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One of our pride and joys at Manufactured 1987 is that we are home to a powerful portfolio of brands. These range from iconic lifestyle and fashion properties to some of the most dynamic and entertaining voices in the world of nutrition, health, wellness, and entrepreneurship. We are committed to innovation that is bold in an ever-changing media landscape.


Our core value lies in the authentic engagement between our brands and our audiences. This connection is driven by premium storytelling expertise and accurate data, and it is this same approach that we use to help you meet your business needs.


We offer a range of business solutions spanning pretty much any available platform, to social media and digital sites, to print, to OTT, experiential, and more. If you are interested in advertising with Manufactured 1987, be sure to give our marketing team a call, and we’ll be happy to walk you through all of the options that are available to you.


The advertisers that we have worked with all sing the praises of advertising with our magazine. There are so many benefits to advertising with both digital and print magazines, ranging from extended reach, improved credibility, and fantastic return on investments. There’s a lot to gain from advertising with Manufactured 1987.


It may seem pointless to advertise in print or digital magazines in the 21st century, especially considering that television and social media advertisements reach millions more consumers. But, the reality is that the magazine industry is doing just fine, with new magazines constantly appearing and thriving. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not advertising with Manufactured 1987 is the right choice for you, take a look at some of the benefits that this strategy will yield:

Regional Focus

Most digital magazines like Manufactured 1987 are international, focusing on specific regions. If you are targeting customers in a specific locale, you can create effective, budget-friendly advertisements for that region. This effectiveness is bolstered by the fact that many people are dedicated to their local magazines, so hitching your wagon to their brand can give you a lot of credibility.


What’s more, since Manufactured 1987 is also a digital-format magazine, we can help you reach even more consumers thanks to the traffic we get on our website.

Safety & Comfort

Gone are the days when people could click on Internet advertising and not worry about phishing, viruses, or other hacking attacks. People are taught to be wary of every advertisement that they see online. They never know if one of those ads could ruin their computers.


This is not a problem when it comes to print advertisements. The mere fact that you paid for an advert in an established publication like Manufactured 1987 gives you a lot of legitimacy. What’s more, your ads can be even more effective if your target demographic lies in the older generations. These are the consumers that spend the least amount of time online and who are the most comfortable with traditional media.

Extended Shelf Life

With television advertising, an ad spot runs on TV, then it’s over. The exact same goes for radio. The daily newspaper is tossed out in the evening. But magazines are persistent. They can sit on a coffee table for months or in the waiting room for a doctor for even more months.


After a buyer has finished reading a magazine, they may give it to their family members to read, donate it to a local library, or give it to a friend. The ability to sell can continue long after you have paid for your advertising space.


This is the power of magazine advertising and is why Manufactured 1987 is happy to work with you to bolster your business and expand your reach.

Digital Issues Receive More Traffic

While relying on the physical format of print advertisements can be extremely beneficial, it’s no secret that digital advertisements get a ton of traffic due to their nature as internet-based advertisements. Half the world is on the internet these days, and billions of people visit websites each month.


Manufactured 1987 gets thousands and thousands of online visitors each day, which means that your advertisement could reach thousands of impressions daily. That can translate to a lot of revenue and ROI. Any good marketing strategist will preach to you the benefits of online advertising.


Understanding the distribution system and the demographics of readers and checking whether both coincide with the target market is always a good decision. This is also a key factor in selecting the right magazine for you, but we have no doubt that you’ll find Manufactured 1987 an excellent candidate for your advertising programs.

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