Patented in all the worlds bigger economies under the guidance of Patent Attorney Mr. Kevin Ashby 

. There was even an unfortunate computer invoice cyber scam where the guys lost a cool $50,000USD not covered by the bank or insurance the guys answer “it is what it is” move forward we are almost there.

All along the  meetinsg in Hong Kong with big toy companies like Zuru Toys or in Melbourne Australia with Moose toys and the Hunter toy group the one thing the guys learnt from these meetings was the Zzzopa was a great idea and should find a market at the right price it was also reassuring that none of the big players told the guys they were crazy all endorsing an awesome play fun  Zzzopa ball toy for kids of all ages 3+ and as we now know adults also love the sensory idea of the Zzzopa ball 

The initial manufacturing was after the engagement of Hong Kong based Topco Industries who were fantastic in assisting with our Zzzopa ball output and we thank them dearly for their work. The point in time had arrived where the guys  were in final negotiations with a leading global toy company and its Owner Boaz Dekel and his son VP Int. sales Omer Dekel and sales manager Ohad Lederman of PMI Kids world in Israel who were leading their field of licencing products and taking them to global markets so a 5 year license exclusive agreement was soon finalised between Australian company (Eddie & Steve) Mejjjet Pty Ltd and PMI Kids world Ltd Israel .

With this joining the fact the two mature aged men had taken the dream and idea so far along the development Zzzopa first production of the new and exciting PMI Zzzopa ball was soon underway  with a SKU style list totalling (20) in Original and Mini sizes hitting the market for the Spring/ Summer of 2022 reaching immediate success of Zzzopa with over 556,000 pcs sold in a very short period.  Now at the end of the first 12 months  and launched in over 16 countries globally and climbing big thing are expected ahead for the fantastic Zzzopa ball  promoted on all media groups Instagram, Tik Tok and You Tube  and leading toy industry magazines  and even on the back of busses in Israel, Zzzopa available in many stores around the globe

With all the testing and research of markets which also had identified the Zzzopa ball was not only a new and exciting fun play indoor outdoor ball toy but its multi uses and the fidget style spinning brought in new players like Early Learning centre where kids derived some fantastic muli uses tricks and activities with the Zzzopa market,  this was outlined in testimonial from a leading learning centre.

Then the Austistic  and special needs organisations where presented the Zzzopa ball finding it was ideal Autistic activity, backed up by a phone call testimonial from a very happy father who is a practicing doctor he had tried to find a toy for his autistic daughter which she would enjoy and like ,so Eddie out on the job in his concreting business gave him a free Zzzopa ball and said try this and some days later the father called Eddie and praised how his daughter had not put the Zzzopa ball down even sleeping at night with it tucked in her hands.

 Zzzopa was also identified for aged care centres for hand exercise and eye hand coordination as well as  for use by cognitive impaired persons,  just another of the many many markets now popping up globally for the Zzzopa.

Progreesion come fast and with PMI Kids World now pushing out in sales period Q 4 of 2022 Some new designs are being included namely the well know Angry Bird and for 2023 Spring summer season the Zzzopa Sonic ball design will excite children and others all around the world.

Over the next 12 month things are really expected to pick up with the in persons toy fairs returing like Nuremburg, London, Distoy and the new revamp time schedule of the New York Toy Fairs where all can see the exciting fun indoor and outdoor fun play of the PMI Zzzopa ball. 

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Eddie & Steve

Eddie & Steve

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