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  1. User terms

These User Terms are applicable to products and websites, including printed publications that are operated and/or produced by [parent company goes here] from time to time. Use of the Manufactured 1987 website and other websites that we publish are conditional upon you accepting the terms and conditions that will be laid out shortly. Unless stated otherwise, your acceptance of this User Agreement is indicated by your use of and/or registration with any of our websites or by subscribing to Manufactured 1987 or any other products or publications that we produce. By using any of our products, including this website, you are deemed to have accepted these User Terms.


  1. Use of this Website

This website is designed for non-commercial, personal use and may not be used in any other way without our consent. Except as permitted under the relevant law, you may not copy, use, publish, translate, sell or license this website or any information or materials within it, or the overall style, structure, and program code of this website without consent from us. If you want to request permission for this, you can contact us at [email address goes here].


You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for you to access our site, including taking the steps required to ensure that you use updated antivirus programs. You are responsible for ensuring that all persons who access this website through your Internet connection are aware of our Terms and Conditions and that they comply with them.


  1. Accuracy of this Website

All of our websites, including this website, and products are general information services. We endeavour to avoid misinformation, but we cannot represent that the information found in our websites or publications is non-misleading, accurate, complete, or up to date.


The contents of this website and all of our products do not constitute advice and should not be relied on in taking, or not taking, any action or decision. You are solely responsible for your actions and decisions.


  1. Your Contributions

You agree that any information that you provide in connection with, or that forms part of, this website, or information that you provide that is featured in any of our print publications will be, as far as you are aware, true and accurate and will not infringe on any copyright or trademark, or any privacy, publicity rights or any other rights, whether registered or unregistered, of any other person or any other nature, to be libellous or obscene or defamatory or blasphemous. You agree to indemnify us against all proceedings, claims, damages, costs, and liabilities, including legal costs that incur due to your breach of these terms.

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